A Complete Step By Step Guide To Keyword Research and Onpage SEO

Download A Complete Step By Step Guide To Keyword Research and Onpage SEO

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Get to Know how all SEO Experts Rank their WebsitesBy Morgan Andayi


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Thank you for downloading the free step bystep Guide to Keyword Research and On-Page SEO.You may contact me directly BelowMy Blogbownzcash@gmail.com Call me on SkypeOur Facebook pageFollow me on TwitterCopyright 2012 Webonmobi 3. This Guide will take you step by step whileexplaining to you the different Methods that SEOGurus take to rank their websites. Please not that Icannot guarantee that you will be able to rankyour website in 1 month.But this methods have been successful for meIf you have any questions/comments do send amessage via my email addressbownzcash@gmail.com I will be happy to helpyou.To Start of, make a list of about 10 major keywordsthat sum up what our website is all about. Thesemay be single keywords and some very commonphrases that people are searching for.Remember you will be using these keywords tocreate content for your website. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 4. We will get right into it. I will be showing you how to find the right keywords to target. If you want to get into niche marketing,1 then you better read up before you choose your domain name. If you already have a website with a domain name do not worry, you will still be able to rank your website. But it is highly advisable to get a Keyword Rich Domain name.For instance you are a roof repair company, you would want to register a domain name that is closely related to roof repairs a good example would be nairobiroofrepairs.comThe above keyword would only be ideal if your customers are based in Nairobi.Follow this steps in selecting a keyword Rich Domain nameLocalAreaName+Keyword.comOr Keyword+localAreaname.comYou can even go for Keyword.com but in most cases it is usually taken by a competitor.Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 5. If you target the wrong keyword then simply put, you will have a hard time torank that keywords. If you target the wrong keyword then it only means you will only getuntargeted visitors to your website. This will result into very minimal or no salesat all. Another thing if that keyword has extremely low searches/month then you willnot be able to get enough visitors to your website Step I Google Keyword ToolThe first thing that you will do is to get an adwords account.Head over to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternalGoogle has an adnetwork, if you didnt know already. Google adwords customers, often business owners or marketers bid an advertisement placement for certain keywords. These adwords customers use a tool called Google Keyword Tool to find the keywords to bid for. This tool provides us with information on thousands (if not millions) of keywords.Once you have registered and signed in, you need to start searching. Remember the 10 keywords you came up with. Enter each one of them in the text box and click search. Remember to repeat this for all the Keywords you came up with.You will get a complete list of keywords after you have clicked on search. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 6. Next we need to refine what we see. The search counts are inaccurate right now. There are 3 types of search counts: Broad, exact and phrase. By default we are looking at Broad. Broad match accounts for all the relevant variation of your keyword.Google foes on to explain Keyword variations can include synonyms, singular/plural forms relevant variations of our keyword and phrases containing your keywords.Broad match is useful if you want to know if your market is scalable. You want to ensure yourself that after you have occupied most of the traffic for the keyword, there are variations that you can rank for too.The next match type is exact match This is what I use and I believe you should use it too. It is the number of times a particular keyword is searched in Google per month.Lastly, Phrase Match is the number of times your keyword is contained in a search. If my keyword is roof repairs then it will include Best roof repairs Leaking roof repairs etc.There are more search engines other than Google. For the sake of easy numbers lets say Google occupies 50% of search Engine traffic. If Google says a keyword gets 3000 exact searches per month, then roughly 6000 exact searches per month for the particular keyword. You must also remember, all of theses searches do not mean visits to your website. Even the first ranked sites rarely get over 75% of the traffic. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 7. