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5 of the most intriguing trends seen at #CES2014 to trigger inspiration for your event and trade show programs.


<ul><li> Smaller, Thinner, Simpler, Smarter: 5 Trend Takeaways From #CES2014 </li> <li> With the newest and hottest tech being revealed by industry leaders, the Consumer Electronics Show always provides ample inspiration to get our event marketer fuses sizzling. This year did not disappoint. </li> <li> Image credit: tomsguide.com </li> <li> 1 Wearable Tech What hath Google Glass wrought?! Gaining momentum over the past few months, every company at CES was trying to adorn us with their own version of wearable tech. </li> <li> 1. Wearable Tech The standout by a long shot was the Pebble Steel, which adds the necessary style to the utility. Dont bother carrying your bulky smartphone around the show floor just check your watch! Dig Deeper! </li> <li> Image credit: freshnessmag.com </li> <li> 2 Curved Screens This is the year that flat screen TVs became even flatter and got curvier, more advanced features! Several manufacturers unveiled 4K OLED screens that bend and unbend at a touch of a button. The result is a crystal clear, near 3D viewer experience. </li> <li> 2. Curved Screens Samsung capitalized on this eye-catching technology with a breathtaking wall of cinema that greeted attendees to the main hall. Look for this attraction to explode across show floors in 2014. Dig Deeper! </li> <li> Image credit: edge-online.com </li> <li> 3 Oculus Rift Augmented reality has taken another giant leap into the future with this virtual reality headset for 3D gaming, rated Best of CES by many publications. No more choppy, vertigo-inducing images! </li> <li> 3. Oculus Rift Multiple sensors track the users every movement to create an unparalleled immersive experience. The implications of this technology for events are staggering. Imagine taking exhibition games and product demos to a whole new level. Or even dare we say it?creating a trade show booth where no booth actually exists! Dig Deeper! </li> <li> Image credit: gizmag.com </li> <li> 4 Drones Not just for the military anymore! These airborne robots have gotten a bad rap in the press but are flying back into our hearts as tech companies increase their utility and decrease their size. </li> <li> 4. Drones The best current uses for these little buggers are professional photography and cinematography, but we cant wait to combine drone-filmed video with AR technology or a large format interactive! And why not let your client in Siberia tour your trade show booth by remotely flying through it? Dig Deeper! </li> <li> Image credit: theinnovationenterprise.com </li> <li> 5 The Internet Everywhere When CES isnt about a hot new product, its about connectivity. Companies continue to find ways for our devices to talk to each other, not just us. </li> <li> 5. The Internet Everywhere Soon, the smart watch on your wrist will let your coffee maker know youre out of bed and its time to start percolating. The sensors in our devices will do all the communicating for us. There may soon dawn a beautiful new day when the trade show floor will be free of badges and badge scanners! Dig Deeper! </li> <li> Want to use one of these trends to make your next event exciting, smarter, and more effective? Contact us! Image credit: deviantart..com </li> <li> About The Author Dan Cox, Creative Services Associate Connect with me! @DanCoxChicago /dancox </li> </ul>