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Learn the 5 things that every social work graduate should know. Find out how to get the best results out of graduating in social work and get a plan together for your future career path. Learn about 5 year plans, recognizing when a job is the best fit for you, tips on getting licensed and how to best network socially with your peers. Therapist Development Center is a center dedicated to helping future social workers prepare for exams, develop their future careers, and continuing education opportunities. Learn more about them in this great blog post http://blog.therapistdevelopmentcenter.com/blog/5-things-every-social-work-graduate-should-know



2. STEP 1Always write down your goals.Goals are the fuel in the furnace ofachievement. 3. THE FIVE YEAR PLAN WRITE DOWNYOUR GOALSYour plan shouldinclude:A harmonious mix ofwhat is importantoutside of your careeras well.It is always important toconsider how personallife will mesh with thecareer side of things aswell.There is always theoption of getting helpwith creating your fiveyear plan.This will be your guide to yourfutureThe goals should outline the kindof path you see your self onTake some time to identify what isimportant for you to accomplish,start with the simple steps like:Getting licensedBecoming a supervisorMaking a specific amountof moneyEtc. 4. STEP 2Know that Your First Job Wont Be YourLast JobThink of it as mainly a learning experience 5. YOU WILL LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF INTHE FIRST 5 YEARS OF YOUR CAREER THAN ATALMOST ANY OTHER TIMEThis is the time to learnyour skills, likes anddislikes.What environment doyou like to work in?Take notes on the kindof leadership that drivesyou and is supportiverather than punitive. 6. STEP 3Never StopLearning-The journey oflearning has justbegun 7. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND- School is just the tip of the iceberg- You will learn more through hands on, sogo ahead and challenge yourself- Pick a topic in your emphasis andresearch it with other of the same interests- Understand that taking on more cases, willonly give you more experience 8. STEP 4Get Licensed! 9. WHY DO YOU NEEDYOUR LICENSE?QUESTIONS TO ASK TOGET THE PROCESSSTARTEDYou have to have yourlicense in order toadvance to supervisionMore and more jobsrequire it before evenhiringIt can mean a payincrease - upwards of20% in most statesYou will have moreopportunityWhat is required to getstarted?How many hours ofclinical work arenecessary?How many hours ofsupervision are needed?Any prerequisitesnecessary?In order to accruenumbers, do you havefirst become an intern? 10. STEP 5Start Networking 11. NETWORKING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSThis should be an intermediate step in your 5 yearplanIf you are just graduating, take advantage of therelationships you have developed over the years make a list of 10 people to stay in touch withKeep your network diverse you dont want tocompete with fellow social workersTry to have everyone in your list add an additionalperson each month to your networking listRemember, if people need a social worker, they willwant someone they know 12. RECAP1. Write down your goals 5 year plan2. Remember your first job wont be your last3. Never stop learning4. Get licensed Visit Therapist Development Center here formore information on state requirements5. Networking is the key to your success


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