8 Outdoor Activities for Fall Fun

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    School is back in session, and fall is in full swing, but that doesnt mean the kiddos need to be cooped up inside.There is still plenty of outdoor fun to be had. With winter around the corner, its important to make the most ofthis nice weather before temperatures start to drop. Weve come up with eight fun fall activities, from letting the kidsloose on your personal backyard swing set from Component Playgrounds to taking them out and about inexploration of the Utah landscape!

    1. Play Soccer

    Soccer is a fun way for your kids to stay active throughout the fall season. Not only do they get a ton of exerciseby running up and down the field, but they are taught discipline through an organized sport. They also get tosocialize with their friends, and even make new ones!

    2. Go Pumpkin Picking

    Pumpkin picking is a fall family favorite! Set out for the local Pumpkin Patch in search of the most perfect pumpkin atthe farm! Check out HeeHaw Farms or Wheeler Historic Farm for their selection, as well as some other funactivities, such as wagon rides, pony rides, corn mazes, and giant slides.

    3. Have A Backyard Campout

    Break out the tents and flashlights for a beautiful fall night of backyard camping! Plan some classic campingactivities, like roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, telling ghost stories, and studying the stars. The kids will lovethe time surrounded by nature, with the added perk of a working bathroom and kitchen full of food only steps away!

    4. Meet Witches at WitchFest

    Take the kids on a scavenger hunt to find the witches at WitchFest at Gardner Village. Running through October, thisfantastic witchy celebration brings visitors from as far as Oregon. After your scavenger hunt, take a guided tour ofvarious witch haunts where you can climb spider webs and crawl through mazes!

    5. Design an Obstacle Course

    Create a super fun obstacle course in your yard that the kids will love! Try to use what you already have aroundthe house. Maybe you can set up a course involving your outdoor trampoline, a play tunnel, some soccer cones, afew old tires, and hula hoops. The possibilities are endless!

    6. Take A Nature Walk

    Go on an exploration walk at a nature park in your area. Enjoy the fresh air and exercise with your family and allof natures little creatures. As you explore, take pictures of the different animals and flowers you come across, orhave the kids draw pictures of their favorite find!

    7. Navigate a Corn Maze

    The kids would love the kiddie maze at Cornbellys! Its easy to navigate, so theres no risk of anyone getting



  • lost, and there are interactive games inside. In addition, they have a Peanuts Corn Maze this year which is intribute to the 50th anniversary of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

    8. Jump in The Leaves

    Of course, no fall season is complete without this classic activity. Help your kids rake the fallen leaves into one bigpile, preferably on grass or soft ground. Once the mound is fluffy enough, have them count to three and JUMP!Even the adults couldnt stay away from such nostalgic fun!

    Component Playgrounds for Year-Round Fun

    Fall is a season full of possibilities and should not be spent indoors! If you want your kids to enjoy being outdoors,but prefer they stay close to home, check out the equipment offered by Component Playgrounds. Their playgroundscan be used year-round due to their design, strength, and construction material used. Located at 1630 BeckSt. in Salt Lake City, you can call 877-530-0222 for more information. Happy Fall!



    8 Outdoor Activities for Fall Fun1. Play Soccer2. Go Pumpkin Picking3. Have A Backyard Campout4. Meet Witches at WitchFest5. Design an Obstacle Course6. Take A Nature Walk7. Navigate a Corn Maze8. Jump in The LeavesComponent Playgrounds for Year-Round Fun