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beautiful poetry by Charles Bukowski. May he rest in peace.


<ul><li> 1. charlesbukowskiBy Mansvini Misra</li></ul> <p> 2. your life is your life. 3. dont let it be clubbed into dank submission 4. There are ways out. 5. There is a light,somewhere 6. it beats thedarkness.It may not be muchlight but, 7. Be on thewatch. 8. The Gods will offer youchances 9. know them,take them 10. You cant beat death 11. Butyou can beat deathin life, sometimes. 12. And the more often you learn to do it 13. The more light there will be. 14. your life is yourlife. 15. know it while you have it. 16. You aremarvelous 17. the gods wait to delight inyou. 18. (August 16, 1920 March 12, 1994) </p>