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<ul><li> 1. Websites</li></ul> <p> 2. Arctic Monkeys- News page A convention of most bandwebsites is that the front pagehas a news page, which is whatthe audience tend to go ontofirst. It is a easy way for theaudience to find out what theband is doing when and where.Arctic Monkeys uses thistechnique although their websiteis of one basic and simplistic butthey use a different approach bynot including many imageswhich varies from those ofother bands. The website stillthough appears to lookimpressive through its clarity andlabeled bold pages. 3. Arctic Monkeys- Videos Page 4. Arctic Monkeys- Color, Typography and Text The websites use of color is very minimal,through the use of a light cream/yellow. Thetypography for the band name is bold yet fun as itsways to the side and increases in size. The text isinformal when labeling information to attract tothe younger generation rather than the older. Thistechnique appeals and catches the audiences eyeline. 5. Various band websites include a image page from private photo shoots to tour images. This is a common convention for the audience tosee and even at times download these imagesfor use as a screensaver or desktop background.It makes the website seem more professional and adds a more personal touch to the websiteitself. A example of this technique was one from Kasabians website: 6. Kasabian-Kasabians website uses a huge Color,variety of images and a themecolor of red and black toTypography andsuggest its more young adultappeal. The layout is Textsophisticated and verypresentable, it provides a lesscrowded layout. The text is veryformal yet it is shown in aslightly edgy way throughsplashed paint and the darkcolors of red and black. Thelogo of the band is shown onthe front page of the websiteand it moves clockwise roundwhich makes it seem unique. 7. Another convention a bands website incorporates is aTour Dates page where their target audience can beFoo Fighters-Tour Dates Page informed about the location of a concert they areperforming at or gig. The website also incorporates tour bookings to allow people to book a ticket for a certain tour, this is a easy way for people to book but also theband can see how many people have booked to see their fan following. This technique makes the website and bandlook genuine, exclusive and inimitable. 8. Foo Fighters-The main convention of any bands website is to allow peopleMusic Page to see and hear their latest musicform the latest to oldest music albums. This technique allowstheir audience to listen to theirmusic for free but even give the band reviews on their music andlisteners can even follow them ona social networking site. This extra allows the band and theviewers to see how many viewersthere are following the band atthat moment in time.</p>