7 inspirational branding quotes guaranteed to motivate you

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7 inspirational branding quotes guaranteed to motivate you

Overall we think of our website as being an elegant frame of a beautiful painting. Our job is to hold the work but to not overshadow it. -Billy Carlson, UX Director, Threadless

Dot & Bo is a very data driven companyOf course, we always leave room to experiment and push the boundaries because if we didnt, then we wouldnt be able to identify new trends. Allyson Campa, VP of Marketing, Dot & Bo

For us, you really can balance sustainability and profit the two cant be separated. Having these core values really does drive the passion of the company. Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications, LUSH

I also think theres this idea of transparencyWeve created this winery in the city so that its in peoples backyards. They have a sense of community its their brand, in their neighborhood. Aaron Berman, CFO, Infinite Monkey Theorum

Its all about education. Once we teach them theres a better option that is equally priced, it really is a game changer. Anywhere we touch consumers whether its coupons, social media, or our blog were focused on sending those messages. Anya Keats, Marketing Director, Suja Juice

Our digital stories help reinforce our missionTheres authenticity in the photo, its people we know doing things we enjoy. Its crucial that the story behind each image is actually a story worth telling. Adam Wells, Creative, TOPO Designs

In a brand partnership, you need to feel like youre in a warm comfortable pair of shoes. If you dont feel that, your fans and followers will be able to tell. Bill Wetmore, Marketing Director, Brewery Ommegang

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