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<p>Practice II: Didactics of ELT and practicum at primary school levelFifth lesson planBaldom, Daiana; Huivan, Sabina</p> <p>Lesson plan: PERSONAL INFORMATIONSchool: Remedios de Escalada N2Teacher in charge: Victoria Garca:Coordinator: Estela Braun and Liliana MonserratTrainee: Daiana Baldom Class: N5-6Course: Sixth yearLevel: ElementaryLength: 35 minutesDate: 4th, September</p> <p>Class description:There are twenty-five students in this group between 10 and 11 years-old. They have English classes twice a week, for 40 minutes on Wednesdays and 35 minutes on Fridays. They have started studying English in 5th year. They come to classes after the break both times, usually with lots of energy but when they are assigned tasks they calm down and work effectively.</p> <p>Main aim:By the end of the lesson the students will be able to continue talking about their personal information and ask and answer wh-questions.</p> <p>Subsidiary aim:1. Revise the verb to be as well as the verbs in the present simple form.2. Revise some vocabulary. 3. Revise the grammatical form of wh-questions.4. Activate and reinforce previous knowledge.Personal aims:I will do my best to work on my voice quality in order to make myself audible and meaningful. I also expect to create a bond with the students.Timetable fit: In the last lesson, the students have continued working with their partners and their own personal information, making use of grammatical structures they are already familiar with by now (the verb to be along with some verbs in the present simple form).Materials:1. Board and board markers and chalk.</p> <p>Anticipated problems:1. If some students do not come to the lesson, there will be an odd number for the wheel.2. A noisy environment which may make this difficult for us to be listened to.3. Time may not sufficient for correction.4. Possible solutions:1. My partner will take part in the wheel if necessary.2. I will do my best to speak louder and clearer.3. My partner and me will be on the alert so as to encourage them to work and finish on time. Procedures:Stage/stage aimDescriptionInteractionTiming</p> <p>Warm-up/Have the students discover the theme of the unit (personal information)1. They will also have to match the pronouns and then with the correspondent verb in the present form of the verb To be in first, second and third person singular.His I isYour She am Her He isMy You areT- SS10 mins.</p> <p>Lead in/ Get the students involved in the topic1. They will have to complete with What? How? And Where? The questions I will write on the board.a) W.. is your name?b) H old are you?c) W.. do you live in?d) W.. is her favourite food?e) H old is he?f) W. does she live in?They will have to complete these sentences with the verb To be, as well:a) I 15 years-old.b) She very tall.c) He a student.d) You a nice person.And in the reverse order:a) is nine years-old.b) are very interesting.c) am Jesica.d) is a teacher.T-SS10 mins.</p> <p>Writing/ Have the students use the grammatical structures of wh-questions with their corresponding answers.1. They will have to re-order and write again the following sentences:a) favourite/colour/My/yellow./isb) hobby/his/playing the flute./isc) sport/favourite/her/is/runningd) live/I/Santa Rosa./ine) years-old./He/12/is</p> <p> Along with these questions:</p> <p>a) is/favourite/my/What/colour?b) old/you?/How/arec) What/name?/her/isd) favourite/food?/is/What/youre) favourite/sport?/What/his/isf) is/name/your/Ali?</p> <p>T-SS10 mins.</p> <p>Follow-up/ Speaking1. I will prompt the students to read the questions and answers they have had to write in the complete form.T-SS10 mins.</p> <p>Homework/ Have the students continue writingIf the students do not finish the previous task on time, they will have to complete it for next class.We will take home some folders.T-SS0 mins.</p>