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Vernacular housing in Tudor England


<ul><li> 1. Every Day Life Homes Before the Great Rebuilding Solar Chamber Hall Kitchen </li></ul> <p> 2. Some Aims in Home Design Medieval Suitability to status Shelter Protection Accommodate occupations Farming Crafts Freedom from discomfort Early Modern Privacy Cleanliness Warmth Light Comfort 3. Additions of the Great Rebuilding Floor over hall Stairs Smoke bay or hood Fireplace and chimney More fireplaces Glazing 4. Rebuilding Over Time Original postulate (Hoskins) 1570-1640 Kent; Sussex Weald; Halifax, Yorkshire 15th C. Devon Late 16th C Oxfordshire 1600-1640 Gloucestershire 1630-1690 Wales Mid 17th C. 5. Peasant houses - Yorkshire 31 houses 14 do not mention rooms 15 had halls cooking, sitting, eating 17 had chambers - sleeping 12 use the word kitchen. (also service space) 6. Furnishings Rushes as floor covering Almary or aumbry (armoire) in six houses Trestle table; chairs; benches; stools Window seats built in 7. Hearth Smoke holes with shutters in roof or eaves Intake through windows Dangers? 8. Framing 9. Two bay longhouse, Dartmoor 10. Three bay yeomans longhouse, Buckinghamshire 11. Three Bay Cruck House 12. Reconstruction of house (before 1552) Solar Chamber Hall Kitchen 13. Housing in Wales Gentry house: A permanent, multi-bayed timber house of distinctive cruck-framed (wood counterpart of the stone arch) type. Two bayed hall Peasant House: Single bayed hall; less ornate truss 14. Great House, Newchurch, Radnorshire (Gentry house) 15. Bishop Bonners Cottage (Museum), Dereham, Norfolk 16. Cob House, Devon 1539 17. Tyddyn Llwydion, Pennant Melangell, Montgomeryshire. 1554 Reconstruction of a peasant hall house (single-bayed hall) 18. Wealdon House Jettied (overhanging) ends, Linked at eaves level by a continuous plate Single hipped roof. 19. Building a peasant house 20. Cruck House Scotland 21. Fron-Goch, Nantmel, Wales recorded 1875 22. Hampshire New buildings and remodeled ones Roberts, Edward. "WG Hoskins's' Great Rebuilding and Dendrochronology in Hampshire." Vernacular architecture 38.1 (2007): 15-18. 23. Owner recognition in a Welsh peasant house 24. Base and full crucks 25. A Consequence of the Dissolution of the Monasteries Decline of domestic glass industry (loss of market) Availability of salvaged glass New glass imported Panel of leaded glass fitted to diamond mullions at Meadlands Cottage, Needham Market, Suffolk 26. Windows No covering except shutter Cloth Glass after 13th century in high status dwellings: Windows often considered movables 27. Domestic furnishings Fabrics Bedding Pillows Sheets Coverlets 28. Bed 1480 29. Seating Chairs Stools Forms (backless benches) 30. Almary Furniture ~1500 Form </p>