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<ul><li><p>WAYS TO MAKE A </p><p>LIBERAL CRY LIKE </p><p>A LITTLE GIRL</p><p>By Jason Mattera</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>CONTENTS...</p><p>1. Ask a Liberal to Name Just 3 </p><p>Things </p><p>Barack Obama Has Achieved</p><p>2. Reveal the Democrat Partys M</p><p>urderous, Racist History</p><p>3. Cite Liberal Sources Against T</p><p>hem</p><p>4. Mention Ronald Reagan</p><p>5. Ask Them Why Barack Obama</p><p> Hates Black People</p><p>6. Own and Enjoy Guns</p><p>7. Work Hard and Be Happy </p><p>(And a Bonus Tip!)</p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>Congratulations!You are now the proud owner of material that Joe Biden thinks should classify you as </p><p>a terrorist. And it may even get you audited by the toolbags in the IRS. Go you!Better still, the wisdom, facts, and tactics contained in the pages that follow are your </p><p>surefire way to send Barack Obama and his supporters heads whirling like a gyroscope. Why? Because liberals hate facts; liberalism is nothing more than a temper tantrum </p><p>with a political label. No rational, sane American could ever look at the wasteland that </p><p>is liberalism and conclude that it produces human flourishing (Detroit anyone?). Thats why it is your moral duty to piss off liberals. More specifically, it is the calling of </p><p>every conservative to upend the inane, idiotic policy drivel liberals spew by demolishing </p><p>their illogic in the most satisfying of ways: by making liberals cry like little girls </p><p>(transgendered or otherwise).Lucky for you, I know a thing or twenty about infuriating liberals. Ive been doing it for </p><p>years. Perhaps youve seen my legendary video interviews of famous liberal targets, </p><p>including Vice President Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Barney Frank, Al Franken, Robert </p><p>Redford, Harrison Ford, Chris Rock, and numerous others. If you havent seen them, </p><p>youre missing out and need to click here.But the most important part of pissing off a liberal is to do it in such a way that you </p><p>make a pointthat you reveal just how absurd and lunatic their ideas truly are.Thats why Ive created this super stealth e-book. Its designed to teach you seven of my </p><p>conservative ninja tactics that Ive discovered infuriate and embarrass liberals most. So sit back, relax, grab a Big Gulp, and learn the 7 Ways to Make a Liberal Cry Like a </p><p>Little Girl! And as alwaysFight the Power, my brothas and sistas! </p><p>-Jason</p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p><p>http://youtube.com/jasonmattera</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>ASK A LIBERAL TO NAME JUST</p><p> 3 THINGS </p><p>BARACK OBAMA HAS ACHIEVE</p><p>D</p><p>In 2008, Obamas supporters told</p><p> us he was the </p><p>Anointed One, the Savior, America</p><p>s Messiah. </p><p>Fast-forward to right now. Obama</p><p> has turned </p><p>out to be one of the worst presid</p><p>ents in </p><p>American history. He is an emba</p><p>rrassing </p><p>leader, a shameful disaster who m</p><p>akes Jimmy </p><p>Carter look like Einstein. </p><p>This socialist hack couldnt lead a </p><p>cub scout </p><p>troop out of a pup tent, let alone l</p><p>ead the </p><p>greatest country the world has ev</p><p>er known. </p><p>Thats why the first surefire way to</p><p> shatter a </p><p>liberals bleeding, tender spirit is t</p><p>o ask them to </p><p>name just three things that Dear</p><p> Leader has </p><p>accomplished. The best part of th</p><p>is tactic is </p><p>that, no matter how they answer, </p><p>their answer </p><p>can easily be crushed to dust. </p><p>For example, the first and most o</p><p>bvious thing </p><p>they will reply is, Well, yes, many </p><p>liberals have </p><p>been disappointed in President Ob</p><p>ama, too. </p><p>But hey, at least he killed Osama b</p><p>in Laden! </p><p>Your reply: Correction: the U.S. </p><p>Navy Seals </p><p>killed Osama bin Laden. And if an</p><p>y of them </p><p>could replace BHO, I would be all f</p><p>or that. But </p><p>they cant. So the fact that you w</p><p>ant to give </p><p>Barack Obama credit for, as Mich</p><p>ael Moore </p><p>would put it, murdering poor little</p><p> Osama </p><p>by utilizing the intelligence that en</p><p>hanced </p><p>interrogation techniques (Waterb</p><p>oarding! </p><p>Gasp!) produced is incredible.