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Prelude Chapter 1.0


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2. Hi! PetTech here. Just a brief interruption before I start the story to give you the facts. This will be a 10 generation standard legacy with a university start (hence the prelude chapter). I have chosen some unique handicaps this time that should make for some interesting characters. The handicaps are: Fearless, One Way Street, Hypochondriac, Paranoid, Free Roaming Ghosts and of course Storyteller. And I do plan to make this a story. With my PC working properly and plenty of hard drive space, I should be able to tap those creative writing skills with gusto. Right! On with the tale of The Corporate Conspiracy. 3. In a well furnished office somewhere in Pleasant View, someone is making plans. Plans that may very well upset the normal balance of life in this quiet little town. Plans that will change things forever. It all begins with a directive from the top of a massive corporation. Find us a suitable subject. Someone we can manipulate to our own purposes. Someone who is very naive. G took these kind of directives seriously. His life and circumstances had changed drastically in the last few weeks. A new home. New clothes. And a new title to go along with them. Chief Executive Officer. 4. He types a letter to the board of directors. Dear Sirs, As requested I have undertaken the arduous task of locating a suitable prospect for the company's most recent project code named Alpha. My contacts at Sim State University forwarded me the entrance applications of four individuals who fit our basic criteria (see attachments for details). Of these four only one remains eligible for the project due to the others either being removed from the school entirely or having a delay in their graduation date by having been placed on academic suspension. His instructors assure me that he is mentally gifted and astute despite his documented paranoia. 5. Even in the light of their assurances, I am reluctant to rest all our plans on this one individual. I am forwarding the following materials for your consideration concerning the subject named Stanley Thomas James.If the board, after reviewing the report wishes to continue our search at another university, my staff and resources are yours to direct. Yours, G 6. Elsewhere, on the Sim State Campus, young Stanley James takes a huge step into a much huger world. Stanley was smart. Smart enough to be granted enrollment to the college at the tender age of seventeen. He had no family or friends to help him with his finances and the schools tight budget only allowed a 500 simoleon grant. This was a problem. While the school did offer a room in one of the many dorms, Stanley felt that he just could not handle all the dirt and germs that go along with living with strangers. Also there was the issue of security. The simple lock on a hollow core door would not be sufficient to keep him safe. That left him standing here on a tiny lot on the edge of the campus. 7. After paying a rental deposit and the cab ride, Stanley could only afford to buy one item. An inexpensive bed that had a mattress so hard you could crack eggs on it. I suppose I need to find a job. He checked his class schedule the registrar gave him, hmmMy first class doesnt start until this afternoon. Maybe the coffee house has something available. Stanley pulled out a cloth hanky and cleaned his glasses nervously. Social environments didnt really suit him, but he wasn't going to sleep very well with no wall or a roof. There was no other option. He was going to have to mingle with other sims! 8. I suppose it could be worse. Stanley was happy at least that there was supposed to be a counter between him and the customers, except that they kept coming around behind that counter and wanting to shake hands with him. Stanley refused their friendly gestures. He didnt know them or where their hands had been. Several hours of work netted him enough to buy his own toilet, a sink and construct some walls to attach them to. There was no way he was using the public restroom in the coffeehouse! Once he had taken care of that particular need it was time to head to class. 9. His first stop after class was the universitys library. Stanley took advantage of the open grill to acquire some much needed nourishment, even if he was forced to cook and eat it outside. Once the hunger in his belly was sated he used the computers to select a major in history. Stanley wasnt sure what he wanted to do when he graduated. There was some thoughts about becoming a teacher but that required him spending time around small children that could be carrying any number of dangerous viruses. History would work for now until something else came to mind. 10. That night was spent wet and cold as he still did not have a roof or even enough walls to support one. In the morning he reluctantly made his way to the gym to gain some required physical training for his