7 critical steps for powerful speaking

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  • Carol Merlo M.Ed.

  • The First Seven Seconds

    Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression.

    If your first impression is not good you won' t get another good chance with that person.

    It takes 5 positive encounters to cancel out 1 negative encounter.

  • Starting your Talk

    Be introduced whenever possible

    Use Attention Grabbers Establish Audience

    Rapport Create a Transition into

    your main topic

  • What Should the Host Do? Welcome everyone and create

    excitement Give a brief bio

    List the speaker's outstanding qualifications related to his/her topic.

    Generate applause and state the speakers name Please give a warm welcome toNever Leave

    the Lectern Unattended

  • Outline of an Effective Opportunity Talk

    1. Get their attention2. State the problem3. Present the solution4. Get them to visualize it5. Create Social Proof6. Ask for commitment7. Give them a handout

  • 1. Attention Grabbers A story Startling fact Quotation Dramatic gesture Rhetorical question Joke Reference to a current event

  • Keep their Attention

    Use Vocal Variety Walk around Ask questions of the audience to create

    interaction Use a fill in the blanks handout.

  • 2. State the ProblemSo they Feel that Something Needs to be Done

  • 3. Present the SolutionThis is what to do to satisfy the need.

    *Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating

  • 4. Get Them to VisualizeI can see myself enjoying doing this!

    Just 1 Packet just 2 times per


  • 5. Create Social ProofCompliant Testimonials

    Have people give one-liners I feel great! I made National Director I lost x inches Have everyone say Thank you Mannatech!

    PLEASE BE SURE TO TRAIN EVERYONE AHEAD OF TIMEMore details can be found in the What Can I Say document online.

  • 6. Ask for a Commitment

    How many people are more interested in the products?

    How many people are more interested in the income potential and business opportunity?

    How many people wont raise their hand, no matter what I say?

  • 7. Give them a Handout or an Application

    Only give the handout beforehand if they are going to use it for notes.

  • Keys to Success

    Memorize your first and last sentences

    Practice in the mirror Get yourself into state Focus on one person in each

    area of the room so it looks like you are looking at each person in the room.

  • How to Improve

    Toastmasters, International Dale Carnegie Course Volunteer to speak at local

    meetings Do presentations at

    bookstores and health food stores.

    Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly---At First!

    The Seven Critical Steps for Powerful SpeakingThe First Seven SecondsStarting your TalkWhat Should the Host Do? Outline of an Effective Opportunity Talk1. Attention GrabbersKeep their Attention2. State the Problem3. Present the Solution4. Get Them to Visualize5. Create Social Proof6. Ask for a Commitment7. Give them a Handout or an ApplicationKeys to SuccessHow to Improve