</p><p>Crickets chirping. </p><p>The second thing they will say is, </p><p>Well, Obama </p><p>inherited a mess from that big me</p><p>any George </p><p>W. Bush. So its unreasonable fo</p><p>r us to expect </p><p>big results given the mess he inhe</p><p>rited.</p><p>Ah yesthe good ol liberal blame </p><p>game </p><p>argument known as Its all Georg</p><p>e Bushs fault. </p><p>A tornado rips through a small tow</p><p>n? George </p><p>Bush did it! Stock market plunges?</p><p> Bush is to </p><p>blame! A Jihadist freak </p><p>lobs a grenade at </p><p>an embassy? </p><p>Bush incited </p><p>the hatred! </p><p>Theres </p><p>an earthquake </p><p>in Japan? </p><p>That wicked </p><p>Bush must </p><p>have gone </p><p>to Japan and </p><p>jumped up </p><p>and down to </p><p>make the earth </p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>5</p><p>THE PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY PISSED OFF AT YOUR MESSIAH ARE THE HARDCORE LEFTISTSWHOM OBAMA PROMISED A SOCIALIST UTOPIA.split open! The problem for Obama and his zombies is that were not stupid. EVERY president in American history inherits problems. Thats the nature of history! </p><p>FDR inherited a depression. Reagan inherited Jimmy Carters abysmal economy and foreign policy. George W. Bush inherited Clintons cluelessness about Osama bin Laden. Thats how it works in the big leagues, pilgrim. Suck it up.But the best reply is this: Youre right, Obama did inherit a lot of stuff. He inherited gas prices that were half what they are today. Obama inherited a AAA credit rating. Obama inherited an unemployment rate lower than what it is now. Obama inherited a black unemployment rate that was far lower than the Depression Era level it is now. Obama inherited a national debt that was $7 trillionwith a T less than what it is right now. So youre right: Obama inherited a lot. Too bad he squandered it all on his reckless socialist schemes that </p><p>destroyed American prosperity for at least a generation.Then, if you really want them to wail, say this: But you know, its not just we Luddite conservatives who are disgusted with this joke of a president. Heck, the people who are REALLY pissed off at your Messiah are the hardcore Leftists whom Obama promised a Socialist utopia.Obama said he would close Guantanamo. He lied and flip-flopped. Guantanamo is alive, kicking, and open for business (thank God).Obama said he would create a single-payer healthcare system. He caved. Obamacare, while a socialist nightmare that is killing the U.S. economy, is not the communist policy he promised the radical Left. Once again, Dear Leader failed to deliver.</p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>6</p><p>Obama said he would end all of Am</p><p>ericas unjust </p><p>wars and bring the troops home. In</p><p>stead, he </p><p>sent 30,000 more troops to Afgha</p><p>nistan for who </p><p>knows what, launched a brand span</p><p>king NEW </p><p>military operation in Libya without c</p><p>ongressional </p><p>approval, and rains down more hell</p><p>fire missiles </p><p>on overseas combatants (America</p><p>n citizens </p><p>included!) than Dick Cheney could e</p><p>ver dream of. </p><p>Obama said he would only raise tax</p><p>es on the </p><p>uber rich. Then he reinstituted payro</p><p>ll taxes on </p><p>everyone and his signature law, Ob</p><p>amacare, </p><p>taxes the uninsured as well as Flex</p><p>ible Spending </p><p>Accounts. </p><p>Obama said his stimulus would c</p><p>reate millions </p><p>of jobs and bring unemployment b</p><p>elow 6%. </p><p>The result? America is $7 trillion</p><p> more in debt, </p><p>unemployment remains persisten</p><p>tly high, and </p><p>the labor participation rate is terr</p><p>ible. </p><p>Obama said he would bring gas pr</p><p>ices down </p><p>from what Americans paid under</p><p> that heartless </p><p>George Bush. Instead, we WISH </p><p>we paid what </p><p>we paid under Bush, because it wa</p><p>s HALF the </p><p>price per gallon it is today under t</p><p>his chump. </p><p>Obama said he would confront gu</p><p>n violence. Yet </p><p>his Department of Justice armed</p><p> the Mexican </p><p>cartel with its botched Fast &amp; Fur</p><p>ious scheme, </p><p>leading to the deaths of two bord</p><p>er patrol </p><p>agents and hundreds of Mexicans</p><p>.