7 Simple Steps to Better Selling

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A short slide deck giving the 7 best tips to maximise sales. 7 quick wins for busy business developers.


<p>10 Reasons Why the Journal</p> <p>toSimple Steps Better Selling </p> <p>7A SHORT PRESENTATION BYSteven Feeney</p> <p>7. Chatting is Building Rapport</p> <p>Key tools? </p> <p>RapportiveLinkedInGoogle</p> <p>Offer Solutions. Not Sales.6. Support the Customer5. Always secure the next meeting</p> <p>John S. Marketing Director for Generic Ltd.Tue 30 Aug, 11am Strategy PitchMove the relationship to the next level. Some sales are future sales.</p> <p> 4. Be Open If you close your mouth long enough, a customer may say something you want to hear</p> <p>Steven Feeney</p> <p>3. Blog. Well.A well written blog is still one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.</p> <p>2. Ask for a referralStart opening these The numbertip1?1. Always be closingEvery no brings me closer to a yes.</p> <p>so</p> <p>My name is Steven FeeneyI love to pitch, produce and ship projectsI founded</p> <p>I wroteI co-founded</p> <p>@steven_feeney</p> <p>uk.linkedin.com/in/feeneysteven/Shy? Dont be. steven.feeney@mavinmanagement.com</p>