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Company Name Chorus Games PT Rajawali Prima Indonesia ZenGlove Gogorilla Pte Ltd INEX Carousell SIDLR Raprindo Company Bitspark PT Rajawali Prima Indonesia Day7 Pte Ltd Tocco Studios Pirate3D Telistar Solutions Pte Ltd Hull Traders Grafyt PT Rajawali Prima Indonesia Pinder Inc Digital Influence Lab Pte Ltd EARNGO PTE LTD MandarinCampus Mondano NEWCLEUS Pte. Ltd. Green Koncepts Pte Ltd Innervative We Are One Singapore YOYO HOLDINGS PTE LTD The Co-Foundry Novatap THE SUNSHINE KIDS LLP Slide Comet LLP Blitzr Pte. Ltd. Intuity Lab FireForge Pte Ltd Evenesis Ohanae Pte Ltd Freelancer.com Appcara Ltd The Co-Foundry EventNook Pte. Ltd. Sharefolio ELITERATE Asia Viscovery Pte. Ltd. Training Point Pte Ltd Tripid Philippines, Inc. Asia Venture Group Sdn Bhd [email protected] Pte Ltd Social Bacon Planyourwedding.my PriAv Flight Singapore

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Sheet1Company NameEmailEmail1Chorus [email protected] Rajawali Prima [email protected]@zenglove.comGogorilla Pte [email protected]@[email protected]@sidlr.comRaprindo [email protected]@bitspark.ioPT Rajawali Prima I[email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected]@pirate3d.comTelistar Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected]@grafyt.comPT Rajawali Prima [email protected] [email protected] Influence Lab Pte [email protected] PTE [email protected]@[email protected] Pte. [email protected] Koncepts Pte [email protected]@innervative-learning.comWe Are One [email protected] HOLDINGS PTE [email protected] [email protected]@novatap.comTHE SUNSHINE KIDS [email protected] Comet [email protected] Pte. [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected]@evenesis.comOhanae Pte [email protected]@freelancer.comAppcara [email protected] [email protected] Pte. [email protected]@gmail.comELITERATE [email protected] Pte. [email protected] Point Pte [email protected] Philippines, [email protected] Venture Group Sdn [email protected]@IT Pte [email protected] [email protected]@planyourwedding.myPriAv Flight [email protected] [email protected] Exchange Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected]@tripzilla.comCambrian [email protected] Media [email protected]@[email protected]@2x-250x56.pngMatchMove Global Pte [email protected] Ventures, [email protected] Note Pte [email protected]@adzcentral.comReceivables Purchase [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected]@classwright.comEtonHouse International Education [email protected] CISCO Security Pte [email protected] Chartered [email protected] Chartered [email protected]\'R\'Us (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Marketing Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Technology Pte [email protected] Advance Pte [email protected] Miam Singapore Pte [email protected]\'R\'Us (Singapore) Pte [email protected] International College Pte. [email protected] M Services Pte [email protected] Fitness Pte [email protected]\' Clique - The [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Customer Service Admin | Clementi/Jurong East | $1.6K-$1.9K [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Personnel Services Pte [email protected] South East Asia Pte [email protected] Sea Scan Pte [email protected] Recruitment Services Pte [email protected] Mercure Roxy [email protected] Association (Singapore)[email protected] Singapore Jobs - Mechanics/Assistants [email protected] Hearing Solution Co. Pte. [email protected] Bakelite Singapore Pte [email protected] Human Resource Centre Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] Ship Management Pte [email protected] Human Resource Centre Pte [email protected] Finance [email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Institute of Management Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Billing Assistant (S$1600-1800, Alternate 5.5days, Changi) [email protected] Defence New Zealand [email protected] Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte Ltd[email protected] Es Singapore Industrial Pte [email protected] INTERNATIONAL (S) PTE [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Customer Service Assistant (Ref: RC28) [email protected] (SINGAPORE) [email protected] For [email protected] Pte [email protected] SHINE PTE. [email protected] Engineering & Trading Pte. [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Customer Care Consultant [email protected] Pte [email protected] Dot [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Junior Outdoor Sales Executive [email protected] Priv [email protected] Translations Asia Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Customer Coordinator (West/Up to $2,500) Norway MNC [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Electrical Technical Officer (Near Simei Mrt -Urgent!) [email protected] First Singapore Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] Software [email protected] Biomedicals Asia Pacific Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Technician x 10 - All areas [email protected] MARKETING [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Process Technician(Pioneer/West/$1.5K-$2K) [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] of Singapore Yacht [email protected] Financial [email protected] Singapore Co Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Kogyo Asia Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Singapore Jobs - HR Recruitment Executive ( Training Provided ) [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Sales Executive (Domestic Dealer/ Electronics/ South West)- BT [email protected] Benjamin (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Advantage Pte [email protected] Recruit [email protected] Pte [email protected] Services Pte [email protected] [email protected] Channel International Pte [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] Asia Pte [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] SINGAPORE PTE [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] [email protected] Leap Career [email protected] AVENUE PTE [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 6 months Temp Purchasing Officer (West) [email protected] Corporation [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Phone Surveyors x 10 (Students are welcome) [email protected] Pte [email protected] STAFFING SERVICES PTE. [email protected] Consolidator (Pte) Ltd / Feiliks Logistics Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] SME 500 Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] So [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Caf Group (S) Pte [email protected] Development Institute of [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Advantage Pte Ltd[email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - NEEDED: Temp Skincare Retail Assistant X 20 ($8/hr / Islandwide) [email protected] DIGITAL MEDIA (ASIA) PTE [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Service Technician - ($2000 - $2500) - 5 days/ West Area [email protected] HR Ecology Pte. [email protected] Pte [email protected] Edge [email protected] Corporation Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - $1400-$2000/Month Perm US Luxury Beauty Advisor (High Pay)STO-010 May [email protected] Chemical Asia Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Design Hub Pte [email protected] Channel International Pte [email protected] International (S) Pte [email protected] Asia Recruitment [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Finance Assistant (Counter Service/Accounts) (Ref: RC 27) [email protected] Service Club (CSC)[email protected] Resource [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - PR Officer (Up to S$2300/Office Hours/East) [email protected] (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Human Resources Pte [email protected] Recruit [email protected]*STAR , Genome Institute of Singapore ( GIS )[email protected] SKILL ENTERPRISE PTE [email protected] Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. [email protected] Pte Ltd (EA License No: 06C5060)[email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Kinetics Consultancy Pte [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Hotel [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Alliance Asia Pte [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Edge Pte [email protected] Terminator Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Design & Management International [email protected] Excellence Manufacturing (S) Pte [email protected] Advantage Pte [email protected] AVENUE PTE [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Channel International Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte Ltd (EA License No: 06C5060)[email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Yam & [email protected] Brow Pte [email protected] Management Services Pte [email protected] International Education [email protected] Marketing [email protected] [email protected] Marketing Pte [email protected] Vision [email protected] Industrial Motion Singapore Pte. [email protected] & Supply Pte [email protected] Kaltim Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Contract Bank Officer - $1800 [email protected] Management Services Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Heartz Design & Build Pte [email protected] Education Centre Pte [email protected] Interior [email protected]@recruitfirst.com[email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Accounts Assistant ($1600-$1800) [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgRecruit Express Pte [email protected] [email protected] Advantage Pte [email protected] Network Pte. [email protected] HR Consulting (S) Pte [email protected] Financial Planners Branch representing [email protected] Alloys & Services Pte [email protected] Building 2002 Pte [email protected] Realty Pte [email protected] Bakery Depot Pte [email protected]@hotmail.comJobsCentral Singapore Jobs - 10 x 3 Months Customer Service Assistants (islandwide) $9/hr (Ref:EDT) [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] I.D. & BUILD PTE. [email protected] Theory Dining [email protected] Financial Planners Branch representing [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp HR Assistant/ Officer (German MNC) (Ref: JMC) [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Knead [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 6-12 Months contract Admin Officer [email protected] Corporation Pte [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Inc Singapore Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Patient Service Associate **IMMEIDIATE & Good Pay!! [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] Ping Carpets (S) Pte [email protected] HR Consultancy Pte [email protected] HR Management Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - IT Support Analyze [email protected] Sapola (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Human Resources Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Search Executives Pte Ltd (EA Licence No: 11C4510)[email protected] Pumps Asia Pacific Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Institute Pte [email protected]@insightmatrix.comJobster Pte Ltd (EA License No: 06C5060)[email protected] Management Services Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Technician (5 working days/West/$1500)-ATN03-May [email protected] South Asia Pte [email protected] Automotive Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Receptionist (5 day week / Bt Timah) [email protected] Data Dynamics Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - IMMEDIATE Data Entry Temp (3-12 months) at Banks/Insurance/Govt/MNCs (REF: SCN,SNC) [email protected] of