9 steps to becoming more confident

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  • 1.9 Steps to Becoming More Confident By Franc Mlinarek Performance Coach and Confidence Specialist

2. Have a clear vision Photo courtesy of kenteegardin on Flickr 3. Visualise success Photo courtesy of Hampton Roads Partnership on Flickr 4. Use affirmations Photo courtesy of Nattu on Flickr Instead of trying to nd yourself, create yourself 5. Remember your greatest moments Photo courtesy of http://www.public-domain-image.com/ by Hillebrand Steve 6. Surround yourself with positivity and positive people Photo courtesy of Live Unni Sodem on Flickr 7. Focus on the positive and remember every win, big or small Photo courtesy of Alaskan Dude on Flickr 8. Take action now Photo courtesy of notsogoodphotography on Flickr 9. Become your own hero Photo courtesy of JD Hancock on Flickr 10. Enjoy the journey! Photo courtesy of adactio on Flickr