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<ul><li>1.Six Figure BloggingSix Figure Blogging Call 3 Transcript Andy: So today we are talking AdSense, right? Darren: Thats right. Its my favorite. Ive been preparing for this one for weeks now. Andy: Youve been a-bubble all week, I know! Darren: Weve got two hours of content that weve got to squeeze into one hour so we are going to have to push. Andy: So Darren, tell us about your AdSense knowledge. AdSense Basics Darren: Wow, its quite an overwhelming topic. I think we could go for two or three hours today. There are probably a hundred to two hundred tips that I can give you. I am trying to give you a brief overview. Well try and get a little bit more specific as we go along but well start with the basics. I know a few people on this call who have never used AdSense before and some who still have not signed up for an account. They are not convinced yet. Well give you a brief overview of that. What is a Contextual Ad? Darren: Basically, the way I explain AdSense is that if you go to Google.com and you do a search for any particular word or keyword, youll find ads come up for that keyword that relate to what youve written. That is the way that I describe AdSense to people. Those particular ads are the same ads that you can put on your blog. They are contextual ads. So what you write about on your blog triggers particular ads on particular topics. The way you get paid is when someone comes to your blog and they see an ad that they are interested in, if they click on that ad, 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. 72All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/</li></ul><p>2. Six Figure Blogging you get a small payment for that. I say small because usually it is small but those payment levels vary quite considerably depending upon what that ad is for. Behind the scenes there is another system called AdWords which is what the advertisers sign up for and it may be on a particular keyword. Some keywords, you might get one cent per click; some people think you get less than one cent; other words you might have heard of people getting up to fifty dollars for a click. That is very rare and I havent heard that happening too much recently. They do vary quite a bit. How AdSense Makes You Money Darren: Basically, Google adds up all those clicks. At the end of the month, if your total income gets to a hundred dollars, theyll send you a check. Theyll send it to you in US dollars or theyll send it to you in Australian dollars, and depending on what country you are in, and whether they are able to pay in different currencies, theyll send you a check. In some countries, theyll transfer it straight into your account as well. If your total for the month gets to thirty dollars, you wont get a check that month but those thirty dollars gets added to the next month and eventually, youll get a check once you go over the one hundred dollar mark. The Difference Between Google AdSense and Google AdWords Andy: So just to review, the AdSense is from our perspective as the publisher of the website and the AdWords is from the advertisers perspective? Darren: That is right. Andy: We can view both sides. Like you said last week, we can join AdWords so then we can see what the advertisers are going to see when they are putting ads in to the Google system. 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse.73All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 3. Six Figure BloggingDarren: Exactly. I find it quite useful. Once you are accustomed to AdSense andyou are feeling comfortable with that, actually join AdWords. It doesnt cost youthat much. I think it might cost you five dollars. Just have a play with that and seewhat the advertisers are doing as well because it does add to your experience toAdSense. Payment Terms and ScheduleParticipant: May I ask a quick question, Darren?Darren: Yes sure.Participant: Is the hundred dollars per blog site or per blogger? So if you havetwo or three sites.Darren: Its per blogger. You can run from the one account on a variety ofdifferent blogs. I have one AdSense account but I have twenty something blogs. Itall goes into one pool. Ill talk a little bit later, if we got time, about channels andhow you can track and see how each blog performs. It all comes in under the oneaccount, which makes it a lot easier to make it to that one hundred dollar mark.Participant: Excellent thank you. Useful AdSense Links and ResourcesDarren: So well go to that AdSense useful links page. We wont go throughthem one by one but there are a variety of links there. The pro ones are all officialGoogle AdSense pages. If you go to the AdSense terms of service, it is pretty hardto read the terms of service but I really suggest you get into the AdSense policiespage. It is really important to have a good grasp of some of the rules. It is not afree for all. They have some boundaries to what you can and cant do. Well talkabout some of those but we havent got time to go through them all.The other few pages are quite good. The format page well come back to later. You may want to open that up in another window and have it sitting there. That gives 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. 74All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 4. Six Figure Blogging you the variety of different size ads and types of ads you can get on AdSense. The optimization tips page is probably the bible and well come back to that later too. Particularly, there is a heat map on that page, which is really quite important. Well talk about that a bit later. There are some case studies there which Ive learned a lot from with people telling their experience. The AdSense help page is not very well organized, but there is a lot of useful information there. Then Ive just given you a few links of things that Ive written on Problogger and a couple of other resources down at the bottom. Jen Vince is a blogger (at www.jensense.com). She is brilliant on AdSense and contextual advertising and I really recommend you get to her. Ive given you a link, down at the bottom there to an ebook, which some of you may be interested in if you are at the beginnings of your AdSense earnings. I wouldnt recommend it for anyone [but it is for bloggers] who are a bit advanced on it. So there are some useful links which hopefully will help you as we go on today. Ill refer to some of those so you may want to keep that page open if you can. Is Your Blog Suitable for AdSense? Darren: We are going to talk about blog suitability. Is your blog suitable for AdSense? A lot of bloggers just think, Ive got a blog and my blog will be great with AdSense. They dont do any critical thinking about the system. It is not perfect for every blog. Where its great is for blogs are about products. That seems to be where it performs at its peak. Ive given you five different points. Probably the key point is about products. If youve got a specific product or a service, something that people would buy, and something that people would be researching in an active way. They are not interested in it as a hobby. They actually want to take some action it. They seem to be the topics that perform best on AdSense. That doesnt mean that you cant do a blog about a news thing, for instance, and use AdSense. You can do it but it wont perform as well. 