A Deeper Look into being a Resident Director

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<ol><li> 1. A DEEPER LOOK INTO A LIFE AS AN RD The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent </li><li> 2. WELCOME TO THE RD POSITION Welcome to the position where you will learn: Patience Empathy Thick Skin Compassion Understanding Leadership Skills Organizational Skills How to deal with difficult situations AND MANY MANY MORE!! </li><li> 3. COLLEGE AS YOU WILL SEE IT As an RD college will look very different when you are the person in charge of a building. Students will seem as if They do not understand They need a little more TLC than usual They need more than Residence Life assistance They do not care. </li><li> 4. YOUR ROLE Leader Supervisor Mentor Resource Counselor Fixer-upper </li><li> 5. WHAT IS YOUR JOB? First Responder: Respond to crisis in your building 24hr/7days Live In: You live where you work!!! Self Explanatory! Programmer-Develop programs that will engage residents Supervisor of Resident Assistants- Supervise RAs and delegate tasks Hearing Officers-Adjudicate Cases Committee Chair-Co Chair many different committees for the department Community Builder: You are responsible to build and maintain a healthy community </li><li> 6. Their goal is this..WORKING WITH UPPERCLASSMENWhich makes programing like this.They start off like thisBut they try to balance all of this </li><li> 7. WELCOME TO CHESAPEAKE HALLHouses: 178 Students Building Type: Apartment Style Student Body: Co-Ed Sophomores Staff: 4 Resident Assistants and 1 Building Director</li></ol>