Science and Technology, [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Overseas Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] [email protected] PTE [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Hotel [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Production Planner(No experience required) [email protected] Mechatronics (S) Pte [email protected] Es Singapore Industrial Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Human Resource Centre Pte [email protected] Solution Pte [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] Print [email protected] Pte [email protected] Prospects [email protected] Education Holdings Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Draftsman (AUTOCAD/M&E/ACMV/Tuas) [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Commissioning Engineer (Marine , Oil & Gas)- CAS [email protected] HR Consulting (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Studios Pte [email protected] IT Services Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] [email protected]@dreamzcoffee.comFinexis Advisory Pte [email protected] Stretcher Education Pte [email protected] Global Pte [email protected] Corporation Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] One Art Investment Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Staff Nurse/Senior Staff Nurse [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Recruit Singapore Pte [email protected] Construction Singapore Pte [email protected] Pacific Hotels & Resort Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Alliance Management Pte [email protected] [email protected] Institute of [email protected] Travel Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Resources Pte [email protected] Machines Pte [email protected] American [email protected] Services (Pte) Ltd aka Shaw Organization aka Shaw [email protected] Advantage Pte [email protected] Associates Pte [email protected] for Electronic Transfers [email protected] Network Pte [email protected] Manpower Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] IT Services Pte [email protected] College of the [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Recruit Singapore Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Star Pte [email protected] Bakelite Singapore Pte [email protected] Shipping Pte. [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Clinic Assistant [email protected] Synergy Pte [email protected] IT Services Pte [email protected] Communications Pte [email protected] Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Manpower Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] ACE Pte [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Technologies (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Koh & [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Bank Teller (Foreign Bank/ Salary up to $2200 + Allowance) [email protected] Career Works [email protected] Advisory Pte [email protected] Capital Holdings Pte [email protected]ings.comJobsCentral Singapore Jobs - Perm Bank Support Administer ($1600-$2200) [email protected] Singapore Jobs - IT Advisor/ West Area [email protected] Prospects [email protected] Beach Seafood Restaurant Pte [email protected] & [email protected] Tjow & [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Senior Interior Designer (Malaysian) [email protected] [email protected] Financial [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] D.I.Y. PTE [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] Tea Company Pte [email protected] & Co. Restaurants Pte [email protected] & Co. Restaurants Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgKURIOSLEE PTE [email protected] Ocean Marine Enterprise Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Shoe (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Holdings Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Admin Assistant [email protected] Sapola (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Media Pte [email protected] East Group [email protected] HR Consultancy Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp Customer Service Officer X 2! (Till end July!) (Ref:JNT) [email protected] Staffing Services (S) Pte [email protected] Coffee Pte [email protected] Express Services Pte [email protected] Search Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temporary Admin Assistant [email protected] Exchange Pte [email protected]@supergroupltd.comYamaha Music (Asia) Private [email protected] Singapore Jobs - HR Business Consultant [email protected] Manpower Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Admin Assistant (West/5days/trp pickup/Urgent)(REF:KM17) [email protected] Advantage Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Storage (South Asia) Pte. [email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp Customer Service Assistants (1 to 3 Months) - TNRR [email protected] Global Designs Pte [email protected] [email protected] Cruise Centre Pte [email protected] BUILDERS PTE [email protected]\'s [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Holdings Pte [email protected] Engineering Services Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Personnel Services Pte [email protected] Software Pte [email protected] Documail (S) Pte [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] and Living Pte [email protected] International The Skin [email protected] (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Supply Pte [email protected] Chan & [email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] International [email protected] Pte [email protected] Channel (S) Pte [email protected] Christian [email protected] M Services Pte [email protected] [email protected] International [email protected] Advertising & Marketing Pte [email protected] AVENUE PTE [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] & Health Solutions Pte [email protected] YONG CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PTE. