5 Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers - Mobile World Congress 2016 - Day 1

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5 Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers Mobile World Congress 2016 Day 1

VR at scale is in our immediate future Get ready now to include 360 video in Facebook story arcs

Photo credit - @ndebock TwitterFacebook has developed a new way to stream 360-degree videos. These are videos that allow users wearing a VR headset to see moving images wherever they turn. The new technology involves keeping track of what a viewer is actually looking at in a video. The technology will stream only the portion of the video being watched in high resolution, instead of the entire circular scene. The result is that Facebook can can get the high res scenes to start playing faster than before as it only uses a fourth of the bandwidth previously needed.


360 video just was democratized Think big about the possibilities for user generated content

Photo credit The VergeLG and Samsung unveiled camera systemsthat will record 360-degree videos. Both devicesinclude two cameras facing in opposite directions that record video through fish eye lenses. This puts 360 degree video firmly in the hands of the consumer, particularly as there will be hype around it when the new Samsung S7 in Q2 comes out in Q2. User generated content has been a firm fixture on the digital marketers calendar for a while now. This gives the consumer way more creative prowess and brands the opportunity to really build on that. A peek at GoPros YouTube page is only a glimpse of what is to come


Everything is connected1 to 1 marketing will become easier as connectivity spreads

Photo credit: G. CravenEvery device on show at MWC is connected. Even BMXes. This one was developed by Intel to help pro riders capture the data generated around the tricks they pull, then use it to make themselves better and reduce practice attempts. And while I am not advocating for marketing to a BMX rider while they are mid stunt, the potential for marketers to reach consumers at the right place at the right time with the right message continues to become more of a reality. And along with that, the potential for consumers to opt in and out of where they want to be reached. With privacy on everyones minds at the show in the midst of the Apple/FBI news, that is really a key consideration. 4

We need 5G to scale connectivity, but it is a way offBrands activating at the 2020 Olympics likely first adopters

Photo credit: Wikipedia5G technology is the talk of MWC16. Was that because of a lack of significant handset developments as the market matures? The new 5G technology, which wont be widely available for several years, will also allow for more sensors, embedded in everything from watches to cars, to work together more seamlessly But first the industry will have to decide what 5G needs to do that the current, fourth generation (4G) of wireless networks, don't offer. Experts are predicting early launches by 2020 with Japanese operators looking solutions available to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. We will be looking to the East for innovation in 5G.


This push for 5G must be balanced globally 4 billion people still do not have internet access

Photo credit: lavanguardia.comZuck had a busy 24 hours, wrapping up Day 1 with an interview on stage with Jessi Hempel. Conversation quickly turned to his Internet.org work, a controversial effort that was just banned in India due to the Free Basics program. This focuses on trying to bring the web to remote locations, using drones, lasers and solar powered planes among other things. Love or hate what Facebook has been doing, Zuckerbergs point was clear we need to temper the rush to bring higher speed internet to the rich people with efforts to get the poor connected to the web. Much of the marketing we will see in developing countries will be developed mobile first, and at much lower resolution than in hyper connected countries. It will also be controversial, as seen by the reaction to a large enterprise such as Facebook tying together working for the greater good with making a commercial profit.


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