9 Habits to Become the Winner

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9 Habits to Become the Winner


<p>Habits To Become</p> <p>9</p> <p>The Winner!!!</p> <p>From Life of Paul J. Meyer</p> <p>Paul J. Meyer is more than a leader; he is an achiever and a winner. He believes whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass. And for more than five decades, by spreading this message he has inspired millions of people around the world to become winners in every facet of their lives.</p> <p>When people think of themselves as successful, they succeed. When you believe in yourself, others tend to believe in you. When they see your selfconfidence and positive expectancy about your goals, they believe in you and begin to accept your ideas.</p> <p>What does it Takes to Become a Winner???</p> <p>Habit # 1 : Think like winnersSuccessful people think like winners. They approach life with a confident expectation that they can solve any problem that arises, turn any situation into a positive advantage and achieve any goal that is important to their success.</p> <p>Winners share some general attitudes that are basic to success for anyone and essential for gaining the winning edge.</p> <p>Habit # 2 : Think PositivelyWhen we point our attitude toward positive results, the results are positive. Paul says, When you concentrate on the positives in your life, you stir up the desire to get moving, to seize the day, to take action, to conquer every adversity that jeopardizes well-being or prosperity.</p> <p>Winners habitually face the work of the day with the purpose of discovering what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done. When winners encounter roadblocks, they draw instantly on their positive attitude and determine quickly how to react constructively.</p> <p>Habit # 3 : Learn From MistakesEvery Mistakes should teach a lesson to us, doing the same mistake again is very bad like anything! So dont take your mistakes as deviation! Take your mistakes as direction! Mistakes are part of life and the successful people must know how to make the most of them, accept them and learn from them to progress and still achieve!</p> <p>Winners never make excuses; they acknowledge their mistakes or failures and learn from them.</p> <p>Habit # 4 : Pay the Price of SuccessAnything is possible as long as you set a goal, have a winners attitude, and apply discipline and a willingness to work. Paul says, I put down my goal in writing, listed the obstacles and roadblocks and then it was about finding a way around them. I was over 50 years of age at the time, but thats what I was willing to do to learn. Its what I had to do to be a champion and to be the best.</p> <p>Winners do not expect to get something for nothing. Winners are willing to give the time, effort, creativity and money necessary to achieve their purposes. They know that any success worth having carries a high price tag and they gladly accept the opportunity to invest in their own success.</p> <p>Habit # 5 : Accept ResponsibilityAcknowledging that you are solely responsible for the choices in your life. Accepting that you are responsible for what you choose to feel or think. You choose the direction for your life. You cannot blame others for the choices you have made.</p> <p>Winners exercise initiative; they do what is needed because they are personally responsible. Winners carry out their responsibility to be and to do their best.</p> <p>Habit # 6 : Use Creative AbilitiesOur creative ability lies in the development of our mind is and how it is focused to direct what we feel, and whether or not we are willing to follow our intuitive guidance to act. Paul says. I have a no-limitations belief in my creator, a no-limitations belief in myself, a no-limitations belief in other people and a no-limitations belief in what we can do together. Every day is that way for me.</p> <p>Winners cultivate their creativity, trust it and exercise it. Creativity springs from self-acceptance, selfknowledge, and the courage to develop and practice ones unique talents.</p> <p>Habit # 7 : Persist and PerseverePaul set a goal to be successful selling life insurance. If there were obstacles, he would go over them. If there was a wall, he was going to go through it. He says, If I heard a no, it didnt make any difference to me. I had the same healthy self-image when I called on the first insurance company that I did on the 57th one, even with 55 rejections in between.</p> <p>The phrase give up is not in the vocabulary of winners. When winners choose a goal, their commitment to achieving it is firm and steadfast. When winners are confronted with hurdles or run into stumbling blocks, they go over them or turn them into stepping stones. Winners pursue their goals persistently until they succeed.</p> <p>Habit # 8 : Still Persisting and PerseveringAlthough the color of Pauls hair may give a hint to his age, his daily regimen doesnt show it. He still lives every day with the same passion and desire he had as a young man. And he shows no sign of stopping. To celebrate his 70th birthday, Paul climbed Mt. Elbert, the tallest of Colorados 14 highest peaks and the second-tallest mountain in the continental United States.</p> <p>Quitters never win and winners never quit.</p> <p>Habit # 9 : Attitude is EverythingThe success in life is not part of some magic formula but about having the right attitude in life. Paul says, "I have an I will-not-be-denied attitude. And thats an incredible thing to have. I dont look to my weakness; I look to my strength. I dont look to my problems; I look to my power. Its all about attitude."</p> <p>When youre down at the bottom, Attitude is Everything. So it doesnt matter where you are or what youre doing, it all has to do with attitude.</p> <p>The material Paul teaches comes from his true life experiences. Paul has lived it. Now 80, he is still dreaming, planning, climbing and achieving. He sets records then breaks them. He sees potential and possibilities the average person doesnt believe possible or overlooks. You cannot question whether he knows what he is talking about; you only need look at his life for testimony.</p> <p>Construct your Determination with Sustained Effort, Controlled Attention, and Concentrated Energy. Opportunities never come to those who wait... they are captured by those who dare to attack!!!</p> <p>Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn</p>