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Financial Management Pte [email protected] Blossoms Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected]\'s [email protected] Computer [email protected] Pte [email protected] Training [email protected] Stop Pte. [email protected] Singapore/Moda Pacifica Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Marketing Executive [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp Production Staff [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Telesales Executive- Insurance Industry [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Services Temp (Central)[email protected] Benjamin (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Junior Administrator (Contract, $2000 - $3000) - Ref: SJO/SAZ [email protected] International Media Networks (VIMN) MTV [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Fund [email protected] HR Ecology Pte. [email protected] Brewhouse Pte Ltd, Microbrewery & [email protected] of Amber Nectar Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - TECHNICIANS URGENTLY REQUIRED IN TAMPINES MNC FACTORY [email protected] Puffs & Cakes Pte [email protected] Schools Services Pte [email protected] (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] TECHNOLOGY (S) PTE [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Enginering Pte [email protected] SOLUTIONS PTE [email protected] infotech Pte [email protected] Refining Company Private [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Sales Specialist [email protected] Technology Pte [email protected] (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Lighting (S) Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Account Manager (International Mail and Express products) [email protected] Asia Pacific Pte [email protected]\'S KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PTE [email protected] Food Space Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Recruitment Consultants Pte [email protected] British [email protected] Tree Hotels & [email protected] Furniture Rental Pte [email protected] XING ENGINEERING PTE [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgSearchAsia Consulting Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Recruitment Consultant/ Executive Consultant/ Recruiter - Tampines - Up to $3500 + Com + Inc [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Raffles Music College Pte [email protected] HR Consultancy Pte. [email protected] Royal @ Queens (Singapore) Pte [email protected] National Art Gallery, [email protected]gallery.sgSOON XING ENGINEERING PTE [email protected] Interior Design Pte [email protected] PTE [email protected] Gallery [email protected] Services Temp (Central)[email protected] International Pte [email protected] [email protected] Technologies Pte [email protected] Services (S) Pte Ltd - Temp & Contract [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgSearchAsia Consulting Pte [email protected] Services Pte [email protected] & Co Pte [email protected] Bodyworks (S) Pte [email protected] Yard English Cafe / [email protected] [email protected]@hotmail.comThe [email protected] [email protected] Healthcare [email protected] HR Consulting (S) Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temperature Screeners (ASAP / 1 mth work / $9-$12per hour / weekly salary) [email protected] Services - [email protected] Pte [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Association of [email protected] Asia Recruitment [email protected] Cruise Travel Service Pte [email protected] Lim & [email protected] Services Temp (Central)[email protected] Paint (S) Co Pte [email protected] INDUSTRIAL GAS PTE [email protected] Credit [email protected] Marine Pte [email protected] ENGINEERING PTE [email protected] Tanglin [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] Marketing Pte [email protected]@vintage.com.sgJ Finest Consulting Pte [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp Packers/Buona Vista/1 to 2 weeks/$7 per hr (CEK) [email protected] Erique Consulting Pte [email protected] World Singapore Pte [email protected] Search Pte [email protected] Oil [email protected] Trust School [email protected] Search [email protected] Electrical Engineering (Pte) [email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Co-operative [email protected] TOOLS MACHINERY PTE [email protected] Services Temp (Central)[email protected] Butter [email protected] HR Consulting (S) Pte [email protected] & Keith (Singapore)[email protected] DesignCentre Pte [email protected] Electrical [email protected] Singapore Jobs - IT Support Executive (Applications, no experience required) [email protected] [email protected] Construction Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Systems (S) Pte [email protected] Home [email protected] Sheng Quanji Construction Pte [email protected] Home [email protected] (Singapore Telecommunications Ltd)[email protected] Digital Services Pte [email protected] Singapore Clarke [email protected] Singapore Clarke [email protected] Singapore Clarke [email protected] [email protected] EXPLORER [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Restaurants Singapore Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 3 6 Months Temp Marketing Assistant (Central) [email protected]recruitexpress.com.sgMarche Restaurants Singapore Pte [email protected] (Toa Payoh) Pte [email protected] Alliance Pte [email protected] [email protected] Flavors & Fragrances (Asia Pacific) Pte [email protected] Information Network Pte [email protected] Media Design [email protected] [email protected] Print Pte [email protected]@gmail.comKeppel Housing Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Recuitment Consultant (Ref: ALB) [email protected] Services - [email