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8 Kindle Books Kids Need To Read Find more great reads at http://NeonTikiTribe.com


  • 1. 8 Kindle Books Kids Need to Read Monday, September 9, 13

2. Bedtimes & Early Bedtimes are Back! Monday, September 9, 13 3. School Is Back in Session Monday, September 9, 13 4. Lets Start Reading Monday, September 9, 13 5. Amelias Bedelias First Day of School A classic amongst childrens books that has been teaching kids for many years. This time Amelia cant wait to attend her first day of school. Monday, September 9, 13 6. Dog Rescue Mission One of the only dyslexic friendly books in the Amazon Kindle store. A dog is missing! The Neon Tiki Tribe help a neighborhood boy, upset that he lost his dog, and even more upset that he lied to his parents about how the dog went missing. Dog Rescue Mission teaches kids about the importance of honesty and the courage of telling the truth. Buy It Now Monday, September 9, 13 7. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See A big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck-- all parade across the pages of this delightful book. Monday, September 9, 13 8. The Berstain Bears Go To School Little Sister Bear is afraid of starting kindergarten. She conquers her fears with the help of her family and has the best time at school. Sister Bear learns valuable lessons along the way to her first day of school. Monday, September 9, 13 9. Bullies: Playground Push-Around A girl named Maya needs help! When she went to school today, her classmates teased and bullied her about her new glasses. Maya turns to Greg and the Neon Tiki Tribe to learn what she can do to prevent bullying. Buy It Now Monday, September 9, 13 10. What A Day It Was At School School has never been so much fun! When your science homework eats your dog, you spend lunch dodging flying food, and your backpack weighs a thousand pounds, you know you've got a great answer to the question, What did you do at school today? Monday, September 9, 13 11. Little Red Hot Little Red Hot loves red hot chilli peppers. She eats them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When her grandmother catches a cold, Little Red makes her a hot pepper pie that will "knock those cold germs right out of her". But before Little Red shares her pie with Grandma, she meets Seor Lobo. The pie comes in very handy when the wily wolf tries to trick her into thinking he's her grandmother. Monday, September 9, 13 12. Tiki Beach Battle During a trip to the beach, the tikis discover the ocean water turning an unusual dark color. Zeke discovers someone has been dumping trash in the water! Not only that, but he meets some turtles that have soda rings caught around their shells. Tiki Beach Battle teaches kids the damage that can be done when we dont take care of our trash. But It Now Monday, September 9, 13