95/02029 inventory of international municipal solid waste incineration: technologies

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  • 15 Environment (pdlution, health prvtection, safety)

    %lo20% Intakaa of radlonuclldaa: Datactlon, ??oaaasmont, and limitation of occupatlonrl ??xpoaura Stather, J. W. and

    RaYz lou, A. Nuclear Technobgy Publishing, PO Box

    No.7, Ashfird, Ken! T 3 IWV, UK, fsO.#,376pp. Proceedings of a Worksho co-organized b

    d H the Commission of the Euro-

    wan Communities. the U. . Deoartment of nerav. the National Radiolon- ical Protection Board, and the I&itut de Pro&z&n et de Surete-Nucleei& held 13-17 September 1993, Bath, UK

    9wo2029 Invantoy of lntarnatlonrl munlclpal aolld waoto Inclmratlon tochnologlw TNO, PO Box 342, NL-7300 AH Apeldoom, The Netherlana!s.

    The report has been prepared b r*

    TN0 Environmental and Energy Research, and comprises a survey o mtemational state of the art incinera- tion systems, and flue gas cleaning systems.

    %lo2020 Kay chrllongu facing Thrlknd In the contaxt of global CO, ??mlaalon rbatamant Van Dang, G. et al., hergy Policy, Nov. 1994, 22, (ll), 971-980. z&rEaht;;; ~ep~~ao~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~~~

    results of the study indicate that abatement strategies which are baaed on a limited range of technolo ies due to technical data limitations for the Thai context should already a &- teve moderate targets: 14% and 29% reduction in 2030 against the reference case d made. Further reduction is possible eK

    nding on the intensity of efforts t thts requires the inclusion of

    another line of options i.e. the adoption of actions for a highly ambitious programme to further modernize the transport sector. The cusses the hydro o a

    sper also dis-

    more research an 8 tion as against nuclear. Finally, the stu y recommends studies of CO, abatement technologies for the Thai

    context and development of policy mstruments to deal mth very long-term perspective.

    es/o%% A macro-aueummt oi tachnology optlonr for CO, mltlgrtlon In Chinas rnrrgy ??yatom Wu, Z. ef al., Energy PO@, Nov. 1994, 22, (ll), 907-913. Chinas CO, emissions from commercial fossil fuel reached 638 Mt C in 1990, accounting for 11% of the world total emissions of that year. The emission is expected to increase to ether with its hi

    !l the future. The paper analyses the c aracteristica of and proposes several options for mitigating the CO* emissionsson a lar e scale, such as strengthening energy conservation. introducing energy-e d. cient technologies mto the energy system, speeding u development, im

    P rting oil and natural gas to substitute or coal and so on. P

    non-foasrl fuels

    Through the app ication of the ET0 model, the paper evaluates the cost of mitigating CO, emissions and its effects on national economic development.

    %I02037 Maklng allowances work Jones, C. Coal Voice, Fall 1994, 17, (4). 36-37. The author discusses the sul hur dioxide allowances which have become the currency of clean air in tR e US, and how coal companies are finding a way to use the system to their advantage.

    %I02025 Maaaunmnt of drlR loaa from cooling towan Maclaine-Cross, I. L. and Behnia, hi. Paper No.3749, ASHRAE Tmnr., 1994, 100, 132-139. The paper discusses the drift loss from cooling towers which may transmit legionnaires disease. Describes the use of drift measurement which is essential in reducing infection. A new indirect method is described which with the additional sample of circulating water and more rigorous equa- tions avoids errors due to tracer in the make-up water and surrounding.

    %I02039 Mercury In North Dakota Ilgnlto Katrinak, K A. c? al., Fuel Process. Tech& 1994, 39, (l), 35-45. Recent data indicate that North Dakota lianites are similar to Ha content to

    %I02021 The Koml ??pill was not an Iaolatad Incldont

    %k e, J. and Patterson, J. Petrokum Review, Dec. 1994, 48, (575)

    5 -568. The October 1994 rettorts began to filter through of major oil spill in the far north of Russia, iear the-i&tic circle. Thcspill had occurred from a rupture in a pipeline carrying oil from the Komi Republic to refineries in central Russta. Reports indicated that, rather than stop operation of the pi line Komineft, the Russian state oil corn

    ,r m an earth dam which was subsequen tY ny, retained the

    01 y washed away h* athering nng he

    autumn rains. The contents of the dam were released threatening the valua- ble salmon runs and fisheries of the Pechora River and ulttmately the Barents Sea. The consequences of the spill are still being assessed.

    subbituminous coals from Montana an%Wyomin suggests significantly lower Hg concentrations for nites and Powder River Basin subbituminous coals. The diierence between the new and older data likely results, in part, from recent im rove- ments in samole collection and laboratorv orocedures. If North I!t akota lignites do ha