9 emergency reasons to visit a dentist

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When should you visit a dentist for emergency reasons? Read this slideshare to find out 9 reasons you should make an appointment with a dentist immediately.


  • 1. 9 Emergency Reasons to Visit aDentistIf youre wondering if you need to see a dentist, youprobably should.

2. 1. Sensitivity to hot and cold Often a sensitivity to hot and coldfoods can mean you have a cavityor root canal that needs to betaken care of. If you have recently had work doneon your teeth, temperaturesensitivity can also be a side effect. 3. 2. Sensitivity to sweets Sensitivity to sugary foods and drinks can also be asign of cavities. See a dentist to find out if you havecavities that need to be taken care of. 4. 3. Tooth pain If you have a tooth that aches, hurts when you putpressure on it, or throbs constantly, see a dentist tofind out what the problem is. 5. 4. Tongue pain Tongue pain can be caused by biting it, burning it onhot food, or causes as serious as tongue cancer. Ifyour tongue hurts for more than a few days, see adentist to get advice. 6. 5. Bleeding gums Bleeding gums can be a sign of periodontal disease. Adentist can help you learn ways to stop bleedinggums and prevent future problems. 7. 6. Unusual swelling or lumps Unusual swelling or lumps in your mouth can be a signof oral cancer. During an oral exam with your dentist,he or she will usually look for these anomalies tocatch the earliest stages of oral cancer. 8. 7. Broken teeth Breaking a tooth is extremely painful and is best dealtwith immediately after it happens. Make anemergency appointment with your dentist if youbreak a tooth. 9. 8. Loose teeth Loose, wiggly teeth are sometimes symptoms ofproblems below the gum line that you cant even see.A mouth x-ray will show if there are problems withyour teeth or jaw bones. 10. 9. Jaw pain Jaw pain comes from different causes, some worsethan others. If you get in an accident and injure yourjaw, you should see a doctor and a dentist to seewhat needs to be done to help you heal. 11. Choose the right dentist! If you need to visit the dentist for any reason, be sure youchoose the right dentist for your pain. If you live in Broomfield, Colorado, call McBride FamilyDental for emergency dental appointments or a regulardental cleaning. For more tips on how to choose a dentist in your area,check out this dentist guide and our blog with fun andinteresting articles. For more information, contact McBride Family Dental.