5 steps to turning your first information product into a six figure income

Download 5 steps to turning your first information product into a six figure income

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  • 5 steps to turning your first information product into a six

    figure income

    Selling information products online has made a lot of people very rich and there is no reason why it cant do the same

    thing for you. Below I am going to walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to turn your information product into

    a six figure income.

    Move Fast

    The first thing you need to do is get your first information product out there as quickly as possible. This should be an

    ebook, video or audio product that you can sell for between $47 and $97. If you have picked a great topic and have

    done effective marketing you should be able to sell at least 30 copies a month. So lets say you sell 30 copies of your

    new information product for $97. Thats a total of $34,920 a year.

    Build On That Momentum With Webinars

    Once you have had success with your first product you will want to build on that momentum. The easiest way to do

    that is to have a series of webinars. After you have written your first information product you should aim to release at

    least one new video or audio product a month. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it must be done if you want to

  • reach the six figure mark. You can charge a niche premium of around $37 for these new products. Now your adding

    on to what you are already making from the ebook sales alone.

    Promote Related Affiliate Products

    Now that you are making sales you should also be building a list. A good way to bring in even more income is to start

    promoting related affiliate products to your list. If you properly position your affiliate promotions in your email sales

    funnel you could easily bring in an extra $1000 a month on complete autopilot. However, the key is to not overdo it

    with affiliate promotions. Limit it to no more than 3 per month.

    Create Video Tutorials

    You can easily sell a video product for $47 or more. And thanks to technology putting together a video product is

    quite easy. These videos can be interviews with experts, screen shots or anything that will visually get your

    information across to your customers. You are basically solving their problem via a video. You can make a fortune

    with video products.

    Offer Services

    If your target audience is small business owners then you can offer a service to make even more money. For

    example, lets say your product shows small business owners how to drive more traffic with social media. Its a great

    product but the small business owner doesnt want to do all the work. Instead they would rather pay someone to do it

    for them. You can charge a nice fee of $497 a month and do all the work for them. With just 10 customers you would

    be making $5000 extra per month.

    The idea is to keep building on what you already have. By doing so you will be able to turn your first Create

    Information Products into a six figure a year income.

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