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Self Improvement

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5 STEPS TO ATTAIN THE HIGHER PURPOSE IN LIFE 1 5 STEPS TO ATTAIN THE HIGHER PURPOSE IN LIFE 2 All of us are here, in this world for a specific reason reserved only for ourselves. The aim of our living should be to find out the higher purpose of living as the each one of great people lived here. When you have realized the true purpose of living, you will not have to spend time and efforts worrying of minor adversities happened. For some, the higher purpose of life is having the happiest family life in the world. For another one, it can be creating his-own multibillion dollar business also for me; it is having a perfect and healthy family life with my loved ones. I think our higher purpose of life should be multi-dimensional. It can cover all areas in our life such as relationship, financial success, family life, health, happiness and spiritual development in mind. Always its good to have a purpose in life since we are inspired by having it and finally the ultimate vision in life is the attainment of higher purpose. 1. DECIDE ON WHAT SHOULD BE DONE Before deciding on anything, it should be decided on what you want in life and what keeps you happy and perfect about life. In order to decide on what you need in life, you should firstly be relaxed. Get some deep breaths and sit in a quiet place. Then, get a piece of paper and make decisions on every dimensions of your life; ranging from perfect health to wealth of you. Dont think about your present states. Just focus on what you terribly want and think limitless. 2. THINK POSITIVE The mans way of spiritual thinking is here. Thinking negative or destructive thoughts brings nothing but disaster and unfortunate for an individual. To reap the unlimited potential and divine power, a man needs to think according to the very laws of universe 3 that created life a long time ago. It is unsuccessful to fight negative thoughts but you should make them pass from your own mind as clouds passing in the sky. When the clouds passing , the sky becomes clear; same: when the negative thoughts passing, the material mind eventually tend to become spiritual mind which allows a man to find his higher purpose of living. Remember every adversity happened has come with equal or greater benefit along with it. Once, when you have learned from your past, you are able not to repeat the same mistake done. So, when the things are not going as expected take a breath and stay calm. The difficult times are not prevailing forever and once it is over. We all have more favorable times. 3. LOVE TO BE ALONE If we are able to find our inner soul we are staying in a crowd, it is the highest possible spiritual nature developed by one. Many do not hear their inner voices when staying with other men and they pour their minds with sounds made and words spoken by others. When commuting or staying in a crowd, find a sacred inner place reserved only for you. No ones ideas or comments should never be able to enter into your sacred venue in any ways. 4. LET GO OF THINGS THAT DOESNT MATTER This may sound rude to some. Yet, we are not here to please everyone in this world and sometimes we have to let go of things and people that affect your life negatively without holding them tightly in your heart. I personally know this is the hardest thing one has to do in life yet if it is the right way to attain the highest purpose or vision in your life why we hinder ourselves holding them back. 4 5. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART Your heart always knows what is best for you. It never lies and deceives you. So, when you are in a critical point in life, always follow the guidelines of your heart. You can listen to your heart/your inner voice when you reside at perfect peace. So, try being relaxed and at peace. Sit in a quiet place and stay still without talking body movement or thinking. Soon, you will hear the inner voice of your heart. Follow it and you will have peace and happiness.