a look inside the most digitally savvy u.s. state tourism organization: pure michigan

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Pure Michigan ranks #1 or #2 on more social networks than any other state DMO in the nation. Pure Michigan is also the #1 most popular travel brand in the world on Instagram as measured by the number of photos people have uploaded hashtagged #PureMichigan. In this presentation I gave to the Social Media Tourism Symposium in Australia, I share social media tips, tricks and best practices that can be applied to any business in any industry.


  • A Look Inside The Most Digitally Savvy U.S. State Tourism Organization: Pure Michigan Presented to: Social Media Tourism Symposium #SoMeT14AU The Barossa, South Australia Prepared by: Chad Wiebesick Director of social media & interactive marketing Twitter: @Wiebesick 16 July 2014 @Wiebesick
  • Michigan Is Easy To Recognize
  • Michigan: Perception Isnt Reality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc2Mf7dw5FY @Wiebesick
  • People Dont Trust Brands
  • People Are Bombarded With Advertising
  • Key to Success: Make Fans the Hero and Share Their Content We empower our fans to become brand ambassadors and tell the story themselves to their friends and family. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% is relevant content from fans and 20% is from you (self- promotion). @Wiebesick
  • Ask Fans To Share Their Travel Stories With You Reinforce your brand by using the same hashtag and name across all channels.
  • Align Your Social Strategy To Your Business Objectives Brand Goal: Pure Michigan is majestic, mythic and magical a place with abundant natural beauty and authentic destinations. @Wiebesick
  • Pure Michigan Ranks #1 on Instagram Pure Michigan is the #1 most popular travel brand in the world on Instagram as measured by the number of photos people have uploaded hashtagged # PureMichigan, ranking higher than Hawaii, Australia, Museum of Modern Art, Lonely Planet and Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • Find Influencers @TonyDetroit = 300,000 followers and following 311 people @Wiebesick #SoMeT12
  • Engage Influencers Select an influencer to serve as an Instagram Guest Photographer at popular events Sprint Cup NASCAR race August 21, 2012 75 million NASCAR fans nationally @Wiebesick #SoMeT12
  • Instagram Guest Photographer Within 20 minutes of posting on Instagram, @TonyDetroits photos appear on the Popular Photo Page@Wiebesick #SoMeT12
  • Instagram Guest Photographer Please do: Minimum posts per day: 3 Maximum posts per day: 10 Location to be noted in tag or caption. Name of photographer to be noted in caption (e.g. Contributed by guest photographer @username). Please do not: Post photos of explicit content or any activity that could be deemed illegal Any item(s) that do not represent the Pure Michigan brand Comment to fans or answer questions on behalf of Pure Michigan @Wiebesick #SoMeT12
  • Takeaway: Find and Reward Your Social Media Superfans
  • Michigan Ranks #1 or #2 on More Social Networks Than Any Other U.S. State
  • New York State Has The Largest Number of Facebook Fans Yet, only 0.9% of their fans are talking about the page. The most popular age group are 13-17 year old teenagers. Most of their fans live in New York City. @Wiebesick
  • State of Florida Has Far Fewer Fans, But More Engaged Average age of fans are 35-54, a demographic more likely to have budget to travel. Most fans live in out-of-state, a more lucrative traveler. @Wiebesick
  • Takeaway: Its Quality Not Quantity of Fans Thats Important
  • Dec 6, 11:49 am @Wiebesick
  • TravelWisconsin.com @Wiebesick
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  • What, If Anything, Do We Do? 1 tweet 11 retweets 1 story in Kalamazoo Gazette @Wiebesick
  • Dec 7, 11:45 am WhoIsTheRealMittenState.com @Wiebesick
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  • Dec 7, 4:43 pm Statewide News @Wiebesick
  • Dec 7, 7:23 pm Wisconsin Releases Another Mitten Travel Wisconsin put up a new version of the mitten in the green and gold of the Green Bay Packers, boasting the football team's unbeaten record and ribbing their rivals, the 7-5 Detroit Lions. @Wiebesick
  • Is Michigan or Wisconsin the Mitten State? Google AdWords @Wiebesick
  • Dec 7, 10:20 pm National News @Wiebesick
  • Dec 13
  • The Mitten Drive Prompted More Conversations
  • Dec 14, 2:20 International News @Wiebesick Results: Over 300 news stories from state, national and international radio, newspaper and TV 396 million media impressions $17.7 million in earned media value
  • Takeaway: Utilize real time content marketing to be timely, relevant and to resonate with audiences Within 15 minutes of Super Bowl 2013 grinding to a halt because the lights went out, Oreo sent this tweet. Generated 15,000 retweets and 8,000 new Twitter followers.
  • Thank You Chad Wiebesick wiebesickc@michigan.org Twitter: @wiebesick Facebook.com/cwiebesick Linkedin.com/in/wiebesick (517) 335-1083 @Wiebesick