7 ways to make money decluttering your home

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  • 7WaysWays to Make MoneyMoney DeclutteringDeclutteringYour Home

  • When thinking of decluttering your home,

    many people would like to make a little moneymake a little money

    to recoup some what they have spent on all the

    stuff in their home.

  • This is perfectly understandable. This

    presentation will give you some simple ideas on how to get rid of this stuff

    and a make a little money in the process.

  • The I am going to sell that mindset is a common excuse that

    people give for not decluttering.

  • Remember thatyour time has

    value too.Only pursue selling

    items that have a value worth the time and

    effort it takes to sell them.

  • If you are looking for more ideas on decluttering why not check out:

  • Nuff said.Lets get on to the

    ways to make some moneyways to make some money from getting rid of stuff from

    your home.

  • 11Red Cross, Salvation Armyand GoodwillOption

    Thrift Store Charities

  • Not exactly free, but it is easy.You can drop off stuff in bulk at thrift store charitiesthrift store charities and get a nice receipt for your taxes.

  • 22Do a local search on Google, get their phone number, ask them about what items they accept and how much they offer.

    OptionConsignment Shops

  • Consignment shops are discerning about their selection and will only accept items that can be resold. Your should your clothes be clean and in good conditionclean and in good condition; they also have to be in stylein style.

  • Consignment shops work in two ways. They either buy the itemsbuy the items from you directly, or

    sell it for you sell it for you and give you a percentage of the saletypically 40 to 60% of the price.

  • 33A fairly hassle-free way to get rid of old textbooks, books, DVDs, CDs and video games.Option


  • The items must be in good quality condition.That means NONO excessive scratching, tears, broken cases or water damage.

  • You wont get a lot of money per item, but the process is really simple:

    1. Get instant quotes for items from website2. Complete the order by printing a free shipping label3. Ship items4. Get paid by check or PayPal

  • 44One of the most popular tools for getting rid of itemsOption


  • The process is straight-forward: 1. Sign up2. Take nice picture of items3. Upload pictures4. List item5. Assign reasonable price (remember to price it to sell, not to make maximum profit.)6. Wait for emails to come in.

  • Craigslist is a great option because its the buyers responsibility to come get the item. All you have to do is create the adcreate the ad and answer a few questions.

  • 55With eBay, you dont have to deal with random strangers showing up at your door.Option


  • The challenge of this is site is there are many more steps involvedmore steps involved with the selling process.

  • So you should only consider it if you have a lot of items that you want

    to resell, and the items arehighly collectiblehighly collectible.

  • Use eBay to resell items that are in in demanddemand: comic books, collectible toys, antiques and dolls.

  • 66Best used for collectibles and other in-demand products.Option


  • There are two ways you can sell on Amazon.

    1. As a Professional Seller

    2. Join the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Learn how herehere.

  • 77Not a tactic we recommend because your per hourcost is often not worth the effort to set up.

    OptionSwap Meets or Garage Sales

  • A far better option is to spend your time declutteringdecluttering and focus on reselling your big ticket items through Craigslist, eBay or Amazon.

  • You know decluttering is important. Why not develop a plandevelop a plan...

  • 10-Minute Declutter10-Minute DeclutterThe Stress-Free Habitfor Simplifying Your Home

  • 10-Minute Declutter10-Minute DeclutterThe Stress-Free Habitfor Simplifying Your Home

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