</p><p>Obama pledged to bestow peace </p><p>upon the </p><p>blood-spattered Middle East. To t</p><p>he contrary, </p><p>Egypt is ablaze (literally) with unru</p><p>ly protests, </p><p>Syria is engulfed in a deadly civil w</p><p>ar, Turkey </p><p>is increasingly becoming radicalize</p><p>d, Iran </p><p>continues to pursue nuclear wea</p><p>pons, and </p><p>four Americans including an amb</p><p>assador were </p><p>murdered by Jihadists in Bengha</p><p>zi.</p><p>Obama said he would create oppo</p><p>rtunity for </p><p>young people. Under Bush, 90%</p><p> of college </p><p>kids found a job out of college. U</p><p>nder Obama, </p><p>that figure has nosedived to a hu</p><p>miliating 56%. </p><p>Lie after lie, equivocation after equ</p><p>ivocation, </p><p>nightmare after nightmare. The c</p><p>ommunity </p><p>organizer has turned out to be a c</p><p>olossal failure. </p><p>Mention even just ONE of these failu</p><p>res, and sit </p><p>back and watch the liberal waterwor</p><p>ks commence!</p><p>OBAMA PROMISED </p><p>NOT TO RAISE </p><p>TAXES ON THE </p><p>MIDDLE CLASS. </p><p>HE RAISED TAXES </p><p>ON THE MIDDLE CLASS</p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>7</p><p>Reveal the Democrat Partys Murderous, Racist HistoryDemocrats fancy themselves as the enlightened ones, the civilized citizenry, the egalitarian elite who fight for the rights of minorities.To that Republicans reply</p><p>BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!The reason liberals are such race-baiting snobs is because they suffer from historical amnesia; Americas liberal public education racket has COMPLETELY bamboozled young people about the REAL history of the Democrat Party, which is a murderous tale of bigotry and oppression that would make most liberals heads explode if they understood or were confronted with it. When you are talking to an obnoxious Democrat and theyre using </p><p>their normal Republicans are bigots routine, heres what you doFirst, ask them who the first black U.S. Senator was. They wont know the answer. It was Senator Hiram Revels in 1870. Then ask them which party he belonged to. Theyll say they dont know. The answer: Republican.Next, ask them who the first black Congressman was. Again, theyll shoot you a blank face with blinking eyes. Answer: Congressman Joseph Rainey, 1870, a Republican. Then share with them the fact that the Ku Klux Klan was CREATED by the Democrat Party. The evidence? Theres mountains of it from world-class historians. </p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>But one of my favorite scholarly q</p><p>uotes on </p><p>the subject comes from Profess</p><p>or Emeritus </p><p>William Trelease of the University</p><p> of North </p><p>Carolina: The Klan became in ef</p><p>fect a </p><p>terrorist arm of the Democratic </p><p>Party. </p><p>Why? Because back then, all bla</p><p>cks were </p><p>Republicans. After all, the entire</p><p> reason the </p><p>Republican Party was founded in</p><p> the first place </p><p>was to be the anti-slavery party! </p><p>Hello!</p><p>Even Leftist Columbia University h</p><p>istory </p><p>professor Eric Foner has concede</p><p>d that the </p><p>KKK was a Democrat Party vote-g</p><p>etting </p><p>machine. As he said in his book, A</p><p> Short History </p><p>of Reconstruction, Founded as a</p><p> Tennessee </p><p>social club, the Ku Klux Klan sprea</p><p>d into nearly </p><p>every Southern state, launching a</p><p> reign of </p><p>terror against Republican leader</p><p>sblack and </p><p>whiteIn effect, the Klan was a m</p><p>ilitary force </p><p>serving the interests of the Demo</p><p>cratic Party, </p><p>the planter class, and all those wh</p><p>o desired the </p><p>restoration of white supremacy. I</p><p>t aimed to </p><p>destroy the Republican Partys inf</p><p>rastructure.</p><p>Gee, I dont seem to recall reading</p><p> that in high </p><p>school American history class. I w</p><p>onder why?</p><p>Liberals will come back with: Oh</p><p> yeah</p><p>wellumuherlikethat was yes</p><p>terdays </p><p>Republican Party. Um, yeahso li</p><p>ke, dude, the </p><p>Democratic Party before might ha</p><p>ve been a </p><p>bunch of murderous racistsum</p><p>likebutuh</p><p>today you Republicans are the ha</p><p>ters and when </p><p>FDR and LBJ came along, dude, we</p><p> Democrats </p><p>became the righteous ones...bro!</p><p>Epic fail. </p><p>Here are the facts, all of which ar</p><p>e sure to </p><p>make your favorite liberal cry an o</p><p>cean of tears </p><p>from their witless heads.