a kite severed from its string (İpi kopmuş uçurtma)

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    A Kite Severed from Its String (pi Kopmu Uurtma)Mehmet etin & Suat KarantayPublished online: 21 Aug 2012.

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    A Kite Severed from Its String (pi Kopmu Uurtma)Mehmet etin translated by Suat Karantay

    I represent a widely traveled folk, you see:tethered to the wild winds however they may blow and thusthus it is that each infatuation consumes me devastatinglyand I revel in each Kurdish melody that echoes in the mountains

    once upon a time I knew no love, Ive learned, you see:welcoming each fl ock of birds thats landed in my path and thusthus it is that my lifes erupted in this chaos of loves ecstasya penetrating outcry responding to every mans exigency

    long ago I buried death deep within my heart, you see:as fright descends ascends a moon to soothe my waters and thusthus it is that the moonlight will kiss the wounds of the mountain-starand the melodic refrains of a folk tainted by the venomous aloe

    fi re burns they say if so let it scorch me, you see:even at the young age of seventeen I stepped onto the gallows, and thusthus it is that on the mountaintops though blood may stain my dreamsfi res shall be lit and the snow shall melt and snowdrops greet the sunbeams

    my life is a dagger protecting the long-distance traveler, you see:the cyanide clenched lovingly between my teeth serves but the same purposeproceeding toward death I then hang a laughing fl ower about my neckthus it is that my life is now a kite severed from its string

    thus it is that my life is a kite now severed from its string

    in Akkran (2002; fi rst edition 1997); Istanbul: Piya Kitapl, p. 52.Dow



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