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  • Future-Focused Technologies Featured at SXSW5

  • Akyumen Hawk Smartphone

    CEO Aasim Saied showcased the Akyumen Hawk to an impressed audience this year at SXSW. The Hawk is essentially a professional

    video projector in a smartphone, but with capabilities that beat all the iPhone standard specs. Forget your clunky projector at home and

    stream your next presentation or movie from the Hawk, which is set to be released in 2015.

  • Meerkat App

    Meerkat is a live video streaming app. Users broadcast a live video feed of whatever they are doing and other users can tune in whenever they

    want. Meerkat must be on to something big because Twitter bought out its rival, Periscope, and is doing

    its best to push Meerkat out of the market.

  • Aeromobil

    This futuristic-looking transportation vehicle is designed to travel on the ground just like any car. It runs on gas, fits in a standard parking garage, and drives in traffic just like any other car. But the difference is that AeroMobil is the future of travel. It has retractable wings that

    allow it to take off and land on any long strip of pavement. AeroMobil is set to be released in the next two to three years.

  • Handiii Robo8c Arm

    There are a number of companies out there making advanced myoelectric limbs (which means the existing muscles in a residual limb actually control the prosthetic

    device). This is, of course, impressive, but Handiii is turning the industry upside down by 3D printing all of its devices. That means amputees will only have to shell out

    $2,000 for this top of the line prosthetic limb.

  • If you thought Guitar Hero was big, just wait until Kagura takes off. This technology allows you to play music completely free of instruments and controllers. This motion-performing tool allows

    you to make music just by moving your body!


  • http://aasimsaiedakyumentechnologiescorp.org/