5 ways to do yoga while working

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5 ways to do yoga while working

5 ways to do yoga while workingJoin AYM Yoga School and learn how you could remove stress while you are in job.

5 ways to do yoga while workingAfter doing computer work and straining the eyes. Stand on Tadasana. Roll shoulders back. Roll eyes counter clock wise and then anti clock wise. Inhale and exhale 5 Ujiya breaths. Squeeze and close the eyes for a few times. Repeat steps above for 5 rounds. This will help exercise the eyes balls and the Ujiya breaths will awaken the sleepy mind and energize the body.

if sitting for too long in front of the computer. Stand up, then squad down in malasana pose. Push your palms against the thighs to open up the hips, and also stretch the hamstring and quad muscles. Stand up in tadasana, then repeat and do Malasana pose again for 5 rounds.

5 ways to do yoga while working

If you have stiff shoulders, due to constantly doing document and typing work in front of the computer. Stand up, then press your both palms against the edge of the table, hip width distance, spread fingers out evenly. Do 10 rounds of chaturanga. This will release stiff shoulders also stretch out the fingers.While sitting on chair, you can do wrist rotations. Rotate hands clock wise and counter clock wise. You can also do a gomukasana pose (Cow face pose). Bend your elbow behind your back, and use another hand to grab opposite wrist. Then rest your face on your thigh muscles. This will elongate the spine and open the shoulders.

5 ways to do yoga while working

Stand beside your chair. Hold one hand on the chair for balance. And lift up one legs 90 degree. Grab your side of your feet for utthita hasta padangustanasana. To stretch out your hamstring and glutes.

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