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 8. So please select the [Exact] button, and uncheck Broad. Now you have abunch of keywords, ranging in all sizes, click Advanced options and filtersand add the following filters:1.Local monthly searches &gt;=10002.Global monthly Searches &gt;=15003.Global monthly Searches $0.50Then select USA as your country. Unless you are doing keyword research outsidethe English language. USA has around 267000000 English speakers. USA is aprofitable market, as its where most adertising English business are located.I put my C.P.C (Cost per Click) as over $0.50 as I like to keep my options open.You should also remember that you do not get paid the exact amount ofCPC listed for a keyword on Google Adsense and that the CPC isnt thesame every time.So now we have a list of keywords. There is a competition column, but that doesnot mean Search Engine Competition, it actually means AdwordsCompetition. If the competition is high then usually it means the keyword isprofitable and there will be lots of relevant ads showing on your site. It alsomeans that there will be lots of relevant advertisements showing on yourwebsite. Ignore Adshare, Searchshare and any other column I do notmention. If your CPC column does not appear, there is a drop down menucalled columns on the page and you can click that to enable differentcolumns.We will also consider search trends. We only want keywords that are reliableand long term. Find a keyword with a fairly steady search trend.Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 9. Note:Do not choose keywords that: Contain brand names. The owner of the brand will usually outrankyou with their site and be very hard to compete with. Are holiday-themed. Halloween costume ideas, Christmas treeswill only be around for a couple of months of the year and the restof the year they are completely uselss.Start scanning through the keywords, find keywords that are atleast 3words in length as they will be easier to rank in search engines. Forinstance for the keyword Roof repairs I would select; Flat roof repair rv roof repair Roof replacement costNow that I got 5 or so keywords to work with, the next thing I want to dois search for their exact match domains.Head over to http://www.godaddy.com/domains/searchbulk.aspxand put as many keywords as you feel comfortable. I put the I haveselected above and check the 3 TLD3 (Top level Domain). The mainTLDs are .com .org and .netSo if you find that .com, .net and .org are all taken try this. locationarea+{keyword}.com The{Keyword}s.com Best{Keyword}.comCopyright 2012 Webonmobi 10. You should know one thing, there is no way you can 100% determine thelevel of difficulty of a keyword. You can use paid tools like Marketsamurai to check the difficulty rating.However market samurai is expensive for keyword research. If you havejust started on internet marketing, I would advice you not to spend somuch money on marketing tools.We will be using Google to select the least competitive keywords. Nowhead to http://giyf.com and enter your keywordCheck out the first 3 results?. Are all of the top 3 websites authority sites?By authority sites, I mean sites that the average person in that niche wouldbe aware of.Also checkout to make sure there arent any .edu and .gov sites in there.Edu and .Gov Websites are highly valued by GoogleCheck the Title, the Url and the Description Is the keyword in the Title?If it isnt Is the keyword in the URL?If it isnt then its a plus for us. Is the keyword in the Description?If it isnt then its a plusThe keyword is always found in one of the three given locations in SERPS4(Search Engine Results Page).The lower the keyword is found in the specified location the easier it willbe for you to Outrank that website. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 11. Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 12. Google offers a quick way to find all of this out. Search thefollowing 3 phrases on Google. Replace golf with yourkeyword and ensure to enter the quotations.yourkeyword"allintitle:yourkeyword"allinurl:yourkeyword"Look at the number of results for each search.The first search is exact match. It tells you the number oftimes your keyword appears anywhere on almost everyweb page.The second search is allintitle. It tells you the number oftimes your keyword appears in the title. The title isdisplayed in two places on your browser. It is what the tabis called on the top of the browser, and its beside thefirefox icon in the task bar.The third search is allinurl. It tells you the number of timesyour keyword appears in the url. Each word may beseperated by a hyphen.This is not the end of Keyword Research.Yes it seems like a lot of work but it is more satisfying tomanually pick keywords. Because I know you will be moresatisfied if your success was due to your own efforts.Copyright 2012 Webonmobi 13. Choose longtail keywords. Three words is a good example. Eg How to Drink wine first The reason for picking a long term keyword is for instance I rank no 1 for How to Drink wine fast I will also rank for How to Drink wine and Drink wine fast. In that way you are making it more easier to rank for more keywords in the future.Copyright 2012 Webonmobi </p>