protected] ADVISORS PTE. [email protected] Ocean Transport Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Asia Pte [email protected]\'s [email protected] INVESTMENT HOLDING PTE [email protected] Marketing Consulting Pte [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] Advisory [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] CGM International Shipping Company Pte [email protected] Ventures Advisory Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgModern Wellness Pte Ltd (Contours Express)[email protected]@gmail.comPacific Alpine Pte [email protected] Group [email protected] Medical Systems (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Lab Pte [email protected] Holdings (2004) Pte [email protected] Systems Pte [email protected] MANUFACTURING (S) PTE [email protected] Esprit [email protected] Esprit [email protected] Icon Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected] [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Manpower Pte [email protected] & R BOSSINI FASHION PTE [email protected] Capital Management Pte Ltd (Wealth Foundation)[email protected] Pte [email protected] Cake Shop Pte [email protected] sheng management [email protected] [email protected] & R BOSSINI FASHION PTE [email protected] [email protected] Ming Xi Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] Medical Group Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - MEDIA MANAGER [email protected] SP [email protected] Pte [email protected] SOLUTIONS PTE [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Steiber Lighting [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - F&B Waiter/Waitress ($1500-$2500, Central) [email protected] Asia Pacific Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Admin Assistant (West/MNC/$2500) [email protected] Net Fashion Development Pte [email protected]@recruitfirst.com.sgRecruit Express Pte [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] Man Corporation Pte [email protected] Garden Catering Pte [email protected] Community Services [email protected] Ocean Transport Pte [email protected] Minds Pte [email protected] Design Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - MEDICAL / ADMIN ASSISTANT ( TEMP / CONTRACT ) [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] [email protected] HR [email protected] Services (S) Pte Ltd - Temp & Contract [email protected] Medical Pte [email protected] Corporation of Singapore (Private) [email protected] Bistro Pte [email protected] (Private) [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Customer Service and Admin [email protected] Services - [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Immediate Admin Assistants (1-6 months) at Banks/Govt/MNCs (REF: SAZ/SJO) [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Bistro & Bar Pte. [email protected] Today Pte [email protected] Marine [email protected] (Eagles Mediation and Conselling Center)[email protected] Asia Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Printing Singapore Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Bock & [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SOLUTIONS PTE. [email protected] Pte [email protected] Millennium (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] HR Consultancy Pte. [email protected] Management Pte [email protected] Pte Ltd (EA License No: 06C5060)[email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Tech Pte [email protected] Studio Singapore Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Asia Associates Pte [email protected]\'s Publishing Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] Bridging Edge Pte [email protected] Royal @ Queens (Singapore) Pte [email protected] & [email protected]@[email protected] Services - Temp (East)[email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] & Co. Pte [email protected] Group [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] Mobile Pte [email protected] Technology & Services Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Era [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] Time (S) Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 1 year Contract Administrative Assistant / Executive [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Project Engineer [email protected] [email protected] Group [email protected] Medical Systems (Singapore) Pte [email protected] & [email protected] Adventure Pte [email protected] Leap Career [email protected] International [email protected] Medical [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Vina Artisan Bakery Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Logistics Pte [email protected] ye group pte ltdhongyegroup[email protected] [email protected] Kidz [email protected] Fruit [email protected] [email protected] Services Pte [email protected] [email protected] ASIA PTE [email protected] Wow [email protected] Shipyard Pte [email protected], Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT)[email protected] Venture International Pte [email protected] Ming Store Ptd [email protected] [email protected] IT Services Pte [email protected] Personnel Services Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected][email protected] Ridge Education [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] TECHNOLOGY PTE [email protected] Seng [email protected] Industrial Manufacturing (aim)[email protected] Soon Mechanical Components Pte [email protected] Design & Communications Pte [email protected] Centre Pte [email protected] of China [email protected] of China [email protected] Automotive Pte [email protected]\' [email protected] Balance Singapore Pte [email protected] Joo Seng International Trading Pte [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Employment Pte [email protected] (SINGAPORE) PTE [email protected] Media Pte [email protected] Solutions [email protected] Associates