a brief idea about eco friendly jute bags

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A Brief Idea about Eco Friendly Jute Bags

A Brief Idea about Eco Friendly Jute Bags

Introduction Jute is the second most significant fibre coming after cotton and it is popularly known as the Golden fibre. There are numerous factors that make jute one of the most functional fibers. Jute is 100% natural, bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable.

Stylish Jute Tote Bag

The Most Important Characteristics about Jute

Jute is the most affordable among all textile fibers

Jute is the most used commercial fibre

Different products made of Jute such as jute bags

Jute products are often imported and exported worldwide

Jute fabric is highly flexible and it has high capacity to retain moisture, drainage properties which make Jute an acceptable element

Jute is completely biodegradable & protects the planet from the harmful effect of the pollution

Shopping Bag

Usage of Jute Fiber

Jute products are accepted worldwide because of its credibility, durability and multiple functions

Jute gunny bags are best to store the household items

Jute bags and sacks are for transportation of food grains such as rice, pulses and umpteen other foodstuffs

Jute as a fiber is used for fancy bags, decorative items, rugs and a lot more.

The basic products made from the fibre include tote bags, shopping bags, promotional bags, corporate gift bags, coarse mats and a lot more

Jute textile, clothing, sarees, jewellery, decorative items, wall hangings are the few to name among Jutes versatile product range

Brown Color Jute Grocery Shopping Bag

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