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Designs I've done over the past couple months.


<ul><li><p>MARK REDODO | 5.11 ARTWORK | 2013 ALW</p><p>AYS B</p><p>E REA</p><p>DY</p><p>ALWAY</p><p>S BE R</p><p>EADY</p><p>ALWA</p><p>YS BE</p><p> READ</p><p>Y</p><p>ALWA</p><p>YS BE</p><p> READ</p><p>Y</p><p>ALWA</p><p>YS BE</p><p> READ</p><p>Y</p><p>ALWA</p><p>YS BE</p><p> READ</p><p>Y</p><p>ALWA</p><p>YS BE</p><p> READ</p><p>Y</p></li><li><p>PRIN</p><p>T</p><p>WEB</p></li><li><p>GET READY CAMPAIGN | CONCEPT | DESIGNMARQUEES | BOXSTUFFERS | VARIOUS WEB BANNERS</p><p>MARQUEES | BOXSTUFFERS</p><p>HOMEPAGE WEB BANNERS</p><p>480X200 WEB BANNERS</p></li><li><p>KROLL WEB BANNERS | CONCEPT | DESIGNVARIOUS WEB BANNERS</p><p>722X356 WEB BANNERS</p></li><li><p>PRESCRITION EYEWEAR | CONCEPT | DESIGNECOM LANDING PAGE | HOMEPAGE BANNER</p><p>HOMEPAGE WEB BANNER</p><p>ALTERNATE CONCEPTS</p><p>LANDING PAGE</p></li><li><p>GO BAG | CONCEPT | DESIGNLANDING PAGE | HOMEPAGE BANNER</p></li><li><p>KROLL BUYERS GUIDE PAGES | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p></li><li><p>VARIOUS MARQUEES | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p><p>ACADEMY STORE SIGNAGE | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p><p>12FT X 16.5 INCHES</p><p>8FT X 16.5 INCHES</p><p>16FT X 16.5 INCHES</p></li><li><p>FB PROFILE PIC AND BANNER | CONCEPT | DESIGNECOM LANDING PAGE | HOMEPAGE BANNER</p></li><li><p>3FT X6FT BANNERS</p><p>4X6 FLYERS T-SHIRTGRAINGER SHOW 2013 | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p></li><li><p>GRAINGER WEB BANNER | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p><p>CHAMELEON JACKET FLYER | CONCEPT | DESIGN 5.11 CHARITY EMAIL | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p><p>RSR CATALOG AD | CONCEPT | DESIGN</p><p>Designed to blend in with todays outerwear styles, the Chameleon Softshell provides water and wind repellency and allows you to identify yourself with hidden ID panels. The Chameleon is a 100% polyester bonded softshell fabric and is imported.</p><p> Drop tail Contemporary fit Hidden ID panels can be customized</p><p>48099 Chameleon Softshell Jacket | XS-3XL (3XL $139.99) | Granite/Black 033, Flat Dark Earth/Coyote 131, Moss/Black 191, Black 019, Dark Navy 724 | $129.99</p><p>GREAT FITULTIMATE PERFORMANCE</p><p>Dark Navy 724 Moss/Black 191 Black 019 Granite/Black 033</p><p>Dark Navy 724 $129.99</p><p>Flat Dark Earth/Coyote 131</p><p>Dark Navy 724Dark Navy 724 Moss/Black 191Moss/Black 191</p><p>A. 51078 CS1 TantoB. 51080 CS2 Spearpoint C. 51084 CS3 Dagger</p><p>CONFIDENT &amp; SECUREFull-sized knives designed around a comfortable handle that gives you a confi dent and secure grip. Available in 3 blade styles.</p><p> AUS8 blade steel, subdued beadblasted nish, 3.7mm thick Blade length 3:75, OAL 8.75 FRN Scales Ambidextrous thumb stud and four-position pocket clip Designed by award winning designer Mike Vellekamp</p><p>B CA</p></li><li><p>TEES</p><p>MANY OF THESE T-SHIRTS YOU WILL NEVER SEE.</p><p>THEY ARE CONCEPTS, REJECTS, STILL IN DEVELOPMENT OR CURRENTLY INLINE.</p><p>VIEW WITH CAUTION.</p></li><li><p>T-ART</p><p>THESE ARE THE IMAGES AND DOODLES I CREATE WHILE I DEVELOP A DESIGN. SOME TURN INTO SOMETHING, WHILE OTHERS NEVER DEVELOP.</p></li><li><p>CHRIS KYLE</p><p>NAVY SEAL1974 - 2013</p><p>1234567890-=!@#$%^&amp;*()_+</p><p>qwertyuiop[]\QWERTYUIOP{}|</p><p>asdfghjkl;ASDFGHJKL:</p><p>zxcvbnm,./ZXCVBNM?</p><p>FALLENBUT NEVERFORGOTTEN</p><p>ALWAYS BE READYALWAYS BE READY</p><p>K9POLICE</p><p>LOYALTY INTELLIGENCE FEARLESS</p><p>LOYALTY INTELLIGENCE FEARLESS</p><p>POLICE</p><p>LOYALTY INTELLIGENCE FEARLESS</p><p>MILITARY</p><p>LOYALTY INTELLIGENCE FEARLESS</p><p>RESCUE</p></li><li><p>ALWAYS BE READY</p><p>Always Be Ready</p><p>the golden state</p><p>Always Be Re</p><p>ady!Alway</p><p>s</p><p> Be Ready!</p><p>california</p><p>TEAM2003 2013</p><p>Modesto, CAFive.Elev</p><p>HAND TO HAND</p></li><li><p>MARK REDODO | 5.11 ARTWORK | 2013 </p></li></ul>