Pte [email protected] Leap Career [email protected]@searchasia.com.sgJobsCentral Singapore Jobs - Administrative Assistant - With bonus incentive - Immediate-S$1800 [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Solutions [email protected] Recruit Singapore Pte [email protected] Manpower Solutions Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Senior Buyer/ Buyer (US MNC) (Ref: JTL) [email protected] ELECTRONICS PTE [email protected] Entertainment Imaging Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - HR Assistant (Recruitment) [email protected] PTE [email protected] Creative Interior Design & [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 6 months admin (banking) [email protected] Grace [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Asia & Oceania Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Contract Accounts Executive/Senior (Immediate) (MNC) (Ref:JJP) [email protected] [email protected] Telecom Pte [email protected] [email protected] Education Holding Pte [email protected]@Work Pte [email protected] Caf Group (S) Pte [email protected] Cool Pte [email protected] Dynamic Alliance Recruitment [email protected] Network Pte. [email protected] Catering & Supplies Pte [email protected] Scientific Publishing Co Pte [email protected] Hut Pte [email protected] Tai Retail Management Pte [email protected] Academy of [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Group representing AVIVA [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Clinic Receptionists (Temp/Perm) [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Sales Representative / 5 days [email protected] OUTSOURCING & CONSULTING PTE [email protected] Realty Pte [email protected] Red Cross [email protected] Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte [email protected] Little Uni Pte [email protected] Sushi Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Marketing [email protected] Park [email protected], Kon & Tan Consultants Pte [email protected] [email protected] Community Foundation (HQ)[email protected] Marine Holding Pte [email protected] FNB PTE [email protected] Treehouse [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] [email protected]cruit-legal.comEP-TEC Solutions Pte [email protected] Wellness Pte [email protected] Enterprise Pte [email protected] Chocolate Pte [email protected] Soon Mechanical Components Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected] International [email protected] Singapore Jobs - [Contract] Clinic Assistants - Islandwide openings! [email protected] Holdings Pte [email protected] Mercure Roxy [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Furniture Gallery Pte [email protected] Alliance for Research and Technology [email protected] Real [email protected] Technologies International Pte [email protected][email protected] Furniture Gallery Pte [email protected] on Beach [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Singapore Clarke [email protected] (Asia) Consortium Pte [email protected] Soon Mechanical Components Pte [email protected] of [email protected] [email protected] Design Pte [email protected] Alliance Private [email protected] Services - [email protected]\'s International Pte [email protected] Institute of [email protected] 9000 Pte [email protected] Leap Career [email protected] Pte [email protected] Catering & Supplies Pte [email protected] Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC)[email protected] Box Singapore Pte [email protected]@Radius Pte [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] CORPORATION PTE [email protected] [email protected] Financial Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Consultant (Business Development & Recruitment Specialist) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Education [email protected] Personnel Pte [email protected] Belle [email protected] INT\'L (S) PTE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Construction Pte [email protected] Supermarket Pte [email protected] Korean [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Retail / Promoter / Front-line Customer Service Jobs x20 ($6 - $8/hr, 1-6 mths duration) Ref:NEE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Temp Admin Assistant (HR / Finance / Comms, 3 - 6 Months) [email protected] Bistro & [email protected] [email protected] International Water & Electric Corp. (S) Pte. [email protected] Marine Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Bookstores (S) Pte [email protected] Technologies Pte [email protected] Education [email protected] Waxson (S) Pte [email protected]@1-altitude.comTang Music Box Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - 2 - 6 mths Temp Jobs ~ Admin / Data Entry Assistant x10 (Ref: NEE) [email protected] Switchgear Pte [email protected] Private [email protected] Strategic [email protected] Kew Pte [email protected] Employment Pte [email protected] [email protected] Systems Asia P/[email protected] Food & Beverage Specialities Pte [email protected] Ascent (Asia) Private [email protected] Interactive [email protected] Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Garden Catering Pte [email protected] Holdings Pte [email protected] Consultancy Services Pte [email protected] Energy International [email protected] GROUP [email protected] Pte [email protected] Corporation Pte. 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[email protected] Loco Pte [email protected] Loco Pte [email protected] & Thermal Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected] Express Pte [email protected]\' [email protected] Girls\' [email protected] Pte [email protected] Bearings Pte [email protected] Ming Construction Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected] [email protected] Personnel Pte [email protected] Personnel Pte [email protected]! Career Services Pte Ltd (ACS)[email protected] SINGAPORE PTE [email protected] International Pte [email protected] Engineering Pte [email protected] Time (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Youth Pte [email protected] Technology (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] Crew Inc. 