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  • 8th International Micro Irrigation Congress

    Innovation in Technology and Management of Micro-irrigation for Crop Production Enhancement

    21 October 2011, Tehran, Iran

    21st International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage of ICID 16-22 October 2011, Tehran, Iran

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    The objectives of the Congress are as follows:

    To share experiences in the use of new technologies and best management practices in drip, micro-sprinkler, and other localized irrigation systems;

    To review the status of use of micro irrigation for smallholders;

    To understand socio-economic and technological factors impeding expansion of drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation area.


    Papers were invited from experts, irrigation managers, researchers, government and private agencies, farmers, technicians and students to contribute with their knowledge and experiences, by submitting papers on the following topics:

    Group A

    Best management practices/ success stories of micro irrigation adoption;

    Lessons learnt from failures in up scaling micro irrigation

    Low cost and low energy consuming irrigation systems;

    Group B

    Advances in operation and cost effective maintenance of micro-irrigation systems;

    Management and cost of micro-irrigation for large farms;

    Efficiency and productivity in micro irrigation systems

    Developments in Subsurface micro-irrigation;

    Use of low quality waters in micro-irrigation;

    Group C

    Automation in micro irrigation;

    Micro irrigation in greenhouses;

    Micro-irrigation for small scale farms;

    Modeling, design and decision support system in micro-irrigation;

    Fertigation in microirrigation;

    Group D

    Socio-economic consequences of the conversion of traditional systems to micro irrigation systems

    Analysis of long term sustainability of micro irrigation systems

    Technical performance and quality assessment of micro-irrigation systems.

    LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) applied to micro irrigation.


    8th International Micro Irrigation Congress Innovation in Technology and Management of

    Micro-irrigation for Crop Production Enhancement

    21 October 2011, Tehran, Iran

    Sl. No. Title of the Paper Page No.

    1 Micro Irrigation in Nepal: An Effective Tool to Fight Against Poverty

    Kishor Kumar Bhattarai



    Effect of Negative Pressure Difference Irrigation on Soil Wetting Pattern

    S. M. Moniruzzaman, Teruyuki Fukuhara, Yoshihiro Ishii, and Hiroaki Terasaki


    3 Automation in Micro Irrigation

    Nasser Valizadeh 29


    Socio-Economic and Policy-Institution Issues and Challenges in Sustainable Development of Pressurized Irrigation Systems in Iran

    Nader Heydari and Hossein Dehghanisanij



    Investigation the use of Non-Conventional Water (Salty and Brackish) Using Pitcher Underground Irrigation System in Greenhouse Grown Capsicum Gholmali Keikha, Mahdi Keikha, Mohammad Keikha, Shirali Keikha, Khodad Dahmarde, and Fateme Keikhaei


    6 Development and Evaluation of Mobile Drip Irrigation

    A,Hezarjaribi and Heinz Sourell 56

    7 Subsurface Drip Irrigation

    H.S.Chauhan 59

    8 Researchable and Promotional issues in Microirrigation

    H.S.Chauhan 68

    9 Improved yields with Mulching on Microirrigated Vegetables H.S. Chauhan


    10 Life of Microirrigation Components

    H.S. Chauhan 91

    11 Microirrigation in Green House

    H.S.Chauhan 97

  • Sl. No. Title of the Paper Page No.

    12 The Effect of Saline Water Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation on Cotton Ghorban Ghorbani Nasrabad, T.B.S. Rajput, and Neelam Patel


    13 Bell Pepper Response to Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation

    Qinghua Kong, Guangyong Li, and Meng Guoxia 109


    Restrictive Irrigation Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation in a Mediterranean Climate: Modelling Applications to a Loamy Soil with Corn

    Mailhol, J.C., Ruelle, P., and Dejean, C


    15 Response of Fragrant Pear Growth to Different Micro-Irrigation Conditions

    Zhao Zhi, Huang Xingfa, Wu Yang, and Wang Wei



    Impact Assessment of the Micro-Irrigation Under Limited (Scarce) Water availability in Small and Marginal Farmers Holdings of Karnataka, India

    Ramana Gowda and Krishnamurthy Venkata Reddy


    17 Model of the Soil Wetting Shape Under Drip Irrigation on Sloping Lands by Using Dimensional Analysis Technique

    Farhad Mirzaei and R.S. Sharif Nia


    18 Energy Saving in Pressurized Irrigation Networks

    Nosratollah Assadi and Hamed Hadidian 159

    19 Tissue Irrigation- A New Dimension in Micro-Irrigation

    S Bhaskar and Mukund Joshi 166

    20 Regulator Reservoir in Pressurized Irrigation Networks (Case Study Mosallase Givi Irrigation Network)

    Nosratollah Assadi and Hamed Hadidian


    21 The Impacts of Drip Tape Irrigation on Water Use Efficiency of Sunflower in Rotation with Wheat

    Amir Nourjou


    22 Performance of Nutrient Sources and its Levels on Hybrid Bhendi Under Drip Fertigation System

    P.P.Mahendran, D.Arulkumar, A.Gurusamy, and V.Kumar


    23 Study on the Influence of Irrigation Regimes and Fertigation Levels on Sugarcane Under Subsurface Drip Fertigation System

    Gurusamy. A., P.P. Mahendran S. Krishnasamy, and V.Kumar



    Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation and Fustigation and Land Configuration as a Best Management Technology Package for Groundnut

    R. Vijayalakshmi, V. Veerabadran, K.Shanmugasundram, and V.Kumar


  • Sl. No. Title of the Paper Page No.


    Soil Evaporation in Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation in a Maize Field Hanieh Kosari, Hossein Dehghanisanij, Farhad Mirzaei, and Abdol- Majid Liaghat


    26 Compared Efficiency, Consumption and Waste of Energy Between Drip and Sprinkler Pumping Plant Irrigation

    S. Rezvani, M. Farzamnai, A. Zolfagharan, and S. Amin


    27 Effect of Drip Irrigation and Plastic Mulch on Yield and Early Harvest of Muskmelon Under Semi-Arid Climate Conditions Akbari, M., Zaraei G., Sadre Ghaen, and Farhadi, A.


    28 Development of a Software for Automatic Designing of Pressurized Irrigation Systems

    Sa'eed Ojaghloo Shahabi and Majid Vazifedoust


    29 Optimization of Water and Nutrient Requirement for Yield Maximization in Hybrid Rice under Drip Fertigation System

    V. Kumar, A.Gurusamy, P.P. Mahendran, and S.Mahendran


    30 Microirrigation in Iran- Current Statues and Future Needs

    Hossein Dehghanisanij and Mehdi Akbari 264

    31 Application of Brackish Water in Subsurface Drip Irrigation System on Pistachio Orchards

    Amir Eslami and Hossein Dehghanisanij


    32 Pressure Variation Impact on Discharge Characteristics of Porous Pipes

    A. Janani, T. Sohrabi, and H. Dehghanisanij


    33 Stochastic Deficit Micro Irrigation Optimization

    Hosein Alizadeh and S. Jamshid Mousavi 297

    34 Effect of Drip Irrigatio