</p><p>Virtually every single piece of civil r</p><p>ights </p><p>legislation for black Americans ev</p><p>er passed in </p><p>American history was the result o</p><p>f Republicans </p><p>defeating racist Democrats. This in</p><p>cludes:</p><p> The 13th Amendment</p><p> The 14th Amendment</p><p> The 15 Amendment</p><p> The Ku Klux Klan Act of 187</p><p>1</p><p> All the Reconstruction Acts</p><p> The 1866 Civil Rights Act</p><p> The 1875 Civil Rights Act</p><p> The 1957 Civil Rights Act</p><p> The 1960 Civil Rights Act</p><p> The 1964 Civil Rights Act</p><p>In fact, had Democrats not overtur</p><p>ned the 1875 </p><p>Civil Rights Act, the incredibly simila</p><p>r 1964 Civil </p><p>Rights Act might never have been</p><p> necessary!</p><p>To all this, your liberal friend will s</p><p>ay, Uh, but</p><p>erHope and Change! Um.I me</p><p>an, like.</p><p>wasnt Lyndon Baines Johnson th</p><p>e one who </p><p>passed Civil Rights?</p><p>No. Republican Senator Everett Di</p><p>rksen of </p><p>Illinois was the one who rallied 27 </p><p>of his tiny </p><p>band of 33 Republicans to defeat </p><p>the efforts of </p><p>former Klansman, Democrat Robe</p><p>rt Byrd and </p><p>Al Gores bigot daddy, Sen. Al Gore</p><p>, Sr. (who </p><p>hailed from the birthplace of the K</p><p>u Klux Klan, </p><p>Tennessee), both of whom tried to</p><p> torpedo the </p><p>1964 Civil Rights Act by filibusterin</p><p>g the bill. </p><p>After Republicans got the bill pass</p><p>ed, racist LBJ </p><p>got all the credit. Why? Because</p><p> we remember </p><p>presidents, not members of Congr</p><p>ess. </p><p>But the irony is a painful one, beca</p><p>use seldom </p><p>has America elected a man to the</p><p> Oval Office </p><p>who hates black people quite as m</p><p>uch as the </p><p>Democrat Partys patron saint, bi</p><p>got Lyndon </p><p>Baines Johnson. As Pulitzer Priz</p><p>e-winning LBJ </p><p>biographer Robert Caro has writ</p><p>ten, prior </p><p>to 1957, Johnson had never sup</p><p>ported civil </p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>rights legislationany civil rights legislation, including anti-lynching legislation. Worse, Johnsons private behavior toward blacks was appalling. Robert Parker, LBJs longtime black employee and limousine chauffeur, claims that Johsnon blasted him daily with a blizzard of bigoted slurs. And even as LBJ was being praised by liberals for his appointment of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, behind closed doors LBJs cynical brand of identity politics became clear. As presidential historian Robert Dallek recounts, LBJ explained his decision to a staff member by saying, Son, when I appoint a nigr to the court, I want everyone to know hes a nigr.Gee, how proud you Democrats must be of your racist, bigot party!You created the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize and kill black and white </p><p>Republican voters. You tried to thwart every single civil rights law Republicans fought to pass.And you regard as your partys civil rights hero a man who dropped the N bomb hourly and who for much of his career didnt support anti-lynching laws. Congratulations, Democrats! Hope and change, indeed!Idiots. </p><p>GEE, HOW PROUD YOU DEMOCRATS MUST BE OF YOUR RACIST, BIGOT PARTY!</p><p>7 WAYS TO MAKE A LIBERAL CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>CITE LIBERAL SOURCES </p><p>AGAINST THEM</p><p>Want a fast way to shut up a libera</p><p>l and make </p><p>them soil themselves? </p><p>Here you go: when debating a liber</p><p>al, cite an </p><p>inconvenient fact or quote gleane</p><p>d from the </p><p>Huffington Post or the New York Ti</p><p>mes.</p><p>Its hilarious to watch their little elitis</p><p>t grins morph </p><p>into confused frowns.</p><p>The best way to set up the punch is</p><p> like this:</p><p>Hey, listen, I understand why youre</p><p> getting all </p><p>defensive and angry. I mean, if I wer</p><p>e a liberal, </p><p>I would be furious, too. After all, jus</p><p>t look at </p><p>the facts. And dont take my word </p><p>for it. Just </p><p>yesterday, the New York Timesyo</p><p>ur holy book</p><p>reported that more Americans are</p><p> living in </p><p>poverty today than at any other tim</p><p>e in U.S. history </p><p>since poverty statistics were record</p><p>ed. Here, let </p><p>me...</p></li></ul>


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