6 ways to improve your social media engagement

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6 Ways to improve your social media engagement by: Abigail Duenas

know, speak to, and reflect your audience.#1. know your audience

Know the age range, gender, demographic, interests, and personality of your audience.Speak directly to your followers by posting about what they want to see and read about.

The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love.-unknown

#2. Start a conversationlisten to your Audience.Ask and answer questions.

how and why you should start the conversationYour audience has questions. Google Hangouts and Twitter chats are simple ways to communicate with your public. Give them a platform to ask questions on.

Ask fun, easy, and interesting questions! youre giving them the opportunity to voice their opinion. Comments, likes, and retweets will boost in numbers with the dialogue.

#3. post for the eyeUse visuals to get a point across and gain traffic to your site.

Users are more likely to engage in a post when there is a photo attached to it.Use a photo or video whenever possible.Link all social media accounts so that one post can be shared through multiple platforms at once.

There can be no words without pictures.-Aristotle

#4. Use hashtagsUse hashtags to Garner traffic to your posts.

Hashtags can be used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They make information easy to search and find.Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement.Use 1-3 hashtags per post.

#5. Know your contentKnow what, when, and how to post.

Post when your audience is active online.Use a scheduler, such as Hootsuite, to know when the best time to post is.be aware of the type of content your followers want to see and read.Make content interactive.

You are what you share.-Charles W. Leadbeater

#6. use a call to actionprompt your followers to an action.A call to action will increase follower engagement with content.

examples of a call to actionclick hereread thissign upbuy nowleave a commentsharelikesubscribe

overviewknow your audiencestart a conversationpost for the eyeuse hashtagsknow when to postuse a call to action

Its not about the numbers, its about the story behind them.Cory Hartlen

contact infoName: Abigail Duenasemail: abigail.e.duenas@biola.eduLinkedIn: Abigail Duenas