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[email protected] Systems (S) Pte [email protected] Matrix Pte [email protected] International Media Networks (VIMN) MTV [email protected] Telecom Pte [email protected] Heart Multi-Service [email protected] Labo [email protected] Districentre Pte [email protected] Computer [email protected] Chong & Sons Motor (S) Pte [email protected] National University of Singapore Society (NUSS)[email protected] Pte [email protected] Urban [email protected] Data Dynamic Pte [email protected] Southeast Asia (S) Pte [email protected] LOGISTICS PTE. [email protected] Digital Imaging Pte [email protected] [email protected] Media Pte [email protected] Automation Pte. [email protected] Ou Co (S) Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] and Tan SecuritiesTRrec[email protected] BUILDERS PTE [email protected] Entertainment Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] GLOBAL ENGINEERING PTE [email protected] Asia Pacific Pte [email protected] Computer [email protected] Research [email protected] Etch & [email protected] Pte [email protected] and Land Technologies Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Hwee Iron Works & Construction Pte [email protected] [email protected] Productions Pte [email protected] Asia Pte Ltd (ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems))[email protected] Furniture Gallery Pte [email protected] Anschuetz Singapore Pte [email protected] Post [email protected] Pacific Orchard [email protected] & Copthorne International [email protected] International Furniture Pte [email protected] Maison Restaurants [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] [email protected] Actually Pte [email protected] Software Pte [email protected] Professional [email protected] Corporate Services Pte [email protected] Publishing Pte [email protected] [email protected] Centre Dynamics Pte [email protected] Marketing [email protected] Lifecycle Concepts Pte [email protected] [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] Japanese Restaurant Pte [email protected] Creative Pte [email protected] Bank [email protected] Early Intervention [email protected] [email protected] Yam & [email protected] Living Exhibition Pte [email protected] Global [email protected] Treasure [email protected] Corporation Singapore Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Central Pte [email protected] Stories Pte [email protected] Systems Pte [email protected]@Harvard Pte Ltd / My Gym [email protected] Loco Pte [email protected] Loco Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Interactive Pte [email protected] Singapore Corporate Services Pte [email protected] Leisure [email protected] Marine Asia Pte [email protected] Care Pte [email protected] Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte [email protected] Consultancy, [email protected] Technologies Pte. [email protected]@halliburton.comREGIONAL BUSINESS NETWORK PTE [email protected] Pte [email protected] Technologies Pte [email protected] [email protected] Engineering (S) Pte [email protected] Marine (S) Pte [email protected] Pioneer Enterprises Pte [email protected] Design Pte [email protected] Eagle Singapore Pte [email protected] Japanese Restaurant Pte [email protected] [email protected] Communications Pte [email protected] One Automobile & Trading Pte [email protected] Energy Pte [email protected] Talents Pte [email protected] PTE [email protected] [email protected] Consulting Services Pte [email protected] (Oriente) Pte [email protected] Solutions Pte [email protected] T Group Pte [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected] Lum Restaurant Pte [email protected] International Pte [email protected]@globale2c.com.sgTHE MIRACH [email protected] [email protected] First [email protected] Global [email protected] SCHOOL OF [email protected] Beauty Salon (S) Pte [email protected] Humanity [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Part Time Web Designer (Dreamweaver/Photoshop) [email protected] LIBRARY SERVICES PTE [email protected] & Furnishings Pte [email protected] Singapore Jobs - Senior Quantity Surveyor [email protected] Marketing (S) Pte [email protected] PRODUCTS PTE [email protected] First [email protected] Co Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Advance [email protected] Dairy Industries Pte [email protected] Genesis Asset Management Pte [email protected] [email protected] IT Services Pte [email protected] Marketing [email protected] Paintball [email protected] (Singapore) Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Mirach Group Pte. [email protected] [email protected] Career Services Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] RECRUITMENT PTE [email protected] Service(/Call Centre/Concierge/Front-line) - Shift - BGC Group Pte Ltd (Banking) | jobsDB [email protected]@[email protected] Search Consultancy Pte [email protected] Media [email protected]@gmail.comOrder Processing Specialist - Kelly Services (S) Pte Ltd - Temp & Contract Staffing | jobsDB [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] [email protected]@careerhub.com.sgJunior secretary cum Admin/Up to $2500/Central/Immediate - HKM HR Management Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected]@hkmsvs.comCareerhub Consultants Pte [email protected] - East of Singapore - Hudson | jobsDB [email protected] Search Consultancy Pte [email protected] Pte Ltd - Business Support [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] [email protected]@gmail.comShipping Assistant (Export) - West/5 days/office hours - People