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  1. 1. What Men Secretly Want My Honest Opinion Hey Julian here, Thanks for checking out my blog youve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of What Men Secretly Want guide book, which is written by none other than relationship expert James Bauer. Or just helpful tips about what men really want because I released some helpful information from the guide so this is still the right place. First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of James relationship self help guide. What your about to need to know before purchasing the guide yourself. Click here to visit James Bauers What Men Secretly Want Official Website What Exactly Is James Bauer The Secrets To Men Bible? What Men Secretly Want is a comprehensive guide on how to deal with men by relationship expert and veteran James Bauer. I Bought the What Men Secretly Want. It shows you several real life situations and orthodox methods to get the men of your dreams, however James Bauer does provide a valid explanation and the psychology behind every method he teaches. For example e teaches you something called Rapid Rekindle Technique in which i found very true. Now whilst pestering your men with lots of annoying phone calls or harassing them after the connection is fading away are obvious no nos the Rapid Rekindle technique that James teaches goes trough a strategically planned steps which grabs a men interest and romance back to you even more. The method really does go into depth of how to actually implement it in real life scenarios, everything from how and what you should do in each step. Ive read many books over the last few months on this topic (What Men Really Want) and dont get me wrong. I read some super material. However this was one of the first guides I read which gave you EXACT instructions of what guys want. James Bauer Insights
  2. 2. Women want love so first thing to over come is Mindset he goes deeply into this and explains how important it is. James really does sympathize for you, I mean he has seen hundreds if not thousands of break ups. But the first thing to conquer is your mind. James even instructs you to do is to carry out key things which will gently regain trust with men. They include very specific things such as contracting men and making you more attractive to them. showing you how to minimize saying and doing things to men that are a turn off. After reading about his methods and techniques. he has great explanation behind it on what men really want. The Bad Things About James What Men Secretly Want Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after reading James guide. James has very unorthodox methods, these really are not your typical methods you hear about when it comes to getting men to commit to you. I can see many readers being slightly over whelmed with some of the things James advises you should do to getting men more attracted to you. You will need to take responsibility for actually making some decision into transforming yourself. This will seem very UNFAIR to some readers who feel they dont want to change any of there ways. However James encourages you to make these changes and shows you how to still be yourself without feeling uncomfortable. The Good Things About What Men Secretly Want It is a very easy and enjoying read to say the least. James really has a nice writing style and his experience as a relationship consumer truly shines through. The guide will apply to all women in any race and still enjoyable for men to read as well. Its probably the most versatile self help relationship books I have read in a while. regardless of what age, sex or religion; after reading this guide you will be able to take something away that will help mend your broken heart. Its completely different from anything you have ever read in this field. James really stands out from all those love experts out there, his methods are very unique yet backed up with logically proven reasoning which separates him from the crowd. Overal What Do I Think? What Men Secretly Want otherwise known as the secrets to men Bible in my eyes is the best non-fluff guide on exactly how to attract men. James, the author boast on his impressiveness back round of tons of priceless years as a professional relationship expert. The guide is packed
  3. 3. from start to finish on orthodox technique for woman to get men to commit, attract and connect to the men of your dreams. Hope my review has helped!!! Julian Click here to visit James Bauers What Men Secretly Want Official Website