5 steps toward digital sanity

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Tips and Tricks for working more efficiently and effectively in a world of information overload


  • 1. 1FIVE STEPS TOWARDDIGITAL SANITYby @jeremycaplanCUNYJ Orientation 142FIVE STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULFIRST SEMESTERby @jeremycaplanCUNYJ Orientation 14SIMPLIFYStep 14STREAMLINE YOUR STUFFImage By Justin Leibow5Pick. Stick. Dig.Image By Justin Leibow 6

2. EvernoteA powerful, flexible, easy-to-use digital file cabinetDesktop: Store and Find NotesWeb: Clip and Save AnythingEmail: Forward Key MessagesMobile: Collect on the Go7 89Evernote1011EVERNOTE = NOTESGDRIVE = DOCSDROPBOX = BACKUP12 3. TOODLEDO Simple Task ListsSpecific, Small Next StepsImminent vs. SomedayGoogle Calendar Google CalendarTrello18Trello 4. TOODLEDO = TASKSGCAL = CALENDARTRELLO = PROJECTS19Key ToolsSome of the services I find useful20 Dropbox Evernote Toodledo!! Gmail GDrive GCalendar GContacts GVoiceSIMPLIFYStep 1Step 2BE AN EMAIL NINJA23Search, Dont FileFinding a message by hunting through folderstakes 3.4 times as long as searching for it.FOLDERSSource: IBM Research 24 5. 25Find Web Info= Google Search26Find Email Info= EMail Search27Use Email Tags:#fms#projectx@pat28Send @ 6am Not 4pmA message sent at 6am is three times as likelyto have a link clicked on than one sent at 4pmSource: ReviveYourInbox.com29Be Super Brief73 SecondsEmail replies take an average of 73 secs to compose!47% of emails are readon a mobile device!!!!!Source: Litmus Email Analytics Report April 2014Source: ReviveYourInbox.com 30 6. 31Seefive.sentenc.es= a plea for short email324 Useful Searches:has:attachmentfrom:carensubject:budgetnewer_than:2d33Or use a combo:has:attachment budget4 Gmail ShortcutsC"="Compose"R"="Reply"A"="Reply"All"F"="Forward3435Batch, Dont SquirrelFocus on one thing at a time.Your attention is valuable.Dont squander it.36 7. Check email every hour,not every minuteSchedule Email Time12 substantial messages per day take anaverage of 90 minutes for reading & responseSource: ReviveYourInbox.com37 3839Act, Dont Postpone4037% % of emails on whichrecipients defer actionSource: Carnegie Mellon ResearchDo, Defer or Dump Inbox Diet = Filters41Do =