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From Richard to John and the Magna Carta


  • 1. Richard and JohnFoul as it is, Hell itself is made fouler by the presence of JohnComment reported by Matthew Paris

2. John in England 1193 Claims that Richard is dead (or willremain in prison) Richard appoints Hubert Walter to Canterbury Diplomatic Intrigues John and Philip Richard and Philip 3. Richard in PrisonGustav Dore 4. Richard Returns February 4, 1194 Freed as vassal of H.R.E. John pardoned May 12, 1194 Richard leaves England forever Hubert Walter-Archbishop of Canterbury 5. Richard Laws Hubert Walter Fixed annual fee from sheriffs 1194 Coroners (crowners Hamlet V, i)(custodes placitorum coronae)"In every county of the kings realm shall be elected three knights and one clerk, to keep the pleas of the crown Royal Edict of 1195 Obligation to deliver criminals 6. Coroners - Duties Anything that might benefit the Crown Suicides Fires Shipwrecks Buried treasure Murdrum Presumptions of Normanry or Englishry 7. Richard The Royal WeHenry IIKnow that I have granted and confirmed to my citizens ofOxford their liberties, customs, laws and immunities whichthey had in the time of my grandfather, King Henry.Richard IKnow that we have granted to our burgesses of Northamptonthat none of them except our officers and money-minters need answer any plea outside the walls of the borough ofNorthampton, except pleas concerning lands held outside [thetown]. 8. Richard Laws Hubert Walter 1197 Forest Assize Disafforestation andheavy fines 1197 Assize of Weights and Measures 9. Tournaments1130 Restricted by PopeBanned by Henry II inEngland1194 Allowed by Richard atfive designated places inEnglandObservation of trainingadvantages 10. Richard in Normandy Regain territory from Philip 1199 Wounded at Chalus 11. Berengaria m 1191 Cyprus vs. John over dower 1204 Given Le Mans by Philip Augustus 1216+ Received pension from Henry III 1230 Buried at Abbey de Lpau, Le Mans 12. Berengaria 13. Fontevrault Richards Burial 14. Assessment Defender of the Faith Failure to free Jerusalem Personal prowess/ intelligence/ decisiveness Oc eNonMuslim view Leader in war equivalent to Saladin Daring to the extreme Open in contacts with Muslim leaders 15. John Victim of bullying? Put down as Lackland Paranoia Overly fond of jewelry 16. Chief personnel Geoffrey fitz Peter, earl of Essex and justiciar Treasurer, William of Ely Chief forester, Hugh de Neville One novelty, the writ of attaint, to investigatethe verdicts of local juries, was designed in thekings court in Normandy and sent to Englandin the usual way in the summer of 1201. 17. Treasuries Winchester Exchequer Revenues and expenses accounted for in the piperolls Cash accumulations Castles Chamber 18. Special tax collections1202 Fifteenth, customs duty onimports/exports1203 Seventh, a tax at the rate of 1s 6d on eachmark of the value of movables1207 Thirteenth, a tax at the rate of 1s. on eachmark of the value of movables1210-13 Interdict revenues, seizure of revenuefrom churches and monasteries 19. InterdictPermit Baptism and confessions of dyingForbid Mass, marriage, burial on Church land 20. Interdict Confiscate Church land since clergy on strike Clergy can buy land back on payment of fines Bishops go into exile Most Church business as usual Church courts continue wo possibility ofappeal to the Pope 21. Excommunication Frees subject from necessity of loyalty Frees Philip Augustus to attack under guise ofa Crusade 22. Pipe roll revenues 23. 1212 SourcesFarm DemesneEyre JudicialFeudalScutage 3,4556,831 3,029 1,7286,219 353 Tallage ForestJews MiscDebt1731042071924 8522 24. Runnymede Charter - freedoms Church (1). . . the Church of England shall be free, and shallhave all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable City of London (13; 9, 1225)The City of London shall have all the oldLiberties and Customs which it hath been usedto have. Village or individual from being forced to builda bridge (23) 25. Justice (39; 29, 1225 Charter)NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or bedisseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or freeCustoms, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed; nor will We not pass uponhim, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgmentof his Peers, or by the Law of the land.We will sell to no man, we will not deny or deferto any man either Justice or Right. 26. Magna Carta Law and RevenuesLegal proceedings 17-22 Fixed place 17-19 17. Common pleas shall not follow our court, butshall be held in some fixed place. We will appoint asjustices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs onlysuch as know the law of the realm and meanto observe it well. (45)No arbitrary fines 20-22 27. Magna Carta - takingsNo taking of corn without compensation (28)Horse and carts (30)Wood for castles and other buildings (31)All kydells for the future shall be removedaltogether from Thames and Medway, andthroughout all England, except upon theseashore. 28. Magna Carta and Feudal FeesInheritanceFixed fees (2): Earl 100; baron, 100 for a wholebarony; knight, 100sUnderage no relief (3)Duties of guardians (4,5)MarriageRights of heirs (6)Rights of widows (7,8) 29. Runnymede Charter Wales, etc. Restoration of land taken from Welsh (57) Return of Welsh and Scottish hostages (58,59) 30. Magna Carta Other No one shall be arrested or imprisoned uponthe appeal of a woman, for the death of anyother than her husband. (54) Uniform measures important in 13th century Safe and secure entry and exit except intimes of war Disafforestation 31. Magna Carta DebtsLandNo seizure if chattels of the debtor are sufficient torepay the debt (9)Debts to JewsNo interest for underage heirs (10)Dower of widow and necessaries of children outsidethe debt (11) 32. Magna Carta - AssessmentsNo scutage or aid shall be imposed on ourkingdom, unless by common counsel of ourkingdom except for ransoming our person, formaking our eldest son a knight, and for oncemarrying our eldest daughter (12)Similar rule for landlords (16) 33. Magna Carta Security Clause (61) Security to be maintained by 25 elected barons Petitions to the King over transgressions of theCharter In the event of non-compliance the 25shall, together with the community of the wholerealm, distrain and distress us in all possibleways, namely, by seizing ourcastles, lands, possessions, and in any other waythey can, until redress has been obtained . . . 34. DistributionWrit required sheriffs and other royal officials intheir counties to have The Charter read in public Have the oath taken to the Twenty-Five theenforcers of the Charter Provide for the election of a jury of twelveknights in each county to enquire into evilcustoms. 35. Significance On reissue (1216, 1217, 1225, 1297) Definition of due process Right to travel (Kent v. Dulles, 1958) Lack of immunity of head of state to suit(Jones v. Clinton, 1994) 36. Isabella of Angoulme Married at 12 Two unhappy marriages John, 5 children Hugues Lusignan, 9 children Considered harsh but forceful 37. Johns Tomb