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Here are 5 traditional easter foods from around the world!


  • 5 Traditional Easter Foods from Around the World

    Hello and welcome to a special edition of the BingoHall blog. This Sunday we

    celebrate Easter, one of the most important events of the year, so we have

    decided to do something different this week. Instead of talking about our

    promotions and special offers, we will be talking about the most interesting

    traditional Easter meals from around the world! Note that some of these recipes

    take a very long time to make, so if you want to try cooking one, you might have

    to play online bingo a bit less.

    Spain: Rice pudding and breaded sausages

    Spain prides itself on a wide variety of delicious courses for the Easter feast:

    from special buns with various stuffing to very interesting vegetarian recipes.

    The Spanish people often enjoy the Easter Hornazo, a special kind of pastry,

    filled with sausages, bacon, boiled eggs and sweetened with Torrijas.

  • Furthermore, in Spain you will also find an incredible pudding made out of

    milk, rice, vanilla, cinnamon and orange peel. The Arroz con leche, as they call

    it, can also be served as a snack when you play online bingo.

    The Scandinavian Peninsula: Fish and good beer!

    While most other countries from around the world cook lamb for Easter, the

    people from Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) prefer

    having herring. It is usually served fresh, marinated or smoked, with potatoes,

    sour cream and a special type of bread. In Norway, they also have a traditional

    Easter drink: the Paskelbrygg (dont try to say it out loud), which is a very special type of beer.

    Italy: Marinated lamb

    Most Italian traditional Easter dishes are made from spring vegetables, like

    artichokes, asparagus, green beans, spinach or lettuce. But the main part will

    always be played by the lamb roast, cooked in various ways, depending on the

    Italian region youre in. For example, in Rome you will find lamb roasts, marinated in lemon and rosemary, or barbequed lamb ribs, served with potatoes

    or artichokes.

    Greece: Lamb, lamb and more lamb

    The Greeks will always celebrate Easter with a lamb roast, cooked slowly in the

    oven over a spread of herbs and olive oil. It is usually served with a glass of red

    wine, mint sauce or fresh salads. Furthermore, a Greek household will always

    have boiled eggs dyed in red, as well as a special sweet bread, called tsoureki.

  • France: Lamb skewers

    French cuisine is famous around the world for the amazing dishes it has

    spawned. Lamb will always be present on the table for Easter, whether it is

    roasted or placed on skewers. The latter dish is often called les brochettes dagneau and, when cooked right, can rival any other sort of food.

    Indulge yourself!

    These are some of the most interesting traditional Easter dishes that BingoHall

    could find. As you can see, lamb meat is the star all over Europe during the

    festive period. If you have a great recipe for any of these dishes, or other

    traditional Easter foods, please share them with us in the comment section