coursework. Fortunately, the gym manager did not mind when he asked for cleaning supplies to sanitize the weight bench before using it. Knock yer self out kid. He said. Itll be the first good clean theyve had in years. Stanley tried very hard not to consider the implications of that statement. Later, as he struggled to lift the small amount of weight he had chosen to start with, he thought about all the horrible things that could happen to him if he didnt manage to get walls and a roof very soon. He could be beaten and robbed, not that he had much to steal. Or he could get pneumonia from all the exposure to the outdoors. Either way, things needed to change fast. 11. After sanitizing the shower and cleaning himself up he took the opportunity to give the cafeteria cook a much needed break. It didnt pay as well as the barista job but since he was here and needed the cash How can people eat in here? Look how filthy this stove is. Its a breeding ground for salmonella, listeria and a host of other dangerous organisms. Im surprised the health department doesnt close this place down. When the cook returned from her break she was shocked by the shine on the cook-top. Ive been trying to get rid of that scorch mark for months! How did you do that? Its called elbow grease. Scrub hard enough and anything will come clean, eventually. 12. Things were tough on Stanley for a while. Finally he had earned enough between working and getting onto the Deans list at the end of the first semester to have a reasonable shelter. There were no windows but those are overrated anyway. He still had dirt and grass beneath his feet but shoes would protect him there. All he was really missing was a shower and some way to prepare his own meals. A fair chunk of his money went to the installation of an alarm system. One could never be too safe. 13. Some things Stanley couldnt learn from his cheap bookcase. Once again he was required to mingle with the rest of the world. Strangely, someone actually tipped him while he was playing. The campus lounge was a hive of activity even during the early part of the day. Playing the guitar wasnt going to buy him a floor but tending bar just might. 14. Once again he found that most sims had no idea of proper space. How hard of a concept is this? I stand on this side. You stand on the OTHER side. Giving up on the bar he tried the small coffee stand as well. Unfortunately the regular employee there was a hugger. He kept coming up and wanting to hug not only Stanley but all the customers as well. He gave up working at that point. It was all just too much. Things in his life were improving, everything was becoming more stable. Until he met her 15. Catalina Reamon entered Stanleys life like a cat tip toeing around puddles, quiet and very delicately. They met at the campus lounge one night after he had worked a shift bartending. She was shy and she was smart and he knew instantly that she was the one girl in the world for him. He had two bolts for her and they became friends instantly. You like to read medical journals too? Thats so totally cool. Its just a hobby I picked up from my father. Its nothing really. I like it. You do? 16. She came over often to study. She hadnt currently chosen her major but had an idea that she wanted to pursue a degree in mathematics. Just like him, she was drawn to the acquisition of knowledge. Unfortunately, Their study dates weren't always as private as Stanley could have hoped for. 17. Some people just never learned how to knock. Or wear clothes. Stanley blushed furiously as the girl wiggled in from of him. It was Catalina who made her leave. Honestly, its like bubbles and juice are a major around here, she murmured as she closed the door behind the girl. Yesterday, I saw that Cow mascot walk up and kiss a girl right in front of her boyfriend. There was a huge fight. It was ghastly. Looking over at him she noticed his paler than normal color. Stanley are you all right? In between wheezes he managed, naked Cat smiled at him. Sometimes naked isnt bad you know. 18. He really didn't have a proper argument for her. As his freshman year grew to a close, Stanley had been put on the Deans list after both finals and had earned or saved enough money to expand his little shelter even more. He had a finished bathroom that only needed a few more walls and a door to be complete. Stanley still had to find his meals elsewhere but everything else was going great. 19. As winter closed in, Catalina and he were never very far apart. They had two dates behind them. Each was at his little home as Stanley disliked traveling to far from comfortable surroundings. Cat did try to encourage him to take her out to a club to go dancing, but Stanley would become panicked at the idea and his asthma would kick in. They still managed to have a good time flirting and chatting about classes and their teachers. 20. Then one day it happened. It felt right to both of them to fall in love while discussing the proper way to solve a puzzle bal