9 photography techniques that every beginner should practice

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9 Photography Techniques That Every Beginner Should Practice


Know your GearUnderstanding how your camera works will help you realize what exactly is your camera capable ofIts the first step in going from shooting in auto to shooting in manual mode


Choose your focusThe point where you focus in an image helps you communicate with your viewersMaking your main subject apparent will translate your vision to your viewers


Shoot what you likeLook at the world around you and be aware of the things that inspire youShoot what you want rather than what you need


Move beyond your comfort zoneThink differently every time you shootIf you are comfortable shooting portraits only with a 80 mm, try shooting with a wide angle lensIf you are used to shooting portraits, try a different angle and try to change your POV


Do not neglect post processingShooting in RAW gives you the ability to further enhance your imagesPost processing helps you add a creative dimension to your image with methods like split toning, adding vignette, colour enhancement, etc.Minimize mistakes while shooting, use post processing as a creative and fun process


Compose before you shootComposition techniques like rule of thirds help you create a better impact in your imagesLook for shapes, patterns, leading lines and creatively frame them in your shots.Keep an eye out for simplicity, contrasting elements, etc. when you compose.


Dont be afraid of the darkThe world totally transforms after darkExperiment with slow shutterUse an external / hot shoe flash


Learn Photoshop: Embrace the power of post productionEditing images in Photoshop opens doors to a variety of photography techniquesPhotoshop knowledge will help you add a new dimension to your photographs


Interact with other PhotographersJoin photography groups on social media and share your imagesJoin conversations and interact with other photographers


Practice, practice and more practiceTake pictures everydayFamiliarize yourself with your camera, its capabilities, which will help you to manipulate it creatively to create stunning imagesKeep shooting with an intention of taking a better picture than your last one


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