5 ways social media can improve your content marketing

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Social media is a great way to improve your content marketing. Producing great content and adding social media promotions can greatly improve your traffic. We have outlined some helpful steps to boost your Content Marketing Strategy with Social Media.


  • 1. Social Media5 WAYSContent MarketingCAN IMPROVE YOUR

2. What is Content Marketing?The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 3. According to the Content Marketing Institute73%http://www.iab.net/media/file/B2BResearch2014.pdf73% of B2B content Marketers are producing more content this year! 4. How Can Social Media Help?Create Better Content Promote Your Content 5. 1. Look For Social Proof Before You Write!2. Choose the Right Social Platform3. Promote Your Own Great Content4. Reach the Right Influencers to Help You5. Boost Your Traffic With Some Paid Promotions5 WAYS to Use Social 6. 1.) Look For Social Proof Before You Write!Create great relevant content, if you do not start with the right content no amount of promotion will lead to a successful endeavor. Look for social proof before you write a word! Finding topics that are popular to begin with will make your job a lot easier. Establish your keywords carefully, looking for trending topics that you can incorporate into your headlines and titles. 7. Tools that can help! TopSY is a great way to see how much activity has been created involving your keywords.BuzzSuMO is a great way to see social shares in one place. 8. TopSYThe Social Search feature shows the details of who is talking about any topic. 9. TopSYThe Social Analytics feature allows you to see how many Tweets per day. 10. BuzzSumoIn this example we have used Social Media and Content Marketing to see if our topic has received many shares.TIP - I always like to use the Filter by Date: option to limit the results to more recent articles. 11. 2.) Choose The Right Social Platform ! 12. 284MillionMonthly Active UsersTwitter 13. 864MillionDaily Active Users 14. 313MillionMembersWorld Wide 15. 359 Million Monthly Active Users 16. 3.) Promote Your Content Wisely!Use your own network to begin your content distribution focusing on networks that you have the greatest engagement. This usually includes: Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest 17. Use Social Media Management ToolsUtilize some useful tools that can help you schedule your posts such as BufferApp, Hootsuite and Post Planner, which is great for organizing your Facebook posts. 18. Use LinkedIn GroupsLeverage LinkedIn Groups to share your content.Begin by joining groups within your niche and be sure to follow the rules on what type of content you can share. 19. JOIN GOOGLE+ COMMUNITIESBegin by joining Communities that have been built around your topic. This is a great way to reach new people. Be respectful of the rules on what you can post. 20. TWITTER CHATSJoin or start a Twitter chat. Chats are a great way to reach your customers and extend your reach. Here are a few ways to find a Twitter Chat Schedule:Google SpreadsheetTwubs Chat ScheduleTweet Reports 21. 4.) Reach THE Right Influencers To Help! 22. Target Influencers in Your NicheYour first order of business is toIdentify your target list of influencers.TIP - I like to create a Twitter list to make it easier to track those I think may be a good fit. Once you have created your list it is important to gain their attention on their turf. If they have a blog be sure to subscribe to their newsletters and feeds. 23. Engage With InfluencersBe sure to engage with them in their favorite setting.TIP - If they prefer Google+ begin with a +1 and comment their post. When sharing their content be sure to personalize your post with more than just a generic post.On Twitter be sure to retweet, favorite and toss in a mention here and there. 24. 5.) Boost Your Reach With PAID PromotionsThere is no golden rule that says you cant buy a little traffic to spread the word! This does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars promoting a blog post. There are some very economical solutions that can give you just enough of a boost to get the ball rolling. 25. Great Content + Social Media= More Traffic@clickmorefollow