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<ul><li><p>5 WAYS YOU CAN USE </p><p>TurningPoint ResponseWareTurningPoint ResponseWareTurningPoint ResponseWare Create questions and use them at both the beginning </p><p>and end of the lecture as a pre and post test for in-</p><p>stant feedback on the effectiveness of the lecture! </p><p>Create a mock test for students and deliver it to them dur-</p><p>ing the review session to gain instant feedback on areas </p><p>that need to be further covered. </p><p>TurningPoint is a great way to track attendance or </p><p>deliver quizzes and tests. Each student can be </p><p>assigned a responder and then can be tracked with </p><p>the software. No more hassle tracking attendance! </p><p>Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire and actually poll the audience! </p><p>Use it not only in the classroom but also at departmental meetings, functions, etc. </p><p>to vote, seek opinions, prompt discussion, and more! </p><p>More Ideas for Using TurningPoint... </p><p> Having students respond with clickers breaks the social barrier of knowing or not knowing the </p><p>right answer </p><p> Clickers are a great way to reset students clock. They pay attention for about 10 minutes, so </p><p>inject a clicker question every 10 minutes or so to keep them on track! </p><p> Use TurningPoint Anywhere to float over online games such as Are you Smarter than a Fifth </p><p>Grader? </p><p> Capture images with a document camera and use them to create image slides </p><p> Use to survey student opinions on the teaching methods and teaching effectiveness in the class-</p><p>room </p><p> Use the word scramble and comparative slide features as ice breakers, to prompt discussion, or </p><p>to mix up your lectures! </p><p> Clickers can be a great way to facilitate group discussions. They will practice essential skills </p><p>such as decision-making and thought expression, then report back to discuss with the class via </p><p>the clickers. </p></li></ul>


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