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An admissions guide for Springside School.


  • Care Care and Feeding oF and Feeding oF YYour Laptop our Laptop

    1.1. Decorate your laptop with ribbon and funnDecorate your laptop with ribbon and funny bumper stickers.y bumper stickers.ww2.2. Set your desktop to your fSet your desktop to your favorite photo.avorite photo. :-) :-)3.3. Stop by the tech office to get all the cool software updates. Stop by the tech office to get all the cool software updates.994. Organize by cOrganize by class,lass, e example: English,xample: English, Spanish, Spanish, Histor Historyy..dd5.5. Name your laptopName your laptop.. Mine is Mine is Sebastien.Sebastien.

    You can read about Springside, or better yet experience Springside. As

    soon as I came to campus, I knew I wanted to go here. Erica, Grade 10



    Next Step


    To schedule a visit:

    call the Admissions Office

    215.247.7007(We cant wait to hear from you!)

    F o r p r o s p e c t i v e s t u d e n t s

    A G i r l s G u i d e T o

    sprinGsideAccess & info 24/7ALL UNDER ONE ROOf


    the SiSterhood of the traveliNg plateS

    This school really believes in getting out of the classroom. So, leadership and teamwork are learned not only on campus, but by doing things like navigating open water with your sailing crew, discovering physics at Hershey Park, performing outside Lincoln Center, and exploring the Philadelphia you never knew. WWerere a te a team oeam of 25 students, twf 25 students, twoo

    tteaeachers, and fichers, and fivve inte intererestesteed pard parents. Wents. Weeddeessiiggnneedd aanndd bbuuiilltt eevveerryy bbiitt ooff oouurr rroobboot t oouurrsseellvveess.. IInn ccoonnttrraasstt,, ssoommee ooff tthhee rroobbootts s wwee ccoommppeetteedd aaggaaiinnsstt wweerree ddeessiiggnneedd aannd d bbuuiilltt bbyy pprrooffeessssiioonnaallss ffrroomm FFoorrttuunnee 55000 0 ccoommppaanniieess ffoorr tteeaammss mmaaddee uupp ooff ssttuuddeenntts s ffrroomm mmuullttiippllee hhiigghh sscchhoooollss.. TThhiiss mmaakkeess oouur r aaccomplishment all the morccomplishment all the more se satisfying.atisfying.CHASCHASS RS Roboobotitics Acs Addvisorvisor

    UUp for a little fierp for a little fierce competition within the contextce competition within the contextof friendly cooperation? Dof friendly cooperation? Do yo you like to build neou like to build newwthings? Arthings? Are ye you intrigued bou intrigued by hoy how things worw things work?k?DDoo yyoouu ddrreeaamm ooff bbeeccoommiinngg aa sscciieennttiisstt?? IIff ssoo,, tthhe e SSpringside/Chestnut Hpringside/Chestnut Hill Aill Academy (CHASS)cademy (CHASS)RRobotics obotics TTeam could launch those dream could launch those dreams. Geams. Girls andirls andguys in grades 9-12 frguys in grades 9-12 from both schools worom both schools work togetherk togetherwith teachers to build rwith teachers to build robots and compete in worldobots and compete in worldchampionships each ychampionships each yearear. (And come back winners. (And come back winnerstime and time again.)time and time again.)

    YYououll take away skills like wiring, measuring,ll take away skills like wiring, measuring,drilling, machining, and wdrilling, machining, and welding as welding as well as conceptsell as conceptslike pneumatics, gears, optical sensing, friction, andlike pneumatics, gears, optical sensing, friction, andtortorque. que. YYou andou andyyoouurr tteeaammmmaattees s ddeessiiggnn,, bbuuiilldd,, tteesstt, , rrepairepair, and ship y, and ship yourourrrobots to the firstobots to the firstccoommppeettiittiioonn aallll iin n six wsix weekeeks time.s time.



    650 Excited Girls 14 Grades, Pre-K122 Teams* (one Blue; one Gold)

    1 Pep Rally1 Day of Games1 Senior Class Tug of WarFall Athletic Teams1 All-School BBQ1 Cheer Competition1 Homecoming Dance


    Preheat day to 70F. Decorate entire school and your face

    and your hair in blue or gold. Combine first 6 ingredients.

    Gather fall sports teams to play in the late afternoon. Go

    home to change. Come back to campus for an all-school

    BBQ followed by the Cheer Competition. Perform your

    original cheer for alumnae judges. Blend with

    families watching, supporting, and enjoying.

