5 Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers - Mobile World Congress - Day 2

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5 Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers Mobile World Congress 2016 Day 2

Technology is ever changing We must be wary of overlooking the end user

Image credit: CNET, androidheadlines.com

The phone on the left is Samsungs first mobile phone, circa 1988. The phone on the right is Samsungs latest phone, the S7 Edge announced on Sunday during the now infamous Facebook/VR press conference. There are certainly have been a lot of changes in the those 28 years, and there will be many more to come in the devices we use each and every day.

A key takeaway from todays McCanns Mobile Darwinism sessions, is that as marketers we need to understand we are on a journey through this ever changing tech landscape.

McCann Chief Digital Officer Sean MacDonald talked about how marketers are lovers of the human psyche - we love to learn how people feel, what drives them, their anxieties and fears, their hopes and aspirations. When seeking out to learn more about mobile, people often focus too much on the technology itself and not enough on the individual. We need to dig deep and understand what motivates people when it comes to technology because as it evolves, it is becoming a prosthetic of our personality. 2

Our mobile phone reveals much individual preferencesUnderstand how & why the consumer is using it

Our mobile phone reveals much about us as an individual - mobile phones connect us to ourselves, our interests, passions and priorities. Marketers must understand how individuals are using a phone and at what stage on the customer journey they are and then try to insert themselves in context.

The MRM team talked today during Mobile Darwinism about the need to stop treating mobile as an advertising channel, and instead, use it as a way to offer content and utility at the right time. Marketers should use partners, start-ups, and vendors to start capturing and leveraging mobile data that will help to get to know your consumer and their context so much better right now. A key takeaway from Marina Specht, CEO of MRM/Spain - remember the mobile age is not about what the people we are trying to reach are doing on a phone, it is about how equipped with a phone our capabilities become so much bigger


Many of the devices at MWC will be used by Gen ZAvoid generalizing about this group as with Millennials

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Many of the devices on show at MWC will be used by an emerging consumer group when they come to market, and that group is the hyper connected Gen Z. Generation Z is wildly different than the millennial group that came before it, children who have grown up with differently wired brains, addicted to access, growing up in their corner of the Internet. They want to portray their authentic, creative selves, stream their lives 24-7 and live in an age where anything goes so long as youre open and transparent about who you are and what you are doing.Take this LG G5 for example not only does it have an accessory slot so that you can remove the battery to always be charged and to allow for always on streaming, but it also allows users to connect a series of accessories including the LG Cam Plus, 360 Cam, 360 VR and Rolling Bot. The phone has infinite creative possibilities. It also has dual cameras, ideal for selfies and broader front facing images. Laura Simpson, Global Director, of Truth Central at McCann WorldGroup advised marketers today that if they wish to connect with an emergent generation then a deep understanding of this group and how to engage with their own audiences the audiences following their livestreams on their devices - will be key. Avoid the rush to categorize an entire group as we did with Millennials before them.


We all going to have to learn about mobile fasterDont throw out good existing strategic principles

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We need better disciplined around the power of small. Less is more. We have to be smart about how we prioritize a direct quote from Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital & Social Media at Nestle. Pete spoke on a panel during McCanns Mobile Darwinism session focused on top priorities on senior marketers minds when it comes to mobile marketing. The panel all agreed that we need to learn and apply mobile thinking faster, in an even faster evolving market place. But this does not mean that the principles of strategy should be thrown away because we are working on a mobile platform. Key stages are still listening, engaging, inspiring and transforming. It is all about the discipline that is applied to that framework. Data is the brand marketers friend, as it can quickly determine what is a good, or a not such a good, decision.


Look to Asia to see rapid mobile evolution Over 70% of e-commerce in China happens on mobile

In February 2015, about 1.29 billion mobile users had been registered in China. Now, 5 million people daily use WeChat to listen the news in the morning, rather than tuning in to the TV. Ellen Hou, Group Managing Director, McCann Worldgroup China talked today about how mobile has transformed China from a culture of conformity and collectivism and has liberated individualism in China, unleashing new possibilities for many different brands, influencers and individuals.

For marketers outside of Asia, looking East to keep an eye on innovation is key. Messaging apps are one example Western apps are following WeChats lead in integrating payment and commerce options into their own platforms. Brands are starting to take note, thinking about how to engage with consumers on messaging platforms, to be able to provide utility and content to a consumer who will expect immediate answers. Asian markets also have faster networks so will be the first ones to bring the potential of 5G to connected devices. Keep your eyes peeled!


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