5 th annual regional council summit february 22 – 23, 2013 phoenix, az engage * inspire * lead

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5th Annual Regional Council Summit February 22 23, 2013Phoenix, AZENGAGE * Inspire * Lead2013 Regional Council SummitTown Hall MeetingBob Carr, SPHRSVP, Membership, Marketing and External AffairsFebruary 20132SHRMs Strategic Initiatives for the Profession

#(SHRMs activitiesinitiatives)Tell you briefly about some of the key activities within that frameworkour Global Strategyand efforts to bridge the skills gap(Core Membership)This is our number one focusmake sure we are serving our professionals and providing value to them.Our goal is to increase our membership by acquiring new HR professionals and retaining our current membrsOur biggest challenge is retaining them80 percent is considered a great retention rate; but we want to do better.

(Global)Live in a global economymore than 40 percent of members work in global organizationsOur strategy leads with certification and professional development

Focus on business relationships with global practitioners and their multi-national enterprisesSHRM membership is not always a priorityGaining momentumexpect non-U.S. revenue to grow more than 25 percent in 2013

(Member & HR Professional Needs / Enablers)These are the people, and the things, that help SHRM create a committed and engaged group of volunteer leaders. Its one of SHRMs primary sources of strength.3Thank You!#4PR & Working with the MediaAmy Thompson, VP Public Affairs5PR 101Public Affairs: Who Are We and What Do We DoTeam of 8: PR, Media Relations, Social Engagement and Communications Professionals

National Visibility Campaigns

Media Relations & Media Training

Crisis Communications

Speakers Bureau

Social Media Engagement#6PR 101What is PR?

#7Working with the Media What is Media Relations?

Working with reporters to get SHRM and the HR industry positive media coverageDevelop ideas and pitch them to reportersSet up interviews for key spokespeopleUse social media to promote SHRM storiesWrite by-lined articles, opinion pieces and letters to editor

Responding to reporter requests for information and interviewsIdentify appropriate spokespeopleCoordinate interviewsFollow up with reporters; respond to negative press#8SHRM in Top Media

#9Working with the Media Your Role

Remember that you are speaking on behalf of SHRM and representing the HR profession

Provide context or crystallize an issue

Ensure that the reporter has the correct storyCorrect any misperception or factual error

Provide a quote that captures the message you want to deliver

Give feedback to SHRM Media Relations

#10Working with the Media

#11Working with the Media

#12Working with the Media

#13Working with the Media Special Projects Bring Recognition

#14Working with the Media

Wall Street Journal Employment Trends Section

#15Working with the Media

#16Working with the Media CNBC at Annual Conference

#17Working with the Media Then What?

Share the resulting article with your companys PR, communications or marketing team for promotion

Post article on your state council website

Include media mention in your council newsletter

Mention it on TwitterInclude #SHRM hashtagInclude media outlets Twitter handleCopy @SHRMPress

Post on state council Facebook page,include it as a LinkedIn update

#18The Interview: How to Ace It Preparing for the Interview

Write down your 3 messagesEach messages contains one ideaNo ands buts or howeversEach message should be about 10 words

Practice saying your messagesShould be able to say all 3 messages in 30-45 secondsSay your messages out loudRecord on video or any portable deviceWatch, listen and judge your messages#19The Interview: How to Ace It Tips for Creating Sound Bites

Bold Action WordsWe will crush them.

ExamplesI like juice is abstractI love Welchs Grape Juice is an example

EmotionsIt was the happiest day of my life.

#20The Interview: How to Ace It Tips for Creating Sound Bites

AttacksWe will pulverize the competition.

AbsolutesWe are 100% certain that

ClichesThey are selling like hot cakes! #21The Interview: How to Ace It Tips for Creating Sound Bites

Rhetorical QuestionsAre we the best in the world?

AnalogySolid as a rock.

Pop Culture ReferencesWe are the New York Yankees of the #22The Interview: How to Ace It Three Easiest Sound Bites to Use

Emotion because all you have to do is describe how you feel about your message point.

Absolutes are really easy because all you have to do is insert a must always never or absolutely into the message.

Rhetorical questions because all you have to do is restate your message as a question and it becomes more quotable.#23SHRM Public Affairs Follow Us on Twitter

SHRM: @SHRMPublic Affairs: @SHRMPress

Thank You!

Amy ThompsonVice President, Public AffairsAmy.Thompson@shrm.org703-535-6329

#24Membership Marketing MadnessAnd How to Stay SaneChantal RotondoManager, Membership Acquisition MarketingMembership Marketing MadnessMarketing StatsInbound Leads Cost 61% less than Outbound leadsA customer has an average of 3.8 touch points with a brand before taking an action. 50% of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately. The average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process.90% of consumer buying decisions start on the webBlogs, social media and organic search are the 3 least expensive methods of lead generation81 billion minutes spent on social networks and blogs in 2011

#Membership Marketing MadnessMarketing StatsCompanies that blog effectively generate 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those who dont70% additional leads generated by B2B companies that blog 1 to 2 times per month over those that dont blog at allLinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and twitter35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone188 million U.S. Internet users watched 37.7 billion online content videos in August 2012 aloneVideo testimonials on YouTube can generate up to 3x more conversions than organic visitors


Membership Marketing Madness




#Membership Marketing MadnessWhat can You do at the State Level?Evaluate your State Councils identity/online presenceThink about how you can help share content, generate leads, drive traffic to your chaptersOnline lead capture formsState-coordinated mailings to at-large members, expired chapter members & prospects Manage media relations including online event postings Solicit a marketing agency, intern or professional marketer in transition to help give advice and/or take on work

#Membership Marketing MadnessWhat can You do at the State Level?Conduct a Membership Survey to all individuals in the stateIdentify what members value mostHelp clarify the elevator speech of why to join a chapterIdentify areas of improvement

Help your chapters understand the lifetime value of a memberMost associations lose money acquiring a new member but make it back once they renew or purchase additional products

Help the chapters create/update their membership marketing plansIdentify 4 Ps: People, Price, Promotion, PlaceHow are they generating awareness for themselvesHow are they following up on leadsHow are they engaging current members, especially first time members

#Membership Marketing MadnessResources for You & the ChaptersCLA calls and webinars with Scott and Phyllis

Membership Marketing Summit at Leadership (and past presentation slides online)


Each Other

#Membership Marketing MadnessSo How do we stay sane?Prioritize look at cost, potential impact, effort and importance to the audienceCreate a plan of the 3 things you want to accomplish in 2013Share the vision to engage your board and chaptersShare the WIIFM messageBe data driven

In todays marketing world, its fine to fail- as long as you learn from it!Remember to record and share learnings#Thank You!#33