5 themes of geography 5 themes of meography project 5 themes of ms. reynolds

Download 5 Themes of Geography 5 Themes of Meography Project 5 Themes of Ms. Reynolds

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5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography 5 Themes of Meography Project

5 Themes of Ms. Reynolds

LocationAbsolute Location- 41N, 72W

Relative Location-Manchester is in the Southeast corner of the Capitol Region of Connecticut.PlaceHuman Features- Condo, sidewalk, parking lot, car and tool shed.

Physical Features- Grass, soil, trees, bushes, and sunlight.

Human-Environment InteractionEnvironment affecting human (Negative)- A storm caused a tree to fall on my friends car.

Human affecting environment (Positive)- I have this sign hanging on the side of my refrigerator to remind me of what I can recycle.Human-Environment Interaction


Transportation of Me- I flew Aer Lingus from Boston, MA to Galway, Ireland.I traveled on the Amtrak from New Haven, CT to New York City , NY.


Trade/Goods of Me- I have a Keurig Coffee Maker which was manufactured in China.


Communication of Me- I have a Samsung Fascinate cell phone.

Ideas of Me- Me + College= Teacher + Student= Ideas move throughout the World!!


Physical Feature- TheWicklow Mountains cross Carlow, Wexford and Dublin in the County Dublin. Regions-Culture

Human Feature- The Gaelic language is the native tongue of Ireland. It is spoken in small regions of Ireland. It is becoming a lost language.

Thats my 5 Themes of Geography!Meography!!!!