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse.75All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 5. Six Figure Blogging So for me, my digital camera site, that is my highest performing one, people come to that site from search engines looking for information so they can make a purchase. So when they see an ad, it offers them that product. They are more likely to click on that particular ad when people are in a buying mood, when people are researching, and when people are interested in other things and not just your content. Searchers Engine Traffic Performs Best; Regular Readers Not So Much Darren: I guess the other point, which is really quite profound, is that pages that dont have regular readers seem to do best. So pages that have a lot of search engine visitors tend to do better than pages that have a lot of regular readers. For example, on my Problogger site, that site is read by the same people everyday. A few people come in from search engines but not many. The people that come in everyday, they may have noticed the ads when they first came in but the second time, they are less likely to see them. Then every time they come back, they are even less likely again. Really, regular readers are great for blogs but they dont pay too well. So there are blogs that are suitable for AdSense: product ones, search engine visitors. The Problem with Political and Religious Blogs Darren: Ive listed a few different types of blogs which may not be quite suited. You can run ads on some of them but they are not suited: political blogs. The problem with political blogs is that AdSense doesnt know what side of politics you are writing about. It could give you something in politics that you are quite opposed about. Religious blogs, the same problem. 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse.76All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 6. Six Figure Blogging AdSense Performance with Other Blog Topics Darren: Celebrity and gossip blogs. The problem with those is, they can get a lot of traffic but AdSense for one, doesnt seem to know what you are writing about, quite often and two, the ads just arent worth much at all. We had a Michael Jackson trial blog. We got a lot of traffic on it, but really the ads they use, werent that great. We ended up putting in impression-based ads on that which we talked about in week one. It may be a lot better than AdSense. Sports blogs, depending on the sport, you might do well out of ads on that that actually sell products for that particular sport. In general, they dont pay as well. Sometimes, we get relevancy problems on sport blogs as well. So there are some of the things that you might want to keep in mind. I have run AdSense on all of those types of blogs and made a bit of money from them but they dont do as well as product based blogs. Banned Topics with AdSense Darren: Then Ive listed blogs that you just cant use AdSense on: porn blogs, explicit language, gambling, blogs where you dont own the copyright. These are some of the rules. Ive expanded the list of those. On the policy page are things you shouldnt put AdSense on. Youll risk being banned from the system. Other Considerations and Summary Andy: To summarize all this up, a big part of it is that when people are going to these pages, they are searching for something. The regular readers, they are there to read the content, they know that you got some ads and they know that might not be applicable to what they are looking for. If you have people who are actively searching, which I remember when the first demographics came out about who reads blogs; blogs readers are people looking 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. 77All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 7. Six Figure Blogging for stuff; they are researching purchasing decisions; they are not scared of ecommerce or using online technology to buy stuff. If you can think about getting that alignment of people looking for stuff, looking for answers, looking for product reviews and resources and then bringing those up, that is the marriage that you are talking about. Darren: Thats right. It makes sense. In my own mind, I take a lot more notice of advertisements on television or in newspaper when I am looking for a product and I am about to make a purchase. It is the same with blogs. When I am reading the newspaper just because I am reading the newspaper, and not wanting to make a purchase, it just becomes blah, blah, blah, blah in the background. It is just noise. Its just amazing when you suddenly start to notice ads when you are looking for stuff. That is the principle that I work on. It seems to work pretty well. Shall we move on to the formula? The Six Figure Blogging Formula Darren: I wrote an article, probably about two years ago now, maybe a year and a half on this formula. It is a little bit outdated but Ive updated it for you today. If you look on my blog, youll see a different version of this. The formula of this is there are four different aspects of doing better with AdSense. There are four different things that you can work on. I think if you work on any one individual one of these a week, it will help a bit. When you work on them all together, it is quite amazing how it comes together. They do work best. If you leave one of these elements out, your AdSense equation suffers quite considerably. Formula Ingredient #1: Traffic Levels and Overview Darren: The formula for this is traffic levels. Obviously with all parts of advertising the more people that you expose an ad to, the more chance of an effect that it has. If you increase your traffic, youll significantly increase the earning capacity of your blog. 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse.78All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 8. Six Figure Blogging Number two is high paying ads. As I mentioned before, different ads for different products will pay different amounts of money depending on what advertisers are willing to pay for it. The third part is relevant ads. There are things that you can do to make your ads more relevant to others. If you are writing a blog on scuba diving, someone is writing a blog on that and you see ads on coffee mugs, chances are someone is not going to click on those ads. But if I see an ad on scuba diving equipment, there is increase likelihood on that. We want to work on the relevancy of our ads. There are some strategies that I am going to give you in a few minutes on that. Weve got optimally positioned and design ads. Well break that up into two parts today. But the position of your ads on your page can significantly increase the rates that people click on those ads. I remember the night where I discovered this for the first time. I moved my ad from the banner position right up to the top of my blog, which I thought was a great position. I moved it down inside the content, just under the heading and my click through rate, within a couple hours had doubled. The position of your ads has incredible power. The design of your ad also. Well talk about some different design principles that you might want to work through. When these things come together, things really work. Ive written a post there, I linked it the holistic AdSense development. When those things come together, you do best. So dont just work on one of them but lets be working on all four of those. Formula Ingredient #2: High-Paying Ads, Example: PVRBlog Darren: Well start with high paying ads and we might stop at the end of this section for some more questions. High paying ads, its pretty obvious. 2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse.79All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ 9. Six Figure Blogging I linked there to the PVRBlog and an article to the guy who is behind that blog. Its a legendar...</p>