8 steps to create a mobile app

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8 steps to Create a mobile appBy: Engr. Nas

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Step 1: Identify

Identify a problem which can be resolved by your appDecide the features of your app

Step 2: Decide on a platformEach mobile platform has its own language called, application programming interface or API.

Apple, Google Android, and Blackberry each offer their API to registered developers.

Smart Phone Market Statistics

Smart Phone Statistics

Step 3: Design The app

Create the functionality for the app.

Step 4: Develop a prototype

Step 5: Integrate an appropriate analytics tool

Some of the mobile analytics tool which helps in this process:Google AnalyticsFlurryLocalyticsMixpanelPreemptive

Step 6: Identify beta-testers. Listen to their feedback and integrate relevant ones.

Define target customerEliminate bugsIdentify goals

Step 7: Release/ deploy the app

Most Popular Type of Apps

Step 8: Support & Upgrade

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