7 strategies for improving your motivation

7 Strategies For Improving Your Motivation Discover proven strategies that will help your personal and

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Discover Proven Strategies That Will Help Your Personal And Professional Development.


  • Its the desire to do things. Its the essential element in setting and achieving goals. Were not always feeling 100% motivated. BUT, research shows we can influence our level of motivation.
  • Behaviours Our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) create feelings which drive our behaviour. To change our behaviour we need to change our thoughts. Thoughts Feelings
  • And produce outcomes / consequences Eg. We give up, Withdraw, Get cranky with others Our thoughts Eg. Its too hard, Im not good enough Create feelings Eg. Nervous, Anxious, Lose confidence Which drive our actions / behaviours Eg. Procrastinate, Eat comfort food, Get side-tracked ..
  • 1. Notice the body signal - Where do you feel tight inside? 2. Label the feeling - Im nervous 3. Whats the thought behind that feeling? - Im not good enough 4. Change that thought - I am good enough. - I can do this. - Its okay.
  • Set the goal and timeframe. A really big goal gives us something to aim for And is much more motivating than smaller goals.
  • Start with a small and achievable part of the goal. And keep at it! Visualise your goal. This imprints it in your brain. Imagine how it will feel when you achieve your goal.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Recognise your efforts and successes. Compare yourself with yourself, not others.
  • Remember the journey towards your goal is also important. Enjoy it! Today is your life make it a great day!