7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Consultant

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Hiring a consultant has many tangible and long term benefits, but ONLY if you can perform these seven steps first. If successfully completed, knowing these seven things will significantly increase the value of your consulting project.


  • 1. Seven things you must know before hiring a consultant Harvest Development Group, LLC ~feeding the roots of philanthropy~
  • 2. Know how to dialogue 1
  • 3. dialogue = anexchangeofideasoropinions onaparticularissue, withaviewtoreaching anamicable agreementorsettlement.
  • 4. Know the specifics of your problem 2
  • 5. People Money Time 3 Know your resources
  • 6. People Enough to staff project The right expertise The right mix
  • 7. Money A budget reasonable to the problems to be solved Schedule of availability of funding
  • 8. Time Time available to complete project Amount per workday week Time to dedicate to consultancy
  • 9. Know your limitations 4
  • 10. Know to set aside your solutions until the problem is defined 5
  • 11. Know what you expect for outcomes 6
  • 12. Know the impact of solving your problem 7
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