9 DOs and DON'Ts for Creating Successful Trade Show and Event Stories

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Walk the floor at a busy trade show, conference, or event, and information overload is a familiar sight. From graphics and signage, to interactive displays and product demos, to social media conversations, it is harder than ever to get your message to break through the clutter. If your company or product story is going to stand out from all the distractions, it has to be compelling. To draw the attention of trade show and event attendees, consider these 9 DOs and DON'Ts for creating a successful story.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>, all rights reserved. 1 </p> <p>9 DOs &amp; </p> <p>DONTs for Creating </p> <p>Successful </p> <p>Trade Show </p> <p>&amp; Event </p> <p>Stories </p> <p>DO: Connect With Your Audience </p> <p>To begin building a successful story foundation, understand </p> <p>answers to questions like: What are their titles? Are they </p> <p>decision-makers/influencers? What are their care-abouts? </p> <p>DONT: Overlook Your Objectives </p> <p>Incorporate </p> <p>supplemental research </p> <p>&amp; input from key </p> <p>stakeholders to create </p> <p>a cohesive messaging </p> <p>strategy that supports your overall objectives. </p> <p>DO: Make It Mean Something </p> <p>Creativity for creativity's </p> <p>sake won't achieve your </p> <p>messaging goals. Make </p> <p>sure your story is a good </p> <p>onerelevant, powerful, and compelling. </p> <p>Integrate your message throughout </p> <p>multiple pre-event marketing </p> <p>channels to build story momentum! </p> <p>DONT: Forget to Maximize </p> <p>Your Message Reach </p> <p>76% of trade show </p> <p>attendees have a pre-set </p> <p>agenda of "must see </p> <p>exhibits." </p> <p>DO: Keep It Simple </p> <p>Make sure your key message is easy to follow. </p> <p> A lengthy or complicated message can cause guests to lose focus. </p> <p>DONT: Underestimate the Power of a Physical Journey </p> <p>Look for ways guests can </p> <p>have hands-on interactions </p> <p>with your products or </p> <p>solutions. </p> <p>Experiencing an </p> <p>"aha" moment </p> <p>brings your </p> <p>message to life in </p> <p>a whole new way. </p> <p>DO: Edutain Them! </p> <p>Ensure your story has staying powerintegrate your product message with </p> <p>an "edutaining" learning activity! </p> <p>Use technology to enhance the story you're telling so your key takeaway remains top of mind. </p> <p>Your message </p> <p>should be supportednot overshadowedby any cool new </p> <p>technology you use. </p> <p>DONT: Rely on Technology Alone </p> <p>DO: Keep the Story Going </p> <p>From newsletters, emails, and talking points, to internal assets for training and </p> <p>sales meetings, to post-event marketing and social media, tactics like these will </p> <p>help create buzz, extend your reach, and add long-term value to your story. </p> <p>As you build your story, think about ways to leverage the </p> <p>messaging you created for future campaigns. </p>