    Mix in one Homecoming dance.

    Celebrate your victory. Console your friends.

    Be sure entire Springside community goes home

    satisfied. Remove and let cool.

    Springside is a girls school. This means everything here is for girls. Every teacher, everybuilding, every leadership role, every piece of furniture, every course, every sport, everyassembly, every food, every EvERYTHING is here for GIRLS.

    When a girl speaks, everyone listens. At Springside, a girl has the answer in class, an ideafor a new club, a suggestion for welcoming a new girl, a different way to do something, away to change a rule...a way to change the world.


    americaN idolSpriNgSide StylechampioN champioN

    rroBooBoticS teamticS teamMr. d.: its 9 pM... Long before American Idol existed, the annualtradition of Song Night had a huge fan club atSpringside. Each class in Upper School performsoriginal songs for their peers and faculty and are judged by an alumnae panel for their whole group effort and originality.

    in Good CoMpAnYIf you, like Shakespeare, think the plays the thing, then Players could be your thing. Players is our Springside-CHA coed theater company. Act, sing,or work on set construction, light, sound, makeup,props, costumes, or business and publicity. Players is open to all. We have two productions a year, each with a three-night run. Whether youre interested in being onstage or backstage, youll be in good company here.


    Much Ado About Nothing

    The Sound of Music

    The Laramie Project

    High School Musical

    Our Town

    sporTs AT sprinGsidesporTs AT sprinGsideCOURAGE HEALTH LEADERSHIP



    Becca: its 9 pM...Had lacrosse practice. Quick dinnerwith the family. Rushed out to see little brothers spring recital. Just getting to my homework. Realize I dont know the science assignment. No worries. Log ontoMr. D.s blog and there it is! Also see videos of the class in action, missing handouts, and links to cool science stuff. Its awesometo have access to teachers and my class 24/7.

    Toddler is asleep. Dishes are clean. Time for some online work. Respondto seven student emails. Hear aboutan amazing video through one of my favorite teacher online networks. Embed a video on our class website. Update my class Moodle site with two new online documents and four terrific links. See that three students have already postedcomments on the video and commentedback to each other. Smile: tomorrows class discussion has started today.Springsides 1:1

    Laptop program rocks!

    *New girls are assigned a team when they first enroll. If you have ever had a relative at Springside, youll automatically be on the same team.

    Sing this: Wish

    you all could still be

    Springside girls.

    (Hint: to the tune of Californ

    ia Girls.)

    33rdrdin the in the WWorld!!orld!!

    fALLCross CountryField HockeySoccerTennis

    WINTERBasketballIndoor TrackSquashSwimmingVolleyball

    SPRINGCrewGolfLacrosseSoftball Track


    of the

    8000 Cherokee StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19118


    The cafeteria at Springside is where everyone in the school gathers for lunch...without going outside to change buildings. The entire school, from the wee ones to the seniors, is all under one roof. Sure, there are separate sections for Lower, Middle, and Upper School. But when its time for

    lunch, the Springside community becomes closer as we all eat at the family table.

    Every new Springside girl designs her own plate that will be put into the cafeteria plate collection for the entire school to use every day. Its so fun when youre in line and grab the next plate. You might get to meet a girl you didnt know, or get your BFFs plate, or even get your own. And tradition has it that on the first day of school, when you see your plate in the lunch line, youre no longer a new girl! The other cool things about Springside plates? Theyre environmentally friendly and they show off Springside creativity. Cant wait to see your plate design!

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  • hiShiSttorory of a y of a citcity Bly Blocockk

    Most adults would say history is fascinating. Many students wouldnot. Thats because it can be boringjust reading about history.

    But what if you were the historian?At Springside, through an amazing

    yearlong project called The History of a CityBlock, you are. Pairs of 10th grade girls researchone block along Market, Chestnut, Spruce, Walnut, and Locust Streets in Center City. They interviewshopkeepers and residents, delving into what theirblock was like from 1880 to 1920. Students pore overinformation gathered from taxes, deeds, maps, the buildings themselves, census results, oral histories, andphotographs to uncover the history of that one block.

    Using their source materials, girls discover how andwhy their block changed by answering questionssuch as: What was the socio-economic class of yourblock? Its ethnic, racial, gender makeup? What kindof transportation did the people use? How did they dress? What kind of jobs did they have? Workingconditions? What changed and why?

    Most couldnt help but wonder if, 100 years from now, future Springside girls might be studying howwe live. Hmmm.

    Heres your very o


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