6 simple ways to lower your cholesterol

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  1. 1. Top 6 Natural ways to lower your cholesterol www.doctorshealthpress.com
  2. 2. A great way to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke is to control the amount of cholesterol in your blood stream. If youre looking to cut cholesterol from your diet naturally, theres one important step you can take to reduce cholesterol that doesnt involve any medication. www.doctorshealthpress.com
  3. 3. Here are five easy, natural remedies to lower cholesterol www.doctorshealthpress.com
  4. 4. Exercise Going for a brisk walk, hitting the gym or any kind of moderate physical activity can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 10%. Maintaining a healthy body weight contributes to low levels of cholesterol www.doctorshealthpress.com
  5. 5. Niacin An article posted in The Daily Mail recommends taking three grams of niacin, a form of vitamin B3, daily, as a way to cut down on your cholesterol. However, it is recommended that you take doses of niacin under supervision from a medical professional. www.doctorshealthpress.com
  6. 6. Reduce Stress Stress is linked to elevated levels of cholesterol so find a way to relax and unwind such as yoga, meditation, or relaxing music. www.doctorshealthpress.com
  7. 7. Natural Supplements There is actually very little evidence that many of these products can back up their claim. But, there are exceptions. An article in US News says that taking two grams of plant sterols daily can lower cholesterol by up to 15%. www.doctorshealthpress.com
  8. 8. Quit Smoking This is just common sense. There is some evidence that smoking can contribute to elevating cholesterol, even if it is slight. www.doctorshealthpress.com
  9. 9. Simple Dietary Changes Eating a diet that is rich in vegetables is an excellent way to lower your cholesterol naturally. Not only that, it also increases the amount of fiber. www.doctorshealthpress.com
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  11. 11. For more information visit www.doctorspresshealth.com www.doctorshealthpress.com