Profilers Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] Career Services Pte Ltd (111)[email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Search Consultancy Pte [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] [email protected] Pte Ltd - [email protected] Consultants Pte [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Computer Systems Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] PTE [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Career Services Pte Ltd (139)[email protected] [email protected]egroup.asiaAcquire Talent Services Pte [email protected]@acquiretalent.com.sgCarpenters.com.sg [email protected] Group Pte [email protected] PTE [email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] [email protected] Engineers - Junior/Senior (Perm/5 Days/.NET/WPF/Web) - Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd (East) | jobsDB [email protected] Recruitment Pte [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Heng Bakery Pte [email protected] Power Services Pte [email protected] Talent Services Pte [email protected]@acquiretalent.com.sgAchieve [email protected] LINK INTERNATIONAL PTE [email protected] Pte LtdAsiaPay Payment Service Pte [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Driver | jobsDB [email protected] Telecommunications [email protected] Pharma Pte [email protected] [email protected] & GOLIATH PTE [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Strategy Resources Pte Ltd - [email protected] [email protected] GLOBAL SEARCH (SINGAPORE) PTE [email protected] [email protected] Solutions & Services Pte [email protected] Singapore Island Country [email protected] & P Transport Pte [email protected] Advisor - Hudson | jobsDB [email protected] Personnel [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected]@hays.com.sgEVOLUTION RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS PTE [email protected] Support Executive (Central / Up to $4200) - Search Network Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Shipyard Pte [email protected] HR Management Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@hays.com.sgManpower Staffing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd - [email protected] Civil Engineering & Construction Pte [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Community Network Pte [email protected] Supervisor - Reachfield HR Group Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] [email protected] Technicians/Engineers | jobsDB [email protected] Product Specialist - Hudson | jobsDB [email protected]@hays.com.sgRecruit Express Pte Ltd - HCLS3&[email protected] Agricole Corporate & Investment [email protected] AND [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] MORRIS & SELVAM [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS PTE [email protected] CAREER [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] States Group Holdings Pte [email protected] Management Analyst (Thailand) - 6 months contract with good benefits - Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected]@adecco.comStafflink Services Private [email protected] Consulting Pte [email protected] Bank [email protected] Engineer/ Oil & Gas/ Fabrication/ Rotating Equipment/ Process Modules - Manpower Staffing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd - E | jobsDB Singaporecaryn[email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] Dair Consulting Pte [email protected] [email protected] Kun International Pte [email protected] Associates Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] (Experience in Nostro Account Reconcilliation) - Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] Staffing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd - [email protected] Search Consultancy Pte [email protected] Career Services Pte [email protected] INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) [email protected] Services Private [email protected] [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] Executive - Gemini Personnel Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] and Distribution Singapore Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] (Regional Finance) - Morgan McKinley | jobsDB [email protected] Pte [email protected] [email protected] Grade International Pte [email protected] [email protected] Specialist Recruitment Pte [email protected]@rcubevital.com.sgRecruit Express Services Pte [email protected] Analyst, Pricing Officer, Pricing Executive, Business Analyst (5 days, MNC, Degree) - Kelly Services (S) Pte Ltd- Permanent Staffing | jobsDB [email protected] Specialist Recruitment Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Purchasing Assistant/Global MNC/Central/5 days/office hours - People Profilers Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] Search Pte Ltd - [email protected]@ca-search.comCustomer Service Agent (6 months contract)- $9 per hour - Capita Outsourcing | jobsDB [email protected] Pte [email protected] Express Pte Ltd - [email protected] [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Pte [email protected] Fullset/Accounts Executive, up to $3500 @ Hougang Area (R:JO0602) - Temp-Team Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] Pte [email protected] SUPERVISORS - MRT Projects - 3C Synergy Asia Pte Ltd-1 | jobsDB [email protected] E & P Pte [email protected] Executive Search (S) Pte [email protected] Job Creations (Singapore) Pte [email protected] Tankers (Pte) [email protected] Airports International Pte. [email protected] Sales Executive (B2B/ IT/ PC) (DSE 030602) - Today's Career Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] Singapore Pte [email protected]@phillip.com.sgSales Executive (Electronics Components) JB:LL0602 - Temp-Team Pte Ltd | jobsDB [email protected] (S) Pte [email protected] ASIA PACIFIC PTE. 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