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  • 1. Form 5500 Support Services

2. Form 5500 Support
High Level Needs
Form 5500 preparation has become more complex and plan sponsors must rely on 5500 data for fiduciary oversight regarding fees and expenses.Because of this, service providers must ramp up in the following ways:
Develop functionality to incorporate input from multiple sources
Ensure data quality and maintenance
Identify all data sources, understand the implications of the information disclosed to participants and validate the quality and reasonableness of this information
Determine client requirement s and service support needs
Educate clients so they are prepared to comply with changes and fulfill their responsibilities.
These new dynamics place new demands and costs on service providers who are already pressed to achieve and maintain profitability and customer loyalty.
Enterprise Iron has the expertise, resources, experience and processes to help you:
Meet your legal obligations
Choose from outsourcing solutions, process improvement solutions, or supplemental staffing solutions
Work with and communicate with your clients to maintain their cooperation and retain their loyalty
Ensure that you have access to the most effective, automated, process in place to minimize on-going costs,and maintain, report on, and retrieve data in a high quality systematic manner
Supplement your staff with Enterprise Iron expertsto assist in completing immediate deliverables and leverage this experience during long-term improvement efforts.
High Level Benefits
3. Service Options
Enterprise Iron brings its expertise with multiple recordkeepers in assisting and managing 5500 activities to our suite of services.
Outsourcing Services
Supplementary Staff
Process Improvement Engagements
Enterprise Iron offers a full range of outsourcing solutions that range from:

  • Full-service total outsourcing

4. Operational outsourcing 5. Full array of specific processes and services that can be purchased a la carte.You can utilize Enterprise Irons expert staff on-site to assist you with:

  • Manual processing

6. Data clean-up 7. Platform installations and upgrades 8. Data warehouse development or integrationEnterprise Irons consulting experts can help you improve internal processes and controls to better manage quality and costs:

  • Business process improvement

9. Technology platform improvements 10. Data management enhancements and integration